Burton Supreme Snowboard Boots - Women's 2023

Well, in the heat of proving to be equal by giving a tough competition to the men community, we all are ignoring a crucial fact that we ladies have got that supreme potential which is incomparable to the ones bearing XX chromosomes!

The basic need to showcase any talent is the proper fit. Yes, we ride better only if it fits better! To power up the zeal and enhance the adventurous hunger within us, the Burton Supreme Snowboard Boots (Women's) has made an impact in bringing up this women's snowboard boots size 9 with advanced quality features!

WOMEN'S supreme boots

Best for intermediate to advanced

Here are the "Burton Supreme Snowboard Boots Women's" details:

Boot flex:

The flex rating is 7, meaning it is responsive and aggressive as these snowboard boots has got stiff flex.

According to the Burton Supreme boots review, the boot is excellent at controlling the speed and also the quick edge engagement feature makes the harsh landings easier.


  • Women's specific true fit design: From lace guides to strap designs, from boot liners to flex profiles, from the base plate to board shapes, the boots have especially taken care to fit right to every woman regardless of the cuff/feet shapes.
  • Total comfort construction: If you are getting a broken-in vibe, then, it is time to get rid of the negative vibe! This snowboard boot provides the same comfort and warmth on day 156 as it used to deliver on the Day 1!
  • 1:1 Medium Flex PowerUP Tongue: All the halves and full-size tongues, shells, and the outsole is designed to offer a proper fit. Also, the PowerUP tongue includes the dual-density material to ease the rebound and enhance the durability.
  • GripLITE Backstay: Here, the sole idea is to reduce the weight so that the rider can be less worried about fatigue. The backstay is made of rubber which helps in transferring some direct energy from boot to board mediated by the best women's snowboard bindings.


  • Life Liner: To support you during your long, hard days, the Life liner can fuse with the lightweight materials and thus backing up to perform even better. Accommodating with every foot shape, the responsive PU tongue construction helps you to be quick as a cat by providing long-lasting resistance!
  • Dry ride heat cycle lining: As you know, wicking and warmth are the 2 most important factors to be considered while buying the most comfortable snowboard boot.
    The Burton's breathable inner lining technology helps in keeping the feet warmer by reflecting the heat the interwoven thermally activated carbon thread. It also wicks the moisture out of the boot helping the user to feel warm and comfortable.
  • Tuff cuff and plush cuff: The tuff cuff helps in supporting your ankles, and the plush cuff 2.0 is involved in wrapping up your cuff bottom and thus stretching to provide a proper fit regardless of the cuff sizes and shapes.

Lacing system:

The quick-pull lacing system used in the Burton's Supreme Snowboard boots helps you in tightening the laces as quick as a cat!

The speed zone lacing technology allows you to control and customize the lace settings with ease. Also, the Exclusive New England Rope laces are the natural fiber ropes which are American-made.

They are the ones used by the firefighters, stuntmen, and the rescue team.


The features such as the PodBED Dual Density Outsole, B3 gel provides proper grip and comfort.

A user wrote, the Rebounce cushioning grabs the spotlight by providing enhanced warmth thus letting us perform consistently!

This is achieved by allowing the heat-reflective material to be wrapped up and thus making the cushion softer, warmer, and comfortable making it best suitable for intermediate-Advanced level riders.

Well, by fulfilling the preliminary basic needs with these advanced features, the Burton Supreme 2023 snowboard boots cheer up the girls by constantly whispering - Get going!

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