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Well, as the season of celebration filled with lovely surprises has made its gesture, it is time to sneak a peek into the most exciting activity! Yes, snowboarding it is!

When it comes to choosing a proper pair of women snowboard boots, we women definitely have a bad time of our life! The size, ankle fitting, cuff fitting, sole and what not? 

dc karma WOMEN'S

Best for Beginner-Intermediate level riders

To make your passion get going and to save you from the umpteen confusing options available, the DC women's snowboard boots have churn every need and requirement to present one of the best comfortable and durable snowboarding boots!

Here are the qualities that buckle up the passion within you. Take a look:

Boot flex

As the flex rating is not standardized, it differs from one company to another. Here the DC women's Karma lace up snowboarding boot's flex rating is 5, meaning medium.

When looked into the DC women's snowboard boots review, a user shred her experience saying that this medium flex snowboard boot is comfortable and responsive. Also, it is excellent during harsh landings.


If you are looking for a comfortable pair of snowboard boots, then the DC Karma snowboard boots offer you the top-notch qualities which make you foot secure and comfortable.

It features a multi-layer concept wherein the EVA memory foam offers great comfort by delighting us with the soft, comfortable cushion feel. Also, the layer of the thermal regulating fleece lining provides you an extraordinary fit!

Also, these qualities help in supporting the ankles to provide better support and thus making us feel secure and relaxed.

Lacing system

Well, if you are a newbie who is looking for a pair of comfortable and durable snowboard boots, then, you must have definitely felt overwhelmed with the extreme range of options available out there!

But, of all the varieties of options, riders still choose to prefer the traditional lacing system when it comes to the lacing system.

Thus, taking this fact into consideration, the DC women's Karma snowboard boots opted to with the traditional lacing system. The DC women's Karma snowboard boots have made an effort to provide an easy and hassle-free method of tightening and adjusting your laces!

Thus, the sole idea of the traditional lacing system is to power up the optimal shell closure. The advanced quality features present in this boot definitely provide a customized and comfortable fit.


The footbed of the DC Karma women's snowboard boots features the snow basic insole. This feature helps in reducing fatigue during a long hard day. Also, it offers the extra support which keeps you moving forward and thus focus on reaching your goal.

Basically, the snow basic insole lets you move quickly and helps you in improving your posture by making you turn easily without any hassle.

To Confirm Your Boot Size, Read Our Guide About: Snowboard Boot Sizes Conversion Chart to Figure Out Your Size.


Of all the top-notch features included, the part which lets you own the zeal and makes you feel warm, cozy, and comfortable is the sole of the snowboard boot.

Here, in the DC Karma women's snowboard boots have chosen to delight you with a bundle of joy and comfort under your foot by using the Foundation UNILITE outsole.

This, of course, lets you enjoy your ride most joyfully as it offers you the safe, comfort and warm feel that you ever wanted!


Ability level

The DC Karma women's snowboard boots are best suitable for the riders with intermediate to advanced level skill set.

Comfort, warmth, secure feel, and a fantastic experience all put together in a nutshell! Yes, the DC Karma women's snowboard boots definitely offer you the greatest feeling one would love to experience! What makes your ride flawless and fun-filled is the right companion!

This winter choose DC Karma women's snowboard boots which a proven companion by most of the riders and get going!

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