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How refreshing it is when a misty morning wakes you up with a chilling breeze! I love winters! I completely enjoy making the "perfect" snowman, the snowball battle and a zillion cup of hot chocolates to beat the freaking cold!

Well, the major reason I eagerly wait for winters is to enjoy my ride in the gliding snow! Snowboarding it is! It's time for the boots to get back in action! Huh! But, the biggest question is - Which one to buy?


Best for Beginners

Here's the answer- Go for the one which can provide you comfort, warmth, and secure feel.

Well, here's one of the best budget snowboard boots which satisfies these crucial criteria. Yes, the Salomon Scarlet women's snowboarding boots deliver the top-notch quality features.

Here are some:

Boot flex:

With the flex being soft, the Salomon Scarlet women's snowboarding boots provide the total comfort, responsive, and forgiving feel during harsh landings.

According to a customer review, she really enjoyed the soft feel of the snowboarding boots which was very supportive during high jumping and rough, long days.


The fit being a preliminary criterion, the Salomon Scarlet women's snowboarding boots have made an effort in coming up with one of the best Salomon Scarlet productions. Yes, the best snowboard boots for women it is!

Considering the feet and cuff fittings, this top snowboarding boots is added with a special feature, i.e. Classic fit. The classic fit is nothing but a classic foam which is placed in every sensitive area of the boot. 

One thing the riders need to consider is, who usually wear size 6 or 6.5 should try Scarlet women's size 7 snowboard boots.


With comfort being the major concern of every person, the Salomon Scarlet snowboarding boots provide justice in satisfying the basic need.

The liner used here is the Bronze liner which is, as usual, one of the top-end liners which are being used by the Salomon Scarlet productions.

As it is made of multi-density foam, the bronze liner helps you in providing the comfortable cushion running across the foot and the footbed.

A review suggested that these snowboarding boots are worth an investment as it offers you the cushion-like comfort throughout the wear by locking your heels. Thus, you can feel secure and comfortable.

Lacing system:

Well, you know the wide range of options in the lacing system which make you feel overwhelmed at times.

The sole idea of the Salomon Scarlet women's snowboarding boots is to serve the customers by fulfilling their basic needs.

Thus, the lacing system used here is the quick-pull lacing system which makes you tighten the laces in lightening speed!

Yes, giving the preference to offer the required comfort, these snowboarding boots provide the ease of adjusting your laces in seconds with just one pull!


The footbed is the major feature which helps in keeping your feet warm, comfortable and secure.

Thus, keeping this important fact in mind, the Salomon Scarlet women's snowboarding boots have come up with a classic foam which is placed in the footbed making the footbed soft and cushy all over the sensitive areas.


The feature used here is D-light Lightweight and Ultra low-profile. This extraordinary feature is made of the new full EVA D-Light outsole which provides the added comfort by featuring extra gridding below the feet. Also, it provides dampening if needed.

Best suitable for:

With all these advanced features with added comfort, best beginner snowboard boots is the Salomon Scarlet. These are best suitable for the people who prefer soft flex with Beginner to intermediate skill level.

 A review also read that it is best suitable for riders who prefer comfort and stability.

Targeting and successfully satisfying the preliminary criteria, the brand new Salomon Scarlet is here to take you to the ride of adventure! 

As per a review, these are a pair of affordable luxury boots which offer you a great comfort making you perform consistently. You don't have one? Then get one!

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