Whether you are buying an adult or kids snowboard helmets, the first thing you should seek out is the fitting of the helmet.

Generally speaking, a helmet is not only comfortable, and stylish to wear while riding down the snowy mountain, but it can also prevent head injuries which could prove fatal if you neglect the importance of the helmets.

Helmets are designed based on their use, hence a helmet for snowboarding or skiing will be designed to keep the rider warm and comfortable.

Since you will be propelling downwards they are also expected to work effortlessly with the various brands of goggles as well.

Make no mistake that the snowboard helmet made for adults tends to differ from the ones made for kids.

So while buying a snowboard helmet for your junior, remember to buy the best kids snowboard helmet, after all, our kids deserve the best.

Take any helmet, and you will see plenty of features, for instance, these multi-sport certified helmets boast removable liners, which makes them versatile all-round the year.

As I mentioned earlier, the important decision you will make with the helmet is the size, and although it seems simple enough, it’s actually the contrary.

A helmet that doesn’t fit is a waste of money and space. We wouldn’t want that to happen with you now. Would we?

So let’s dive into this buying guide and see how to make a sound decision with the sn0wboard helmet so that your kid can have the time of his, or her life.

kid's Snowboard Helmet reviews

A snowboard helmet but can also be used as a bike and skate headgear: is your demand. If that's the case, then one of the best snowboard helmets--- Smith Holt Jr. is the gear for your budget.

The outer shell on this bad boy has bombshell construction, meaning there’s an injection molded ABS material to prevent serious injury.

The vents are placed in such a way that produces optimal climate control no matter the conditions. So, heat is taken out during warm weather, and cold drafts are minimized.


The adjustable dial fit system provides quick adjustments, resulting in extreme comfort. There are also earpads to give you even more protection on the stormiest days but are still removable for those end-of-the-season runs when the weather warms up.

One parent who reviewed this product believed it was affordable for high-quality construction and features. Another boasted the helmet fits like snowboard gloves. A third pointed out the headgear was easy to adjust.

  • An injected molded ABS shell prevents serious injury.
  • An adjustable dial provides quick adjustments.
  • The product fits well.
  • Earpads provide extra protection from the elements. 
  • No included audio.

Wondering for a snowboarding helmet your son or daughter or both will want to wear? Did your child ask for a cool snowboard helmet to wear this upcoming season? The Anon Rime is what your youngster is dreaming of at night.

Let’s start with a fantastic ABS exterior shell protecting your loved one from serious injury.

Then there’s passive ventilation that draws fresh air in and takes out moisture, producing goggles clear of moisture.

 Don’t forget the Simple Fit system making it easy to fit a beanie underneath the outer shell.

But wait---there’s more to enjoy from one of the best snowboarding helmets. There’s also a Fidlock Snap buckle allowing you to open your gear with one hand---even if that hand is gloved.

I met a few parents, who were saying smething about this amazing protective equipment? One pointed out how the Anon brand of gear is the only equipment that fits his son well.

I know one parent, who commented that Anon is an excellent fitting headgear. The same person went on to say that the product looks great and has solid construction.

  • There’s an ABS exterior shell.
  • Passive ventilation produces fog-free goggles.
  • Fidlock Snap buckle allows for easy removal.
  • Simple Fit produces easy adjustability.
  • A reviewer pointed out that the helmet clip doesn’t stay flush on the product.

Are you looking for one of the top snowboard helmets for your Kids? You won’t go wrong with one of the best snowboard helmet brands on the market. Smith Zoom Jr. may sound like small potatoes, but you’ll get a feast of quality and features.

You won’t have to fight to get your young rider to wear the Smith Zoom Jr. Maybe it’s because of the lightweight yet durable polycarbonate shell combined with an EPS liner to provide out-of-the-world impact protection.

But let’s not forget some of the other great features that parents will appreciate.

For instance, the ventilation takes warm air away from the goggles through external vents in the EPS liner. There are also other slits along the top to maximize airflow in warm temperatures.

There’s also easy adjustability with a dial providing quick comfort, so your youngster can get back on the slope or park before they can even think to complain. 

I know One parent, who felt the headgear was lightweight, comfortable, and easily adjustable. Another commented on how his child loved the color and graphic design.

  • There’s a durable polycarbonate shell providing impact protection.
  • Vents in the EPS liner prevent foggy goggles.
  • A dial provides easy adjustability. 
  • One parent pointed out the plastic cracks on the outer shell.

Giro Nine Jr. MIPS: Is it the best snowboarding helmets with MIPS technology? The Giro Nine Jr. is the one to keep your youngster safe on the slope.

Giro wants to protect your child from a life-altering injury with a tough polycarbonate outer shell with the added comfort of an impact-absorbing inner liner.

But the safety features don’t stop with having an outer shell. There’s also an impressive feature called MIPS.

The system keeps your precious one safe from angled impacts because the elastomeric attachment system stretches to allow the inner foam liner to rotate around the head.

But this bad boy snowboarding helmet is just getting started. There’s also a low-profile control button on the outside of the product to control airflow instantly. There’s stack ventilation to keep goggles free of additional moisture.

There are also super-cool vents that remove heat and stale air and takes in the cool, fresh air. Lastly, there's a dial at the base of the headgear, providing up to 6 centimeters of adjustment. There’s also a separate vertical feature to control the tilt, improving peripheral vision. 

What do some snowboard helmet reviews have to say? One loved the lightweight material with MIPS technology. Another boasted that the headgear was comfortable and warm.
  • MIPS technology prevents serious injury from angled impacts.
  • A control button controls airflow.
  • Stack ventilation keeps goggles fog free.
  • A dial provides easy adjustability.
  • One reviewer mentioned the ear-pieces come out too easily.

Kids SNOWBOARD HELMET buying guide

Before taking the buying decision, you need to consider the following criteria

Measure the size of the head

First thing’s, first, you need to measure the size of your kid’s head, and for that, you will need a tape (if you can't find a tape then go Macgyver and use a string).

Take the tape, and wrap it around the head above the eyebrows (an inch above eyebrows would be better).

Usually, helmets are sized in centimeters, so measure the head in centimeters as well for ease.

 So, let’s say the circumference of the head is 49cm, then your kids' snow helmet would most probably be a medium-sized one (49-51cm).

Take it on a drive

Once you have the measurement, you can now try the helmet but remember. Each brand has its respective measurement although they won’t differ much, still it’s better to try them on beforehand.

Safety has no minimum age, hence everyone should exercise safety by wearing helmets.

 The bottom line? Be specific while choosing helmets.

Courtesy of this adorable image goes to the beautiful Mom: Adrienne Boulay Vadrot

Just like there’s a difference between kids' snowboard helmets, and adult snowboard helmets. There is also a difference between youth snowboard helmets and toddler snowboard helmets.

The former comes under the teen helmet category, these helmets have been crashed tested with more mass. Whereas the toddler helmets are fairly delicate since the wearer’s mass is minimal as well.

The same goes for the girls' snowboard helmets they have been designed with their unique taste in mind.

Shake em!

Once you find the helmet of your desire, wear it, and then that’s right, shake it!

If you find your helmet moving around and shaking independently from your head, then it means the helmet is too big for your head.

So when you move your helmet left and right, up and down it should move with your skin.

You might buckle up the helmet but, it’s not going to change the fitting, sole assurance will be that the helmet will stay on your head.

Having a loose helmet is risky, and the best kids' snowboard helmet never poses any risk.

Feel it!

Once you don the helmet, you need a pleasant feeling inside, the opposite is not at all acceptable. So if the helmet is too tight, your head will feel like it is getting squeezed, in some cases, you can’t even wear it.

Raging hormones compel you to seek thrill, so having the best youth snowboard helmet is one sure way to keep our teenagers safe from getting in harm’s way. 


Get the best kids snowboard helmet for your little ones, and you will see them in their happiest mode.

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