The all-new Burton Photon Boa Wide Snowboard Boots are exclusively designed for men who are looking for some responsive and aggressive boots, which are super easy to customize and adjust to attain that perfect fit.

The year 2016 will be marked as a year for change in the signature freeride boots made by Burton. The traditional Speed Zone system has been replaced with the boa, which is super easy and adjustable on the fly.

Customers were unhappy with the traditional lace systems which tend to loosen their boots from the board giving it a high lift. It not only reduces the thrill but also increases the risk of slipping and injuries.


Best for Advanced users

Dual Zone Boa

Burton is known to amaze its customers with a new innovation every time it steps into the market with a brand new product.

This time, it came with a Dual Zone Boa knob which allows the rider to tighten his boots with just a few spins quickly.

Boa is claimed to be indestructible and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Comfort / Fit

Looking for a combination of comfort and thrill? Well, the Burton Photon Boa has reviewed to be the most comfortable and adjustable snowboard boots. It offers the best foot shrinkage.

You can easily get adjusted into full one size smaller than your regular running shoes. Improvements can be seen in the new lacing systems as well.


People who have used Burton Photon Boa have shared that they have not seen a single sign of any wear and tear even after a couple of snow sessions. Isn’t this amazing?

The footbeds are designed to last for a longer period of time, absorb shocks and are very light weighted.


The new Burton inner coiler spool has been the talk of the town. It is responsible for directing the laces. The dial-in system has been quite effective in quick lace adjustments.

You can easily loosen-up your boots while sitting in a gondola and can redo it before starting your adventure sport with a simple spin.


Reviewers were happy with the innovative idea of reflective foil which was placed underfoot.
This enables the foil to return back the heat towards the feet giving a warm and cozy effect while placed on the snow.


Scared of slipping on the snow? Well, your tension days are over.

The Burton Photon Boa sole is made from recycled material which offers excellent traction and grip from its rubber ice spikes.


Being the most important feature, Burton Photon Boa ensures that you get the best as expected.
These are super responsive snowboard boots with a zero heel lift from the snowboard.


Considering everything we can call it a mid ranged boot.
Looking at the overall versatility and add-on features, this boot can be a definite addition to your gear list!

The manufacturer offers one year warranty which includes material defects and workmanship.



Undoubtedly Burton Photon Boa has managed to come back with a bang! The all new latest features and advanced adjustment options have made this product earn over 4.5 stars within some time.
Do you wish to enjoy your favorite snow sports fearlessly?

Amaze your friends with your excellent performance in skiing, jibbing, free riding, and freestyles by upgrading your old laced snowboard shoes.

So what are you waiting for, check out the all-new Burton Photon Boa and have a gala time playing in the snow?
Happy winters!

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