Best Snowboard Helmets Of 2021-2022

We always want to purchase the best snowboard helmets for our budget. We do become nostalgic thinking about all the snowboarding adventures we had last winter. We loved how we landed some jumps or raced our friends down the slope.

But how close some of us were to getting a concussion while doing such tricks! And how we want to make some improvements . .

Below are some high-quality choices for your safety and comfort. Take the time to examine your area of interest and make an upgrade from a good snowboard helmet to one of the best headgears on the market.


best men's snowboard helmets

Anon Raider is definitely one of the best anon helmets in the market for men. Do you want the satisfaction of getting a cool snowboard helmet? Well, this section is for you.

The Anon Raider comes with an Endura-Shell ABS exterior for incredible durability.

Are you looking for some ventilation? One of the best snow helmets comes with a passive ventilation system that draws fresh air in near your forehead and pulls moisture out the rear, resulting in clear goggles.

best mens snowboard helmet: Anon raider

One of the lightest snowboard helmets also has fantastic adjustability with removable ear pads and liners, producing amazing convertibility for those who want to wear goggles and a beanie.

The reviews are in, and snowboarders are full of praise. One felt the headgear was an incredible deal for a high price. Another felt the helmet was lightweight and comfortable.

  • Some boast the Anon Raider is the best cheap snowboard helmet.
  • The headgear is lightweight.
  • There’s a hard-shell exterior.
  • Passive ventilation allows for clear goggles.
  • The strap retainer should be better.


A low-profile snowboard helmet is your requirement, but you don’t want to compromise comfort. Then the Smith Allure is the one for your next mountain adventure.

This cool snowboard helmet has all the features you could want as you land your next trick. Take, for instance, the polycarbonate shell with EPS liner giving you the protection you need.

There’s also sensational climate control with vents removing unwanted hot air and minimizing the intake of cold air.

best women's snowboard helmet: Smith allure

There’s also a fantastic fitting system with elastic in the rear providing adjustments to a variety of sizes. There are also ear pads providing great protection from the fiercest of winds.

What do some snowboard helmet reviews have to say? One confessed that her purchasing decision was based on comfort. Another liked the Skullcandy Bluetooth speakers making the Smith Allure into a Bluetooth snowboard helmet.
  • Polycarbonate makes up the outer shell.
  • The elastic in the back provides excellent adjustability.
  • Vents remove unwanted moisture buildup.
  • Skullcandy Bluetooth speakers allow for audio compatibility. 
  • The goggle retainer is not that sturdy.

Best snowboard helmet with bluetooth

Sledding through the snow while listening to rock or some upbeat music (I am sure you have other preferences) gives an unrivaled experience.

However, you would need a helmet with audio compatibility.

Presenting the K2 Diversion helmet with baseline audio level 3, this helmet’s sound system will pump up the adrenaline.

best snowboard helmet with bluetooth: K2 diversion

This helmet has integrated on cord mini mic and headphones with which you can connect to your mobile.

Moving on to the other features, the 360 K2 dialed fit system offers a three-point system to adjust and customize the fit with just a twist of the dial, which means you can calibrate your fit on the fly.

Another thing (make that two) that will make you fall in love with K2 Diversion is its detachable and washable liner system.

The other thing is the universal brim design of the helmet which means K2 goggles, as well as other industry goggles, are compatible with the helmet.

  • Bluetooth Audio system.
  • Dual active Matrix ventilation.
  • 3-point adjustment system.
  • Vents open up a little too much.

giro snowboard helmet

Giro Ledge MIPS indeed is the most awesome snowboard helmets for jibbing and park-riding. The Giro brand has you in mind to meet your adventure needs.

The spectacular construction starts with a hard-shell top with an EPS foam liner underneath.

There’s also MIPS or Multi-Directional Impact Protection System.

This system allows the foam liner to rotate independently from the hard outer shell, meaning a reduction of serious injury to your head.

giro snowboard helmet: Giro ledge Mips

There’s stack ventilation to lessen the amount of fog by aligning the vent with well-fitted googles, meaning the moisture goes away from your eyes.

There are also fantastic vents that pull fresh air in and stale air out, producing optimal comfort.

Are you wondering about a personalized fit? 

This best-looking snowboard helmet comes with an Auto-Loc 2 Fit System. The included band and straps automatically fit your head once you select one of three circumference settings.

This helmet kept him warm in minus 30-degree wind chills. You hit the ground hard with his headgear and won't black out.

Here the air enters the helmet from beneath the rim, circulates through the vents which are fixed in position then exits the helmet from the front side through slash vents.

  • There’s MIPS to lessen the impact on your head during a collision.
  • Stack ventilation helps to eliminate fog from clouding googles.
  • The Auto-Loc 2 Fit System gives a customized fit.
  • The product comes with removable ear pads. 
  • To have a total customized fit between goggles and helmet you need to purchase Giro goggles.

smith snowboard helmets

Are you looking for durability, yet something that doesn’t compromise style? Look no further!

Smith Vantage is one of the best snowboard helmets to meet your need for speed and adventure.

The gear in question has a hybrid shell with a hard material on top with an in-mold construction underneath to give the rider an out-of-the-world experience.

Are you concerned about adjustability? The Smith Vantage MIPS helmet has a Boa FS360 fit system for a personalized feel to your noggin.

smith snowboard helmet: Smith vantage

But wait---there’s more to this cool gear. There’s also an Aerocore design to increase airflow, resulting not only in improve temperature regulation but also in fog-free goggles.

The helmet is also impact resistant with the MIPS Brain Protection System, meaning the shell and liner are slightly separated, allowing the helmet to slide upon impact. There are also ear pads to provide comfort on the coldest of days.

Shredders would love the soft interior and how the head felt incredible comfort wearing the headgear. It also has excellent ventilation.

  • The in-mold construction underneath the hard shell provides extreme comfort.
  • There’s sensational adjustability for a customized feel.
  • The design is stylish. 
  • Lifetime Guarantee. 
  • The two parts of the headgear may get separated from each other.

sandbox snowboard helmet

If progressive and yet classy is what you seek, then you have finally found what you are looking for. 

Sandbox classic 2.0 includes the signature rim helmet, along with 18 custom padding options helping you to manage your fit rather easily.

Moreover, this helmet also includes few other features like adjustable Trip Clip (for adjusting your goggle straps) and vented EPS liner consisting of Audio Ready pockets on the ear cover. 

sandbox snowboard helmet:  Sandbox Classic 2.0 Snow Helmet

But that’s not all, this helmet also boasts a fixed yet undercover venting. 

The liner present in the helmet is a removable one and provides warmth and comfort as it contains breathable webbed liner and lush fabric.

Weighs around 2.19 pounds with dimensions being 12 x 10 x 8 inches, this helmet comes in small, medium and large sizes. 

“It’s a perfect helmet for the boys” that’s what one customer had to say about this gear. 

Let’s check out some pros and cons, shall we…

  • Has a low profile fit, while safety remains intact.
  • Foam liner (EPS foam liner) is designed to withstand high impact collision.
  • Best for the beginners.
  • The removable liner helps provide warmth and comfort. 
  • Fails to work with electric EGX goggles.


Let’s be honest here anyone would feel a little hesitant to choose a Spin helmet over a standard MIPS one.

I don’t blame you for that. However, before you seal that opinion you have to check out this Spin helmet.

POC is notorious for producing some of the best safety gears available and Auric Cut Back Country Spin Helmet is no exception.

cool snowboard helmets: POC auric cut BC spin Helmet

The ABS shell is a bit larger when compared to others, still, the helmet is lightweight.

It has an EPS liner that retains the shape of the helmet even after impacts for long-lasting use.

The SPIN technology is designed to provide rotational impact protection, and the specially crafted shearing pad can cut off in any direction depending on the need.

All in all a definite buy and a worthy substitute for a MIPS helmet.

  • Goggle vents to remove steam from your goggles.
  • Detachable ear pads.
  • Works with POC aid communication ear pads.
  • It seems some people have faced an issue while wearing goggles with this helmet.

mips snowboard helmet

Are you looking for a helmet with more than just safety?

Well, you have found it. The hallmark of the Sweet Protection Switcher Helmet is its adjustability and versatility with, safety being the cherry on top.

Speaking about that cherry, the Switcher nails the protection part with its Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) and impact shields on the bow and astern.

However, the main takeaway is how easy it is to use.


That easiness applies to every other feature this Helmet has to offer.

For instance, the 22 vents of this helmet can be opened with one hand while wearing the mittens, the same thing with the Fid-lock magnetic chin buckle (you can unstrap it while wearing the gloves).

I mean, can you imagine how hassle-free this is!

Now, let’s talk about some reservations particularly, one that I have with the Switcher Helmet. The noise!

While riding, the vents whistle almost constantly which, needless to say, is quite annoying, given the price tag, it’s disappointing.

 Other than that, the Switcher Helmet is a must-buy!

  • Turn dial ventilation system.
  • Adjustable straps.
  • Ear-pads with hearing ports.
  • Ear-pads can’t be removed.

Safest snowboard helmet

What pops up in your mind when you hear “Gold-winning helmet”?

Let me tell you what comes to my mind. A “One of a kind” helmet! Now guess what? It is!

 This helmet is equipped with Scott D30 technology, (this feature is a glimpse of the future) here the molecules bind together to absorb the kinetic energy generated on the impact thus keeping your head safe from any injuries.

safest snowboard helmet: Scott symbol 2 plus D helmet

While the 360° Pure Sound Technology (a Scott exclusive feature) keeps you agile with your surrounding while sledding down the mountain.

 It has polycarbonate in-mold construction that is lined with EPS. Symbol 2 has a Dual Active Venting system which maintains ideal ventilation for the rider in all weather conditions.

If you have heard about a great and futuristic helmet on this planet, it has to be Symbol 2 Plus D helmet.

  • D30 impact protection system.
  • Passive Goggle venting system.
  • 360° Sound tech.
  • Audio incompatibility.


The fact that an all-mountain snowboarder chooses a snowboard that caters to a wide range of riding styles and terrain. It’s only logical that a low profile snowboarding helmet should be that inclusive as well.

So presenting the Atomic Four Amid Pro Helmet, designed with the street in mind, Amid pro offers a comfortable fit, sleek design, and unrivaled protection.

low profile snowboard helmets: Atomic four amid pro helmet

One of the threats that a snowboarder faces while sledding down the mountain is the angled impact.

To take the edge off from such impact, the Atomic Four helmet is equipped with AMID (Atomic Multi-Dimensional Impact Deflector) technology.

Adding further the Atomic's Holo core Technology is the pinnacle when it comes to the protection it surpasses the safe standards by 30% without compromising other defining features of this helmet.

So if style, comfort, and protection are what you seek, then you know which helmet to buy.

  • Lightweight design.
  • Sleek and Stylish.
  • Highly protective.
  • It is not equipped with MIPS.

top snowboard helmets 2023

The top snowboard helmets can keep your head warm on the mountain as you battle a freak winter storm. Check out the Smith Quantum MIPS headgear: a top of the line helmet that meets your expectation.

Let’s start with the warm months when you want to have a cool head. The Smith Quantum has AeroCore Construction, meaning the design increases airflow resulting in sensational temperature regulation.

top snowboard helmets 2023: Smith quantum helmets

Are you concerned about the bitter cold of winter? This bad boy has a Dual Regulator system that controls the front and rear sections of the helmet, so you can stay warm when a frigid north wind blows in your face.

But the ear-pads is what seals the deal when you want guaranteed warmth.

Considered as one of the lightest snowboard helmets, it has a composite shell construction consisting of a sturdy ABS hard shell with an In-Mold inner core.  

And if that weren’t enough, there’s also a fantastic MIPS system, allowing the helmet to slide relative to the head, preventing some severe injuries.   

Are you concerned about adjustability? The BOA FS360 Fit System uses a full halo design for both forward and lateral adjustment.

What are some snowboard helmet reviews saying? One reviewer loved how the headgear was comfortable, had speaker slots, loaded with vents, adjustable, and was stylish. Another commented the Boa system allows for an excellent fit.  

  • The AeroCore Construction regulates temperature around your head.
  • Hybrid shell construction provides a tough exterior and comfortable interior.
  • Earpads ensures warmth on the coldest of days.
  • MIPS lessens the impact of a collision. 
  • One reviewer mentioned that the speaker slot zipper was hard to unzip.

lightest snowboard helmet

If a brand is something you are after, then Wildhorn is definitely up your alley. In case you weren’t aware of this fact Wildhorn is the supplier of the US ski team. 

This gear includes VNT ventilation system, this sophisticated air ventilation system has complete control over airflow and temperature, so no need to worry about getting your head sweaty. 

It’s quite comfortable given the super lush liner which it has, this in turn also provides insulation.


lightest snowboard helmet: Wildhorn drift snowboard helmet

Design is quite ergonomic and meticulous, so rather than looking like a bobblehead with a bulkier and uncomfortable helmet, you will actually find yourself in a very sleek and comfortably designed helmet. 

When it comes to comfort you will have a harder time finding a more comfortable helmet than this one. With FTA (Fine Tune Adjustment) feature one can obtain the perfect fit by doing micro-adjustments. 

Contrary to other helmets Wildhorn drift is much lighter, on avg at least 25% lighter than other brands.

  • Managing temperature is quite easy.
  • The extremely lush liner makes the gear quite comfortable.
  • It's made up of Polycarbonate In-mold, thus making it more sturdy.
  • The gear doesn’t come with a storage bag.

best looking snowboard helmets

Have you skipped all the men headgear reviews and are looking for one of the best women’s snowboarding helmets?

Your eyes have landed on the right spot. The Smith Vantage MIPS will make you the talk of the chalet.

Take, for instance, Smith’s Aerocore design, allowing for increased airflow and temperature regulation, resulting in clear googles as you race down your favorite hill.

The snowboarding helmet also has a composite construction with a durable outer shell and a light In-Mold technology.

There’s also a MIPS brain protection with a tough exterior and inner liner having a slight separation, resulting in a lower risk for a life-altering concussion.

best looking snowboard helmets: Smith vantage mips for women

But wait---there’s more to love. The headgear also has a dual regulator system allowing for fantastic temperature regulation on even the coldest of days. Googles will stay clear of moisture because of the AirEvac 2 system.

The ear-pads produce a comfortable seal from strong winds. You can try this for mountain biking in the snow with your electric mountain bike too!

What are others saying about this sensational snowboard helmet brand? One raved about the fantastic fit and comfortable interior. Another fell in love with the style.

  • Aerocore design allows for increased airflow.
  • There’s MIPS brain protection to prevent serious head injuries.
  • The hybrid shell gives reliable protection and comfort.
  • The BOA FS360 Fit system allows for a customized fit. 
  • One reviewer pointed out the product fell apart after a year of general use.


Are you in the hunt for one of the best snowboard park helmets? Maybe you need music and want one of the best audio snowboard helmets. Your search is over. Your new friend is Anon Greta. 

This snowboarding helmet with audio compatibility protects your brain with a tough ABS exterior. There’s also the capability of keeping your head comfortable with passive ventilation.

All the excess moisture is removed, resulting in clear goggles and right all-around climate balance.

best snowboarding helmets with audio: Anon Greta women's snowboarding helmet

Anon is known for their simple fit system, and the Greta headgear is no exception. The strap is easily adjustable for those who want to wear a beanie under their hood in the dead of winter.

What do some anon helmet reviews have to say? One person credited her helmet to prevent her from having a severe concussion when she accidentally backflipped. Another enjoyed the comfort and went on to say that her anon goggles were well suited to the headgear.

  • There’s audio compatibility for those who need some music.
  • A durable ABS exterior forms the outer shell.
  • Googles stay fog-free thanks to the passive ventilation system.
  • The helmet adjusts for those who want to wear a beanie underneath. 
  • The goggle holder and the ear pads may get detached from the headgear.

best budget snowboard helmet

Giro Era MIPS: The best snowboard helmet Giro makes for women. If you want something that provides safety and comfort, you have come to the right section.

This one is for sure one of the best snow helmets that combines a polycarbonate outer shell with an impact-absorbing foam liner, resulting in better ventilation and superior safety.

The protection is enhanced with the MIPS that provides excellent security in angled impacts.

best budget snowboard helmet: Giro ERA Mips helmet

Are you concerned about foggy goggles? Toss your fears in the trash, because the Stack Vent aligns with the center vent of the googles, producing clear and fog-free vision as you land your next crowd-pleasing jump.

The features continue to roll on with a low-profile control button on the outside of your headgear, allowing you to adjust the airflow.

There’s also dial at the base of the helmet, providing up to 6 cm of fit adjustment. The tilt is also easily changed to optimize placement of googles to the Giro product. 

One person who bought the helmet commented there were incredible comfort and ventilation is easily adjustable. Another said his girlfriend love the style and color of her helmet.

  • The MIPS protects against angled impacts.
  • Vertical Tuning provides a personalized feel.
  • Stack Vents prevents foggy goggles.
  • A control button adjusts airflow coming into the helmet.
  • Chin strap Adjusting is a little difficult; The extra-padding there doesn't move freely.

Snowboarding Helmets buying Guide

How do I choose a snowboard helmet

Helmet Sizing

When thinking about sizing, the primary consideration is getting an accurate head circumference reading. Measure your noggin where a baseball cap is typically worn.

Another consideration is if you plan on wearing something underneath your lid. Also, not all hats are of the same thickness, so settle on beanie to wear and don’t deviate.

Take any soft measuring tape and wrap it horizontally around your forehead to get it right.

Another point to remember is to get a larger size helmet if you are between two sizes. The perfect snowboarding helmet will be a snug fit and square on your head.

If you have a reddish forehead and have painful pressure points, then that helmet is not right for you.

Helmet Weight

Single-use helmets are lightweight, while multi-use helmets are heavier. So, it all depends on personal preference.

The single-use headgears have EPS foam. The lightweight material is inexpensive but is only suitable for one major collision.

Multi-use helmets have butyl nitrate foam and will sustain multiple impacts. The problem is the lid won’t protect well against a severe hit.

So, you won’t need to keep buying helmets if you tend to get in a lot of collisions, but you run the risk of injury if you have a severe impact.  

Multi-use helmets are popular with park riders who tend to get into more collisions at slower speeds.

The lightest helmets are better for those who need speed and rarely get head injuries.

Adjustable Fit Systems

When making adjustments to your helmet, make sure there’s a snug feel. The headgear shouldn’t move from side-to-side, nor should it squeeze your head. The rider should have a  flex around the his/her head wearing it.

The chin strap shouldn’t have a relaxed feel but has a snug sensation when your mouth is open. 

Companies have different fit systems. The key is to find something adequate for your needs and personal preference. Below the methods are boa, in-form, pad, and air fit.  

The boa, or adjustable wheel, allows you to turn a dial for a customized fit. The typical boa is lightweight, fast, and secure.

The in-form fit system works with a wheel or ratchet that tightens or loosens to have superior adjustability.

The pad system adds thickness, comfort and adjustable warmth to the interior of a helmet.

The advantage with pads is not having to buy a new helmet every year for children in your household, also, for adults who choose to wear a beanie or similar product periodically.

Adjustable venting systems like Air-fit is as simple as touching a button to add or decrease air in a headband attached to the inside of your cool snowboarding helmet.  

Helmet Styles: Half Shell, Full Shell

Half shell helmets are very common for snowboarders with a hard shell on top, and soft ear pads providing comfort. The other feature is audio compatibility so you can listen to a favorite MP3 device on the slope or park.

The full shell is more popular with skiers and has a hard-top extending down to the ears. It’s warmer compared to the half-shell, but you sacrifice not hearing others.  

Helmet Venting

The weather changes, so a good venting option should be considered when buying a helmet. The more expensive choices will have vents that will open or close, depending on your preference for the day.

Different snowboarding brands have unique configurations, such as plugs, sliding mechanisms, and one-push buttons.

Goggles Compatibility

Whenever you buy a helmet, make sure you are also purchasing goggles from the same manufacturer.

Companies like Anon and Smith do a fantastic job at making sure their goggles line up with the bottom of their headgear, preventing a gap.

The alignment means that air flows through the ventilation holes, preventing foggy goggles as you make some huge jumps or death-defying turns.

Helmet Construction

The outside of the helmet is called the shell and helps to avoid fractures. The typical material is ABS plastic that is proven to protect against bumps when hitting a hard object or surface. The impact spreads over a large surface instead of one small area. 

The other part is the liner. Some liners offer minimal or no comfort, while others feel more luxurious. The other feature is the ear pads that protect well against stormy weather and are detachable for those end of the season runs.

Helmet Safety Certifications

There are three safety certifications you want to look for or when you purchase one of the best snowboarding helmets of 2021. The US-based standard is ASTM F2040 and covers non motorized snow sports. The European standard is CE EN1077. 

The other is the CPSC or Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Should I Wear A Snowboard Helmet?

If you are reading this article, then there’s an assumption that you know the value of getting a helmet. You have seen enough NFL games to know that helmets save lives and reduce the risk of a concussion and other life-altering injuries.

 Dr. Mark Proctor, neurosurgeon-in-chief and director of the Brain Injury Center, strongly told all his patients who ski or snowboard to have fun on the slopes, should wear a helmet.

But it should also be noted that most ski resorts do not require snowboarders to wear a helmet. The other piece of vital information to consider is how an injury is still possible, even with superior protection.

While it’s true that a helmet won’t prevent head trauma, it will reduce the severity.

Also, a  study done by the New York Times stated that wearing a helmet will lower a wide assortment of head injuries by 50 percent, such as fractured skulls and lacerations to the face and head.

There are also other arguments for wearing a helmet. A high-quality headgear will help block glaring sunlight from impacting your vision. The lid will also help to keep your head warm and hold your goggles in place.

When should I replace my helmet

The decision to replace a helmet depends on use. If you happen to experience a bad fall or a crash, the headgear needs a replacement immediately.

If you never crash and you are more of a weekend warrior who only occasionally hits the slopes, then the solution requires more thought.

The answer comes to consideration of the material. Most helmets have EPS or expanded polystyrene material. EPS is plastic beads with air bubbles. The air bubbles compress upon impact, meaning even a fall of only two feet will compromise the safety.

If you never crash then, the Snell Foundation suggests replacing your gear after five years, because sweat, hair products, and cleaning solutions will eventually break down EPS.

How do I clean my snowboard helmet

One suggestion is to clean your snowboard helmet with warm water and mild detergent. The critical part to remember is to make sure you do not soak your headgear. It's not like your skate shoes that can be soaked to clean well.

There are also some practical considerations, like removing audio before cleaning.

What are the best snowboard helmet brands

There are a variety of high-quality brands to choose from when purchasing best snowboard helmets of 2022.


Take, for instance, the brand  Smith. What makes the "Smith line" stand out from a crowded field of headgears is the adjustable helmet system.

Smith has a single ratchet adjustment located on the back, meaning you can adjust one of the best snowboard helmets literally on the fly. Another critical factor is the variety of colors offered in the Smith lineup.

Smith also has one of the best audio snowboard helmets with Skullcandy Bluetooth speakers that fit into removable ear devices. Get a Smith if you have more of a round shaped head.


Giro is best for those with heads that are longer front to back. There’s also MIPS technology, a sensational fit system, and fantastic ventilation.

For those who need some music, the Giro is also one of the best audio snowboard helmets with Outdoor Tech Seamless Compatibility. 


Don’t forget the amazing brand  Anon . The helmets aren’t as popular in the US. Nonetheless, they are a brand to consider. For instance, they have the sensational MIPS system, audio compatibility, and an easy to use a magnetic buckle. The only disadvantage is the limited color selection. 


POC is another popular snowboard helmet brand. The helmet line is only available in black and white, but they have built-in speakers for your favorite smartphone. On the flip side, what you gain in audio, you lose in protection. The POC doesn’t come with MIPS.

Sandbox is brand made by the riders. So, they know our demand in exact.

Finally, a little-known brand to consider is called Traverse. The headgear features an adjustable inner suspension, but the vents are always open, meaning you might get a cold head if snow starts to fall.

Final Words on snowboard helmets

There are so many helmets to choose from in this review. Don’t buy a helmet to collect dust in the basement.

Make sure you are out doing some jumps or racing down a favorite slope wearing your best snowboard helmet. Injury is always a possibility, so don’t become a statistic.

The next step is to go online or visit your favorite retailer and get some incredible snow gear. When you have the best boards, boots and bindings, you will then have one less thing to worry about for the upcoming snowboarding season. 

So, while you are throwing another shovel full of dirt on your banana peels, dream of snow and epic adventures.

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