It's not always easy to find the right sized snowboard jacket. Having the same jacket for all weather conditions may not suit the rider.

Moreover, trying different slopes on and different riding style also require different types of jackets for the expert and avid riders. 

What Size Will Be A Good Fit For Snowboarding

There do a misconception lies that we should go for a size up when you are looking for the best snowboard jackets. But the truth is, going for a snug fit will be the best option while investing in your jacket.

Though it's safe to go with your regular size but there is also another consideration. 

We usually wear three layers while snowboarding. So, you need to consider the size measurements with the base layer and mid-layer on.

If you plan to ride against too harsh weather and have to put on heavy mid-layer then going for one size up will be a good idea.

Usually, snowboard jackets are a little long in length so you can sit on the snow while taking a break or adjusting gears. A jacket covering your bum will protect your pants sitting.

Snowboard Jackets size labels vary on different brands. So, it's better to understand the chest, back length, waist, and sleeve size in centimeters.


Lightweight Or Heavy: Which snowboarding jacket is for you

The weight of a snowboarding jacket is not a much-talked area by the different snowboard jacket brands. But the weight of the jacket does have a role in the routes you are going to rule this season.

Shell snowboard jackets are the most lightweight of all and perfect for backcountry and trying new routes. 

Park riders don't worry that much about the weight of a jacket and a good insulated jacket comes in handy for them. Moreover, Down jackets are lighter in weight and have good insulation.

Though the 3-in-1s are heavier on the side. But the maneuverability to let go of the inner insulating layer also lets riders not to worry about its weight.

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