Burton Coco Snowboard Boots

Be it the academics or adventurous activities, women always mark their uniqueness by raising the standards to a level "Higher"! They believe - Start better to rise better!

As winter has made its gracious appearance, let's shift the spotlight towards one of the best winter adventurous activities! Yes, snowboarding it is! For any adventurous goals, the preliminary thing to focus on is to have the proper basic essentials.

Burton Coco Boots WOMEN'S 

Best for Beginner-Intermediate level riders

Just so you know, when it comes to snowboarding boots, women have a slightly different requirement regarding their cuff and feet. Thus, considering this crucial point, the Burton Coco Snowboard Boots have made a gesture in providing the required comfort below their feet with top-notch features!

Of course, she is the one who deserves to be pampered! Agree? Here are some quality features this burton women's snowboard boots has-

Boot flex:

The flex rating of the women's Burton Coco snowboard boots is 2, meaning the boots are responsive and provide forgiving feel during jumping and harsh landings.


Women's specific true fit design: Giving special importance starting from boot liners to base plates, lace guides to strap designs, flex profiles to board shapes, the Burton Coco Snowboard boots have got everything done right with proper detailing.

As everybody is aware of the fact that, we can perform our best only if we ride better. Thus, these special snowboard boots focus on delivering comfort to make our riding adventure better!
Total comfort construction: If you are way too much worried about the broken-in feel while buying a pair of the snowboard boot, then, these boots are here to kick the "Broken-in" feel out of your mind!

As per the Burton Coco Snowboard Boots review, a customer stated that she was happy to feel the incredible comfort and warmth throughout the use. Also, she shared her experience saying that no matter if it's your Day 1 or Day 99, wearing these boots never fail to pamper you with the comfortable warmth you need the most!

Worried About Your Boot Size! Check Out: Snowboard Boot Sizes Conversion Chart to Figure Out Your Size.


Phantom 2.0 construction: This helps in fusing the two separate crucial factors of the snowboard boot, the shell, and the liner. Thus, giving rise to various advantages:

  • Lighter in weight
  • Quick and easy to wear the snowboard boots

Also, as a new addition to this season, the improved heel hold system and the increased padding make your ride even more comfortable and secure.

Lacing system:

Well, there is an abundance of options available when it comes to the lacing system. Since most of the riders prefer and stick on to the traditional one, the lacing system used here is the Traditional lacing system.

However, apart from the comfortable adjustments of the laces, there is only a tiny reason that bothers during harsh winters. Yes, to tighten or adjust your laces with your bare hands in the freezing weather!


The Level 1 Molded Eva footbed is lighter in weight, and also, it is great at absorbing shocks. Thus, you can be safe and secure throughout the use and focus on performing even better!


Dynolite outsole: Particularly formulated to resist changing temperatures and provide enduring shock absorbing feature, the Dynolite outsole is made of an exclusive cushioning compound which offers these spectacular features:

  • Superior and exclusive cushion
  • Outstanding support as it is constructed 20% lighter
  • Highly improve board feel

And more:

Snow-proof internal gusset construction: The Burton brand is popular in providing the boots which are sealed in the lower zone. The sole idea is to keep your foot clean, dry and warm throughout the use.

If you are willing to start your adventure with a simple walk in the park and then bump into the gliding adventure amidst the dense snow, the Burton Coco snowboard boot is here to cheer you up to accomplish your adventurous goal!

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