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Thoughts of winter are incomplete without also thinking about snowboarding and getting one of the best snowboards for our trek to our favorite park or run. Maybe you think you already have a nice snowboard. But nice isn’t good enough.  

Are you still not convinced you to need a better board? Well, check out some of the following products, and see what some of your friends might use to carve up some powder, or land a stomp with some crunchy steez.

Best Snowboard Reviews of 2022-2023

Has Jones made a snowboard that floats on top of the snow? Well, not exactly, but when you get to the bottom of your run, your friends will want to look and see if there are electromagnets on the bottom of your board.

The floating sensation comes from being on top of one of the best directional snowboards. The rocker tip floats the nose, while the camber underneath provides incredible edge hold.

But don’t forget the rocker tail where you get power and stability.   

Are you concerned about the environment? The Jones brand is a snowboards company that uses recycled plastic for the sidewalls.

  • The product received “The Good Ride Favorites” snowboard award.
  • There’s a 3-year warranty.
  • Rider proficiency is advanced to expert.
  • Rocker tip keeps the nose above the snow. 
  • The board is only suitable for freeride and powder.

When best power snowboards are your thing, then, look no further, for the Ride Warpig has you covered.

The medium flex rocker snowboard is suitable for all-mountain, freeride and powder with an ability level of advanced to expert. If you buy a Warpig, get ready for the stares as others will assume “the legend” has entered the room.

There are other amazing features, such as hybrid glass to increase the board’s stiffness. There are even double impact plates to prevent the board from breaking in the binding area.

  • There’s steel on edge to prevent cracking.
  • The product is ideal for all-mountain, freeride, and powder.
  • There’s a three-year warranty.
  • The precisely engineered sidewalls increase board strength and reduce weight.
  • The product is not suitable for beginners.

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Are you looking for a board for both the park and the mountain? Do you want to float, rip, and jib like your friends? Then Lib Tech is one of the best all-around snowboards for the money.

The feature that sets this bad boy apart from the competition is C2 technology, meaning you have rocker between your feet and cambers at the ends.

The bottom line is that you can both do some serious floating on powder and jib in the park.

Were you going down some ice last winter? The board has serrated edges, giving you sensational hold in even icy conditions.
  • The board is suitable for both the mountain and the park.
  • The board is a hybrid of both rocker and camber features.
  • You can choose between blunt and pointy boards depending if you prefer freestyle or freeride.
  • The serrated edges give incredible hold in precarious conditions. 
  • The board is stiff, meaning your ability level should be in the advanced-expert range.

Are you looking for the best men’s snowboard and the best burton snowboard? Well, a great hybrid of greatness is found in the Burton Flight Attendant.

The Burton is an incredible blend of rocker and camber with a tip that floats above the snow while having a camber for the back foot to give you some power when you need it the most.

The Burton Flight Attendant zooms in with a unique shape of that creates a twin freestyle feel with an edge that makes dramatic turns commonly associated from a directional deck.

  • A reviewer felt the board did marvelous over powder.
  • One rider noted the camber was stable between the feet.
  • The board is recommended for all mountain and freeride.
  • The ability level is best for intermediate through advanced. 
  • The design is dull.

When you see the word “awesome” in the name of the board, perhaps you want to raise your eyebrows or roll your eyes.

But when you see the unique snowboard designs and some of the top snowboard technologies, you’ll want to grab this product and head to the nearest chairlift.

Take, for instance, the lightweight core for increased power and durability. There are also carbon fiber beams for increased strength.

You also get one of the best camber snowboards with the benefits of traditional camber, zero camber, and reverse camber. You get the great response of a camber board and easy turn maneuverability of having zero camber.

  • The CAPiTA received the “Transworld Snowboarding Good Wood” award.
  • The board is suitable for both freestyle and all-mountain.
  • The ability level is good for intermediate and advanced.
  • The flex rating is medium.
  • The board is not recommended for freeride and powder.

Ensuring proper balance when it comes to quality and precision, the Lib Tech snowboard is the best of all!

With its wide and spacious surface, it can carry riders from age 12 and above! Constantly supporting on every terrain, this all-mountain snowboard is well-known for its amazing grip!

As the turns are surprisingly quick enough, the right sized foot rider can manage to skid the turns safely!

Being safe, fast, convenient with great stability, this snowboard is doing pretty good for a hybrid rocker board! Also, it is great on holding the edges.

Be it an adventurous ride on a huge mountain or a playful time in a park, the snowboard here gives you the right amount of balance, speed, and jumps.

About jibbing, you need not worry unless or until the weight on the snowboard is intolerant!

  • Convenient and comfortable.
  • Wide, spacious, and safe.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Strong grip and forgiving.
  • Not suitable for small feet.
  • The snowboard is quite heavy to carry.

Just saying you have a snowboard with the word “Whiskey” ought to provide some good conversations in the chalet, but getting some minutes with the pros isn’t all you get.

There are also some fantastic features for one of the top snowboards.

Take, for instance, the hand-built construction with a wood core to keep your board carving up some runs while your friends are getting new boards.

You also get one the best rocker snowboards for those who love the idea of floating on soft snow. There’s also excellent grip technology for making smooth turns.

  • The product has a natural looking finish.
  • One felt the Arbor was the best all mountain snowboard.
  • The board has excellent rocker traits for those who enjoy going down fresh powder.
  • The product has great flex. 
  • The snowboard is not recommended for park riders.

Your craving for one of the fastest snowboards has some to an end. How fast is fast do you ask? Well, fast enough to get you some serious hang time as you show off a crossrocket air – arms crossed to grab the opposite side of the nose.

Rome Crossrocket (One of the best intermediate snowboards) will give you the control you want at high speeds as you race others in the backcountry or on your favorite run.

You will also get some heads to turn as your fellow riders check out the fantastic colors on the Rome’s snowboarding decks.

The board has both camber and 3D rocker qualities, along with a directional twin shape, meaning you will get one of the best snowboards for your money.

  • The board is for intermediate and advanced riders.
  • There’s a two-year warranty.
  • The shape is directional twin, meaning you get consistency in both the front and rear.
  • There’s incredible control at high speeds. 
  • The board is limited to the mountain and freeride venues.

Best snowboard reviews for WOMEN’S 

Best carving snowboards from one of the best snowboard brands is the requirement of many. Drive, crawl or fly to get yourself the CAPiTA Birds of a Feather Snowboard before the last one soars into the sunset.

The CAPiTA board is a winner of multiple awards and for a good reason.

The Rocker type is all-terrain V2 profile, meaning you get the sensational response of a typical camber board with natural turn ability. There are also carbon fiber beams to increase power while maintaining a low weight.

  • The CAPiTA has won awards such as the Transworld Snowboarding Good Wood, Snowboarder Magazine Best of Test, and the Snowboarding Magazine Platinum Pick.
  • One rider enjoyed the great carving ability.
  • The board is fast and maneuvers well.
  • One reviewer used her board in a variety of terrain from park to backcountry. 
  • One rider commented her board was too narrow.

Looking for a subtle, stylish, safe, and comfortable snowboard? Look no more! The Burton Rewind Snowboard is here to take you on an adventurous ride!

With an idea to provide a perfect stance to all the women out there, this Burton Rewind Snowboard is designed to be strong, fast, simple, and safe!

This amazing snowboard is FSC certified making the point clear when it comes to strength, efficiency, and performance! To enhance your comfort, the flex is made to be symmetrical right from the tip towards the tail.

Have an adventurous ride on this wonderful snowboard wherein the early rise tip and tail parts are designed to float and spin!

Designed to be compatible with the best all mountain snowboard bindings available out there,  this beautiful snowboard is ought to make your ride adventurous!

Making you flaunt your ride by providing an amazing grip, this snowboard is bound to make you look stylish by staying safe!

Coming with 3 years warranty, the Burton Rewind Snowboard is suitable for intermediate to advanced level riders.

  • Fast, smooth, and stable.
  • Amazing carving ability.
  • Well-balanced and safe.
  • Durable and comfortable.
  • Quite noisy.

Never Summer Infinity:  A high-end snowboards with some unique designs. We leave the gate on women’s snowboards with a board that will help you forget about the heat of summer.

The Never Summer Infinity Snowboard has a Durasurf 4501 sintered base, meaning high-density support for those who feel they need speed.

There’s also a low-profile tip and tail, reducing the plowing effect in the nose for times when you want to get on some fresh powder.

  • There are great designs on the board.
  • The product is fast and has excellent carving ability.
  • Some users commented the board has excellent flexibility.
  • One of the best snowboard brands is made in the USA. 
  • One user felt the board dings easily.

You are looking to get into a fantastic winter sport, and you need the best budget snowboard, but you are unsure if you want to try freestyle, or perhaps all-mountain? The Salomon Lotus is the answer to your pocketbook and your adventure needs.

Salomon Lotus: One of the best camber snowboards is stable for the beginner and those who want to take it back a few notches from the regular snowboarding routine.

Are you concerned about excellent maneuverability? The Salomon has you covered.

  • The product is sensational for both beginner and intermediate.
  • The board operates best at slow speeds for those new to snowboarding.
  • The product is lightweight.
  • The recommended terrain is freestyle and all-mountain. 
  • One reviewer commented that the board damages easily.

When awesome is your niche then it's obvious that you'll be looking for the most awesome snowboards for 2021. Do you need a right blend of both camber and rocker for fresh powder and control when you get onto some hard ice?

Your dream has become a reality with the Jones Dream Catcher.

You aren’t getting one of the many nice snowboards when you purchase the Jones.

Instead, you get an interesting hybrid of a rocker tip to improve maneuverability, while at the same time you have camber in the binding area to provide stupendous edge hold.

  • The rocker/camber combination gives incredible float and sensational edge grip.
  • The wood core gives flexibility and durability.
  • The sidewalls are made from recycled plastic.
  • The ability level is intermediate to advanced.
  • The board is not recommended for freestyle.

Beginners will not be left out when they are looking to get the best cheap snowboards. The Burton Genie is one the best snowboards for beginners and is incredibly lightweight.

Don’t let the 2018 label scare you away and wish for something more advanced. The Burton Genie will come out of a lamp to rock your world with some fantastic features.

Take, for instance, the flat top rocker profile that gives the rider sensational stability, stupendous balance, and incredible edge control.

There’s also a soft flex feel for those who love to do some jibbing in the park. Then there’s a base that requires little maintenance.

  • The Burton Genie is excellent for beginners and intermediate riders.
  • The board is lightweight.
  • One user pointed out the product has excellent flexibility.
  • The board is simple to maneuver. 
  • One rider commented the board is easy to scratch.

Backcountry riders are always in the search of the best backcountry snowboards. But do you want to only shop with one of the best snowboard brands?

Look no further, for the Jones Solution Splitboard is the answer to your adventure needs.

This bad boy has everything you want in a splitboard such as inner edge traction tech to improve edge grip to keep you from falling when traversing on icy surfaces.

There’s also a blunt nose to get through fresh powder.

  • There’s a great design.
  • The ability level is advanced to expert
  • The product comes with Karakoram Ultra Clips.
  • Jones boards have bio-based, renewable epoxy instead of petroleum based. 
  • The board is recommended for only splitboarding.

The list of the best snowboards of 2021 will be incomplete without The Salomon Gypsy. It is a significant step above your typical good snowboards offered by the competition.

For instance, the Salomon Gypsy has an all-around stupendous rocker type with a flat area between the bindings for stability, a camber near the feet for control, and rocker at the tip for those fresh powder days.

The wood core ensures lightness and a medium flex means the Gypsy is one of the best all-around snowboards, suitable for both the park and your favorite hill.

  • The Gypsy is great for both freestyle and all-mountain.
  • The board is for intermediate to advanced riders.
  • The base handles both fresh powder and sticky last season snow.
  • A wood core maintains quality and lightness. 
  • Some may consider the design a bit boring.

Best snowboard reviews for CHILDREN’S 

Are you looking for one of the best snowboards for children keen on shredding the gnar? Do you want a design that your child will love? You have landed on the right spot; the Rome Minishred is the one you need to get.

Rome is a true twin board, ideal for riders who want to show off their skills in the park and still does a great job for those who need optimal control with a flat camber.

  • The product is lightweight.
  • A fantastic beginner board has a flat camber between the feet.
  • The product is suitable for both the park and all-mountain.
  • The board has an eye-appealing design. 
  • One parent commented that the bindings were challenging to mount.

Who doesn't love to see their youngster blasting off on the best snowboard? The Lib Tech has the board your loving adventure boy is craving.

Take, for instance, the unique blend of camber and rocker. Your youngster will float on powder and jib some rails while still maintaining pressure between the feet for easy turning and excellent edge hold on any surface.

The soft to medium flex means your boy can go from the park to the mountain without having to get a second board.

  • The board is lightweight.
  • The product is recommended for both freestyle and all-mountain.
  • There are serrations on edge to provide incredible hold.
  • The board is made in the USA.
  • Not recommended for beginners.

The dilemma of finding the best beginner's snowboard for your young girl is bugging you. Well, look no further, because the Burton Chicklet is a dream come true.

Your future Olympian will have incredible stability, and excellent edge control as she goes down her favorite hill, thanks to a smooth bevel and convex base.

There’s a twin shape for a balanced ride and a wood core for excellent strength.

  • There’s great stability for the beginner.
  • The board has breath-taking designs.
  • The product is lightweight.
  • There’s a soft flex rating. 
  • The board is limited to all-mountain.

Are you looking for the best value snowboard for your beginner at home? Well look no further, the GNU Recess is one of the best snowboards for your money.

Your boy at home will immediately gravitate toward the GNU. Who doesn’t like some added recess as the product name implies?

Your youngster will enjoy having a banana blend underfoot with a floating tip for jibbing and pressure between the feet for turning and sensational ice hold.

  • The board is recommended for beginners and intermediate.
  • The GNU Recess is useful for both freestyle and all- mountain.
  • The snowboard is made in the USA.
  • The serrations provide incredible edge hold. 
  • There is only a one-year warranty.

An awesome snowboard that you can buy for little; that's all I can say about K2 Kandi.

When you are on a tight budget and need a board for less money compared to other similar products, then K2 Kandi is the one for your future gold medalist.

Your intermediate rider will appreciate how turns happen at the turn of a dime. There’s also a wood core and a strong base for durability.

  • There are eye-catching graphics.
  • The board is suitable for both freestyle and all-mountain.
  • A flat-out rocker helps young riders learn proper technique.
  • There’s a medium flex rating. 
  • The snowboard top is easily scratched.

Looking for something your adventurer can use in the summertime? Maybe your son needs some extra practice as you prepare a meal in the kitchen.

The Burton Hover Cover Snowboard Cover is perfect for those dog days of summer.

The felt material will easily guide on any household surface, meaning your youngster can practice some epic moves and clean the kitchen floor tile at the same time.

  • The Hover Cover fits on any snowboard that is 90 cm or smaller.
  • The cover is made from felt material, meaning there’s no chance of getting a scratch.
  • The product easily slides on the floors.
  • The cover helps your child get a feel for what standing on a board is like before hitting the slope.
  • The cover is not an actual board.

Flow Micron Mini Snowboard – Little Kid's

Do you have a new shredder in the house? I don’t mean the baby who is tearing apart your favorite book. I’m referring to the youngster who wants to show off some innate talent on the slopes.

If you need one of the best board for the money, then check out the Flow Micron Mini Snowboard.

The Micron Mini is flat between the bindings and the core is made from poplar wood, providing an all-around sensational response in any condition your youngster will encounter on the slope.

  • There’s an eye-catching design.
  • One reviewer commented the product is excellent for beginners.
  • The product has good flexibility.
  • The board is well balanced. 
  • The board is not recommended for parks.

The snowboards mentioned here aren’t merely some good snowboards. No matter what product you pick, you have the assurance of getting something high-quality. No matter if you want the best freeride snowboard or the best snowboard for groomers, you will be ready for an epic adventure.

But now perhaps you need some more details about finding the board for all your jibbing and carving needs. Well, buckle up buttercup, because we have all the answers to those questions you were too afraid to ask.


Snowboard Length

Fortunately, for those looking to get the optimal board, there’s a sizing chart. A good rule of thumb when getting the best length is to consider how the board is going to be used.

If you are riding in the park, then consider a product on the shorter end of your size range. If you want to tackle some mountains, powder, or freeriding, then get a board on the longer end of your size range.

Something else to consider is your weight. If you are heavy for your height, then get yourself a longer board. 

Snowboard Width

There are two suggested areas of thought when it comes to getting the right width. The first school of thought is for your best snowboard boots to overhang on both the toe and heel between 1 to 2 centimeters.

The other common belief is for your feet to be roughly the same width as the board. The point to remember is to make the measurements on the underside of the board because the top is typically narrower due to the angle on the edges of a snowboard.

Both common beliefs sound legit, and if you haven't figured it out, both schools of thought are essentially the same. The top side is a little bit narrower compared to the underside of the board, so if your feet are perfectly aligned on the bottom, there will be a little bit of overlap on top.

If your feet are perfectly aligned on the bottom, then there will be a 1-2cm of overlap on top.

Width is important to consider because you want optimal control of your board, and this only happens when there’s some overlap from both the toe and heel.

Types of Snowboards

There is the 4 types of snowboards available on the market.


Freestyle tends to have a softer flex compared to other brands so the user can perform tricks. They also have a true twin shape. There’s also a right amount of rocker to provide lift when doing death-defying stunts. Freestyle boards are shorter and lighter compared to other boards.

All Mountain

All mountain boards have a medium flex to tackle the park, but also suitable for the backcountry. The medium flex helps with landing tricks and yet has a good edge-hold for optimal control as you speed down a slope.

All-mountain will usually have a directional twin shape, and the board is rarely centered. All-mountain boards also tend to be flat to maximize control.


Freeride boards are usually longer and have a directional shape, so the nose is different from the tail, meaning they are designed to go downhill. They are generally designed for speed.


Powder boards have a wider nose and a narrow tail. Powder boards are fantastic for the backcountry, but not for those who tend to stick with resort groomers.

Snowboard camber

A camber profile is how a snowboard looks from the side. A camber gives the board a convex shape, so more of an arch contour. There are different ways the board takes on more of a convex look as detailed below.

Flat Camber

Flat camber is perhaps the easiest to understand. A board with a flat camber means the board is flat between the contact points such as between the binding area.

Flat camber is best for beginners who need a good sense of control and is excellent for those who hope to do some jibbing. The downside is a slow ride due to all the ground contact. Flat profiles are hard to find, and flat-to-rocker is more common.

Hybrid Camber

A Hybrid Camber is also easy to understand with the advent of hybrid cars. Hybrid profiles have a mix of camber, flat, and rocker. A board with a more extended rocker section is excellent for beginners, while a board with mostly camber is more for advanced riders.

One typical hybrid has camber in the middle and rocker at the tails. The rocker provides some float in powder conditions, while the camber in the binding area adds stability, speed, and impressive edge-hold.

Reverse Camber

A reverse camber has a concave shape between the binding area of the tip and tail. The advantage is having a board for butters and something that floats well in powder.  The drawback is a loose feel, it doesn’t hold an edge well, and it’s more challenging to land from a massive jump.

Traditional Camber

Traditional camber is the opposite of the reverse camber. There's a camber along with the whole board from tip to tail. The advantage of traditional camber is good for pop, ollies, jumps, improved edge-hold, turns, and stability.

On the other hand, a traditional camber is not good for powder, and it’s harder to butter and press.

Snowboard rocker

The rocker was introduced in the last section under reverse-camber. A rocker means you have a part that rests on the snow with tips and tails curving up. The shape is usually associated with the floor rails of a rocking chair.

A rocker has sensational flotation in powder. There’s also greater maneuverability because rockers are designed to have less edge contact, making for more precise turning. It’s also easier to slide on rails.

Snowboard shape


The directional shape is designed to go in one direction. Some of the features of the directional shape include having a longer nose than tail; sometimes the nose will look different from the tail, a setback stance, and a directional camber profile.

Directional boards are used by all-mountain and those who love freeriding. The board shape is optimal for carving, speed, and powder.

True twin tip

True twin shape is symmetrical. If you cut the board in half, there will be two identical boards. In a true twin board, the nose and tail are the same length and width.

The bindings are centered on the board, so the distance from the front binding to the tip is the same as the distance of the back binding to the tail. A true twin has the same flex in the nose and the rear.

Freestyle and all mountain freestyle riders use true twin boards. Due to the shape as detailed already, the feel of the board is the same for those riding switch or the usual way. In freestyle, switch is preferred for doing tricks on or off the rail and other similar objects.

Directional twin

Directional twin looks similar to a true twin, but the nose is longer than the tail. There’s also a setback stance, but no more than 20mm. A directional twin is suitable for anyone riding all-mountain freestyle or all-mountain. Riding switch is possible, but it will feel a little awkward.

Sidecut and Turn Radius

A snowboard sidecut is a middle section that allows turns to take place. If there’s a small radius, the board will have the ability to make sharper and more abrupt turns. Freestyle, park and tree riders will benefit the most to initiate spins, tricks and going between trees.

A sidecut with a larger radius won’t cut deep into the snowboard, meaning the board makes smooth turns and has more excellent stability at higher speeds. The main benefit is for those who enjoy big, open groomed runs, fresh powder, and big mountain free-riding.

Snowboard Flex

There are four different flex ratings. Most reviewers and brands will go on a ten-point system, where a ranking of one is for soft flex, a medium is around a five, stiff is about an eight, and very stiff is ten.

A soft flex snowboard is mostly for those who plan on spending a lot of time in the park. Soft flex allows for jibbing, butters, and other ground tricks. A soft flex is also ideal for those who are lightweight.

Medium flex is for those who want to do some tricks in the park, but also want to get some time on groomed slopes.

Stiff flex is for those who need optimal control as they speed down some runs. Stiff flex is ideal for those who plan on spending a lot of time freeriding and in the backcountry. They offer more excellent stability and edge hold at high speeds.

How to Store Snowboards

Once the winter is over, it's time to give your boards little rest and take out your skate shoes and skateboards instead. But you can't just dump your best boards until next winter! You need to properly store it.

The first step is to make sure your board is clean of all the accumulated dirt from all your epic runs and stomps. The best advice is to use a clean cloth and some water.

Also, remove the bindings to get rid of any accumulated salt and grim. Remember to dry the board.

The next step is to sharpen the edges or find a dealer who will grind the side for you. Keeping your snowboard sharp will help to prevent rust.

Give your board a good waxing and remember to keep the right amount of substance on top to prevent the board from drying up during the summer months.

The best wax to use is warm weather or all-temperature wax. Don’t forget to wax the edges to delay rust buildup further.

The final step is to store your board in a cool, dry place with a moderate level of humidity. Consider adding a cover to the board, such as a plastic zip lock snowboard bag. Keep the board standing up with the tail on the floor.

For extra protection, place a rug below the tip to prolong the longevity of the board. Once you are done, now you can take your electric mountain bike to rule summer!

Best Snowboard Brands

The favorite and most known, even among the casual snowboarder, is "Burton". The company started in 1977 and hasn’t lost steam as it continues down the railroad track of greatness.

Another famous brand is the "K2 Snowboarding". The recent innovation is using a Bambooyah core made from bamboo. Having a K2, is like being in Asia without having to leave the comfort of your favorite slope or park.

"Lib Tech" is another brand to consider with their Magne-Traction Serrated edges.

If you want the high quality of a homemade board, consider getting a "GNU" product.

If you want a snowboard that keeps winning awards, then get yourself something from the "Arbor line". You certainly won’t leave the hill or park disappointed.

If you want something more cutting edge, then get the "Never Summer" board. The company led the way with Rocker and Camber technology.

 A few other brands to consider are "Nitro", "Salomon", "Ride", and "Unity" Snowboards.


There you have it…some of the best snowboards on the planet. Whether you are into freestyle or perhaps powder, you will find a board here that will meet your adventure needs. The next step is to get yourself one of the best brands and have some fun this winter.

Getting the best product for your money is essential, but never sacrifice quality. You will thank yourself in the end as you watch jaws drop when you are shredding the gear and do an incredible stomp after taking off on a 45 kicker.


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