Burton Felix Boa Snowboard Boots

Am I the only one who has started feeling the chill? That means the winters are about to approach soon! So what are your plans? Deck up your snow gears for another rocking season! Whatever is your favorite game, make sure you have the best of times.

Burton has recently launched an addition in their snowboard boots section. The all-new Burton snowboard boots launched exclusively for the modern and adventurous women who love to exhibit their swag on the snowboards.

The Burton Women’s Felix Double Boa Snowboard Boots is an upgraded version of their Burton Emerald collection. You can experience an improvement in the longevity and the quality of ride, which is, of course, a boost.


Best for intermediate to advanced

It is for the women who look for the best women's snowboard bindings and supportive snowboard boots. Let’s explore some of Burton Felix boa amazing features, which might help you take the decision!


The only thing one craves for while doing a sport, apart from safety is the comfort. So if you think the same, then this product might be a hit for you.

The incredibly comfortable Felix guarantees the best of performances by giving a playful feel. It has proved itself time and again and is an excellent choice for all the riders.


Worried about the flexibility of the boots? Well, the women's double boa snowboard boots are appreciated for its flexibility and will ensure a supportive ride too.

As far as the flex retention is concerned, you can feel a decent concentration around the ankle. It will definitely last for a good long time.

Heel Hold

Heel hold and better adjustability are the two major concern of every women snowboarder. Generally, to gain something you need to sacrifice the comfort of another. Well, not anymore!

 The Burton Felix Boa will give you the best heel hold feature with equally impressive adjustability. It is build of the heat moldable liners which effectively hold your heels for a more extended period.

Dual Zone Boa

These boots come with the latest dual zone boa feature which is an improved version of Speed Lacing technique and now consist of New England Ropes laces. So you can adjust your boot’s fitting with just a spin of the dial!

The upper and the lower fittings are entirely different. That means you can have a super tight top and a super loose bottom fittings, according to your need.


The women's snowboard boots are made of a special sole which facilitates a better soft snow hiking and steep climbing. Burton has improvised this feature to give a better traction experience to its customers.

So now you can enjoy the long snow walks without any fear of slipping!


Women who have purchased these boots are pretty happy with its responsive nature. They could easily turn and twist their moves without struggling much.

The latest insulating heat reflective system underfoot enables the heat to reflect back, keeping the feet warm and cozy. What more could you ask for!

Shock Absorption

Concerned about the landings? Well, don’t be! The Burton Felix boa comes up with a superb shock absorption technology which ensures the smoothest landing even from a higher height.

These lightweight boots have the ReBounce cushioning effects which can manage the hard landing easily.


The features are definitely awesome! Don these awesome Burton Felix boa Boots for a superb performance in the snow!

Burton Felix boa has proved its performance and versatility time and again. It is a product which even deserves a slight compromise with the price.

Women who wish to have a serious adventure trip but, doesn't hesitate over the price can go for it. Who are up for women's snowboard boots sale may skip this model

They love the kind safety and comfort it gives. These are worth an investment I am telling you! All the Best!

Last updated on October 26th, 2022 at 06:53 pm

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