Best women's snowboard boots for 2022

We all can't wait to hit the slopes, but without the best women's snowboard boots, you'll feel something isn't right. Managing all the snowboarding gears may feel overwhelming at times.

We know women's boa snowboard boots are in the priority lists of the many. But each foot is different in this sport, what works for one generally doesn't for another.

The way we buy specialized women's snowboarding jackets, having women sized snowboarding boots should be the right choice.

Looking for only cheap women's snowboard boots may not allow you to get the best out of this season!

As far as the women's snowboarding boot reviews go, we present here 11 popular pairs of different brands. We are confident that you can choose the best snowboard boots for women from the list for 2022-2023 season. Here you go-

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Women’s Snowboard Boots

VANS Women’s Snowboard Boots

best women’s snowboard boots for beginners

If you already love the brand Vans, you're going to love this warmest snowboard boots for women.

The fit is precise and long-lasting, allowing you to enjoy more and add fluidity to your wide turns.

These economical and progression ready boots come with an appropriate soft flexing for added comfort and better turns.

This one surely gets our recommendation as the best soft snowboard boots for women. You may have to go 1/2 size up that your regular boots to get the best of this babies!

  • Flex: Flex rating 2/10, Soft Flex Tongue
  • Comfort and Adjustability: Vans' most flexible V1 liner to deliver utmost comfort
  • Shock Handling: V1 POPCUSH Footbed with Vans' iconic skate classic V1 Waffle Lug outsole
  • Best for: Intermediate-Advanced level riders
  • Lacing System: Traditional
vans womens snowboard boots: Vans Hi-Standard OG Snowboard Boot

Burton women’s snowboard boots

best women’s snowboard boots for wide feet

Soft and easy to maneuver, this pair of ladies snowboard boots is ready for use right from the time you unpack it.

The flex is soft and has a long-lasting feel and is comfortable too. 

It is designed not only to be the best women's snowboard boots for beginners but advanced riders too.

Getting in and out of these boots is enabled by the Boa® Colier™ system, so it's undeniably a must-have pair for the mountains. This pair is touted to be the best women's snowboard boots 2021.

  • Flex: Soft flex, rating 3/10
  • Grip/Heel hold: Focus Cuff, Inner Lace Lock
  • Comfort and Adjustability: Total Comfort Construction, Sleeping Bag Reflective Foil underfoot technology, snow-proof internal gusset 
  • Shock Handling: Heat-moulded Level 1 EVA footbeds, DynoLITE outsole
  • Best for: Beginners
  • Lacing System: Patented Boa® Coiler™ Closure
best womens snowboard boots for wide feet: Burton Mint Boa

best women’s all mountain snowboard boots

These women's burton snowboard boots are one of the comfiest snowboard boots for women.

This all-around burton women's snowboard boots offers soft flex and an extremely good fit.

The speed zone lacing system features the American made New England Rope along with Lockdown Tech which wraps the entire ankle with a wheel click.

Sleeping Bag Reflective Foil underfoot technology to reflect heat back to the feet. This keeps you warm even in the most challenging situations.

  • Flex: Medium, rating 5/10 
  • Grip/Heel hold: Focus Cuff Heel Hold System
  • Comfort and Adjustability: Total Comfort Construction, DryRide Heat Cycle™ Lining for increased warmth and wicking, Snow-Proof Internal Gusset
  • Shock Handling: DynoBITE EST® Outsole with ReBounce Cushioning
  • Best for: Intermediate to Advanced riders
  • Lacing System: Burton's Speed-Zone™ Lacing
burton womens snowboard boots: Burton Ritual Snowboard Boots

best women’s boa snowboard boots

These boots give the maximum warmth and convenience on a good budget. In fact, it is very easily the best women's snowboard boots for the money.

This burton boots for women offers soft flex and an extremely good fit.

The lacing system features the New England Rope along with Lockdown Tech which accurately wraps the entire ankle with a wheel click. 

This double boa women's snowboard boots gives you more control. This women's snowboard boots comes in size 8, the most sought size!

This soft snowboard boots for women takes care of the comfort aspect even in the most challenging situations.

  • Flex: Medium Flex, Power Up Tongue
  • Grip/Heel hold: Lockdown Technology
  • Comfort and Adjustability: Snow-proof internal gusset, Total Comfort Construction, and Aegis antimicrobial coating
  • Shock Handling: Women's Specific True Fit Design, ReBounce Cushioning, Sleeping Bag Reflective Foil and ESS Support Shank
  • Best for: Advanced riders
  • Lacing System: Double Boa Coiler Closure System
womens boa snowboard boots: Burton Felix Boa Snowboard Boots

thirtytwo women’s snowboarding boots

best women’s freestyle snowboard boots

For high response and control on any part of the mountain, these snowboard boots show the greatest promise.

Put this down to its ultramodern and lightweight upper and its medium flex design that gives you a good all-terrain ride and freestyle mobility.

It's not only the lightweight women's snowboarding boots you can find today but also the best beginner snowboard boots for women among its category.

  • Flex: Medium flex, rating 6/10
  • Grip/Heel hold: Team Internal Harness 
  • Comfort and Adjustability: Team Liner, Pressure pads, Cosy Cuff feature, tailor-made heel hold pockets and a power strap lacing system, Evolution Foam outside
  • Shock Handling: Moulded Team Footbed,STI Evolution Foam
  • Best for: Intermediate level riders
  • Lacing System: Double BOA
thirtytwo womens snowboard boots: thirtytwo Lashed Snowboard Boots

best women’s snowboard boots for narrow feet

Rated as one of the best all around snowboard boots for girls of 2022, these boots have been designed for novices in the world of snowboarding.

You can see this in its extremely soft flex that holds you back from sweeping down the mountain, and prevents sharp carves.

As a result, you get wide turns that keep you from falling on your face in the snow.

At this price range, this pair of boots is the best cheap women's snowboard boots available today.

  • Flex: Soft flex, 2/10; 3D moulded tongue for consistent flex
  • Grip/Heel hold: Comfort Harness, velcro wrapping around heel
  • Comfort and Adjustability: Comfort Liner,Cozy Cuff and EVA Comfort footbed
  • Shock Handling: Integrated STI Evolution Foam, Level 1 footbed
  • Best for: Beginners
  • Lacing System: Boa Closure System

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DC Women’s Snowboard Boots

best stiff snowboard boots women’s

DC as a snowboarding boots brand never stops to surprise you. With the Stormproof Storm flap you will remain warm and feel the next level comfort.

If you're up for best women’s all-mountain boots, DC Mora Dual zone Boa is the best buddy that you can trust.

It has articulated construction to ensure the best custom fit for you.

It's recommended to go a size down to get the stiff flex that you require on the mountain.

  • Flex: medium Stiff flex, 7/10
  • Grip/Heel hold: Internal Ankle Harness
  • Comfort and Adjustability: Combining EVA memory foam and high rebound heat-moldable EVA to deliver next level comfort. 
  • Shock Handling: DC's Impact S Insole with trademark Contact Unilite™ Outsole to give skateboarding type feel!
  • Best for: Advanced-Expert riders
  • Lacing System: Dual zone Boa Closure
dc womens snowboard boots: DC Mora Boa

Ride Women’s Snowboard Boots

best women’s snowboard boots for advanced riders

Like the name Ride Hera, it will also make you feel spectacular while riding.

This women's all mountain boot will keep your feet warm and will hold your feet down.

Whatever maybe the mountain, you'll feel like queen when you are hitting the slopes with Hera!

C.A.T. (Calf Adjustment Technology) will nothing but surprise you, how it's designed to fit women's calves.

Plus these boots have the Heat Reflective Foil that redirects heat underneath your feet to keep you warm all day.

  • Flex: medium Stiff flex, 5/10
  • Grip/Heel hold: Jade Last – A performance fit designed for women
  • Comfort and Adjustability: Intuition™ Support Liner for comfort, Black Gold™ Liner Mesh to tackle odor and moisture and Lock Down™ Turbo Liner Lacing to keep the lacing as per preference.
  • Shock Handling: Jade Plus women specific sole combined with Ride's very own +SLIME Midsole and Heel Pod foam just increase comfort and control!
  • Best for: Intermediate-Advanced riders
  • Lacing System: Double Boa Closure with The Closer™ Lace Guide.
ride hera womens snowboard boots

women’s snowboard boots sale


K2 Estate outclass others as a soft flex all mountain boots for women.

When best comfort and control are your requirement while lightening down the mountain, you can't have a  better option than K2 Estate!

The Endo 2.0 advanced boot Construction have made the boot strong and durable.

Landing easy and turning with control are never a dream with these best value women's snowboard boots. Calling it the most comfortable snowboard boots for women isn't an injustice!

  • Flex: Soft flex,  3/10
  • Grip/Heel hold: Internal J bars and the external J bars allows the perfect grip
  • Comfort and Adjustability: Intuition® SpaceHeater™ liner and dual density EVA insoles are there for the best comfort and warmth. K2's most supportive Intuition® Pro Foam 3D liner
  • Shock Handling: 3D Formed Dual Density EVA insole with Vibram® RollSole Outsole for the best traction!
  • Best for: Intermediate-Advanced riders
  • Lacing System: Double Boa Coiler
womens snowboard boots sale: k2 women's snowboard boots

women’s white snowboard boots

With a blend of comfort and sleek design, these boots are both warm and stylish. K2 haven is there to give you a out of the box all-mountain ride!

These high-quality women's snowboard boots are perfect for ladies who want a snug fit but not too tight.

The Fast-In liner lacing improves the support and balance allows smooth turning. Easy entry and exit of this cool women's boot will simply liven up the snowboarding scene.

This women's snowboard boots is available in size 7 and size 8. This is surely our best women's snowboard boots for heel lift.

  • Flex: Flex rating 4/10
  • Grip/Heel hold: Fast-In liner lacing system.
  • Comfort and Adjustability: Intuition Comfort liner is heat-moldable to contour to your foot.
  • Shock Handling: Die-cut EVA footbed absorbs shock through variable snow.
  • Best for: Beginner-Intermediate level riders
  • Lacing System: H4 Boa Fit System
womens white snowboard boots: k2 haven boa

SALOMON Women's Snowboard Boots 

best women’s intermediate snowboard boots

These boots are just right for women's with intermediate skill. The perfect blend between the softness and resistance made this boot the best choice among the riders.

This boot is true to size and delivers great comfort while riding.

This double boa snowboard boots for women can exceed your expectation in 2021!

  • Flex: Medium Flex; rating 5/10
  • Grip/Heel hold: Heel Grip and Boa® Str8jkt work together to hold feet and ankle in place all day long!
  • Comfort and Adjustability: Comfort Liners and Ultralon multi-density protect and deliver best comfort to your feet.
  • Shock Handling: Ortholite C2 Footbed pairing with EVA and rubber compound lightweight feather outsole to ensure perfect landings.
  • Best for: Intermediate-Advanced
  • Lacing System: Double Boa lacing system. 
salomon women's snowboard boots: Salomon Ivy Boa SJ Snowboard Boots


Women's snowboard boots are made with their constitutions in mind. For instance, women's calves are situated a little lower on the leg than men's.

So, women's boots usually have a lower cuff which ensures more comfort.

Secondly, snowboarding boots for women are also narrow at the heel and offer more support than men's.

Apart from these, colors and styles vary between male and female boots.


The liner forms the boot's inner layer. Usually detachable, it is helpful on getting into your boots faster. It is also the warmest part of the boot.

So from it, you can hope to get all the insulation you need to protect your feet from the biting cold wind and snow. There are usually three kinds of liners.

But remember to choose wider liner in the back as it will help you have proper blood circulation.


This refers to the amount of flexibility snowboard boots offer the user. There's now a flex rating ranging from 1 which is baby soft to 10 that's really hard on the feet.

You need to choose your boots based on the comfort level or flex that they offer you and your level of snowboarding.


The soles help as shock absorbers when you jump to the ground from great heights. These also keep your feet comfortable throughout the day.

Internal Harness:

This is an individual lacing system that helps tighten the liner to the foot, ensuring you get all the warmth you need without any chance of slippage.


The rear of the boot is like the body's spine. It is responsible for the transition and power in a pair of boots.


This is the underside of the boot which comes in direct contact with the board. Always select a boot that has very good quality outsole.


The cuff (short for articulating cuff) is the joint that lies between the foot and the ankle. It is responsible for independent movement in the foot and the ankle.

Now that you know what to look for when buying a pair of snowboarding boots for girls, select any of the 10 boots that fit your snowboarding level, your level of comfort and your budget.

how should women’s snowboard boots fit

At the outset of your hunt for snowboarding boots for girls, it's necessary to know how the top women's snowboard boots fit and match your riding style.

womens size 7 snowboard boots

Riders who are looking for size 7 snowboard boots can try Vans Hi-Standard OG Snowboard Boot and Burton Mint Boa Snowboard Boots.

womens size 7 snowboard boots: Burton Mint Boa Snowboard Boots

women’s snowboard boots size 8

Snowboarders who are looking for the women's snowboard boots size 8 thirtytwo STW Boa Snowboard Boots and Ride Hera Snowboard Boots are there for them.

womens snowboard boots size 8: thirtytwo STW Boa

women’s snowboard boots size 9

Shredders who prefer snowboard boots size 9 can go for Salomon Ivy Boa SJ Snowboard Boots and thirtytwo Lashed Snowboard Boots.

womens snowboard boots size 9: thirtytwo Lashed Snowboard Boots

women’s size 11 snowboard boots

There are some who runs a little big in the size. Burton Felix Boa Snowboard Boots and K2 Haven Snowboard Boots will be good options for them.

You need to ensure that the boots and snug fit! From our experience, we have found women need to take at least 1/2 size down than their regular boots. That way you'll have a perfect fit snowboard boot.

What kind of rider are you? There are many a snowboarding boot brands that make boots to support different skill levels.

So, it's necessary to set your goal and narrow your choices appropriately.

Different women’s snowboarding boot for Your Riding Style

Beginner Rider:

Extremely soft on the feet, these boots are just right for beginner snowboarders who can break into the sport with highly flexible boots when learning to turn.

They should fit well, should be highly shock-absorbent and should have the soft flex. The best women's snowboarding boots in this category will always have these qualities.

Are you a Park or Freestyle Rider?

If you like jumps and jibs, you should go in for park or freestyle boots.

Terrain parks may be your choice or even city spots. But remember that freestyle boots are soft all around and have built-in support in major areas of the boots.

To give you the cushioning you need when you make high impact falls, your boots need to be equipped with high-quality liners.

There are also several types of lacing systems that let riders customize the coziness.

Don't forget to check our: Best Freestyle Snowboard Boots

All-Mountain and Freeriders:

The top rated women's snowboard boots in these categories offer more support to riders and can help them make fast turns.

Women’s all-mountain boots or freeride boots usually have stiff flex to offer more control down the slopes.

These boots are made with several technologies that build in comfort features so that your feet can still go a little way longer even after you've clocked miles of mountaineering. 

And Now, Your Ideal Lacing Systems:

Here are four types of lacing you should be familiar with:

Boa® Lacing:

For a quick and easy lacing style, there is nothing better than a Boa® closure. Here, with a knob, crank down the wire laces and adjust the level of tightness of each boot. You don't need to take off your snowboarding gloves for this.

With the Boa® dial, you can tighten the laces easily and evenly across your feet.

But you need to be careful while tightening and also not to clash the coil with anything. The problem with the Boa closure is it can get damaged easily and ruin your precious boot!

Double Boa:

The double boa snowboard boots for women comes with an inner tightening method that is quite like traditional lacing but with a difference.

Here, the outer boot is kept tight with the help of two knobs that the rider can twist to pull up a wire system across each boot. One knob takes care of the upper boot, and another manages the upper one.

Make sure you have the proper blood flow running after tightening. Otherwise you may feel numbness after a while.

Speed zone Lacing:

Here's another lacing system that is fast and easy to operate. There are several types of quick-pull laces.

While some boots have one pull string each on either side of the boot, where one pull of the lace exerts control over the toe area, the other area brings about the necessary tightness near the shin.

Other speed zone lace types come with a central toggle where the laces converge at the top with the help of a lever. One pull of the lever pulls up all the cables that help tighten the laces simultaneously.

Hybrid Lacing:

The lacing system here is a combination of traditional lacing in the front portion of the snowboarding boot and Boa cables on the liner of the inner boot part.

The benefit of having traditional lacing is that it makes replacement easy and the fact that here technology is foolproof with laces working perfectly on the outside and Boa cables keeping your heels clamped down!

Traditional Lacing:

However, if it's traditional lacing that you want to go with you are always on the safer side! This lacing style gives you all the freedom you want to lace up your boots a little looser or just so.

If you're on a tight budget and want tricky kind of boots, remember to go in for this kind of lacing.

Now that you know the riding styles and all the lacing systems you can choose from, you can now read on to learn about choosing the perfect pair of girl's snowboard boots.

The best snowboard boots you shortlist should ideally suit your personality and level of snowboarding experience.

Final words on women’s snowboard boots

There are many snowboard boot brands, each with its own long line of models to choose from, making the options for you endless.

We have tried to narrow down your choices so that you may find your special pair!

We hope you to find the best women's snowboard boots 2022-23 and conquer the slopes!

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