Thirty-two TM-Three Grenier

Voila! Winter of this year has already shown up! Well, some prefer to leverage the situation of chilling weather with no regrets of being lousy! While some take advantage of the snow covered region and sneak a peek of learning new things!

Snowboarding is definitely one of those. Many of us are so much interested in investing on an expensive board that we often put the boots in the bottom of the preference list which is totally wrong.


Best for intermediate to advanced

If you are looking for protective and comfortable boots, here are the top qualities which make the Thirtytwo TM - Three Grenier snowboard boot as one of the best snowboard boots!

Boot flex:

The Thirtytwo TM - Three Grenier snowboard boot is a medium flex boot and thus letting you a comfortable movement.

Also, the presence of recoil flex control allows you to customize the boot settings by providing you the flex inserts.


Some of the significant features which play a crucial role in making the Thirtytwo TM - Three Grenier snowboard boot to showcase its worth are here:

  • Performance backstay: The performance backstay provides excellent support to the spine which makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • Articulated cuff: This feature helps in eliminating the shell distortion.
  • 3D molded tongue: If you are in search for a pair of boots for easy lacing system, then, this is the one. The 3D molded tongue provides an even flex for the entire boot.


The elite liner used here is nothing but a combination of an energy foam with heat moldable energy foam. Also, the elite harness offers you a great heel hold support with customizable boot flex inserts.

Your heel is safely locked down by the heel hold system in the Thirtytwo TM - Three Grenier snowboard boot.

Lacing system:

The lacing system used in the Thirtytwo - TM Three Grenier Snowboard boot is the traditional lacing system. In this lacing system, the tightening and loosening of the laces are done through the bare hands. Thus, it is a manual lacing system which most of the riders prefer.

Also, the additional feature, i.e. the tongue tension+ system offers an excellent heel lockdown. As per a review, this snowboard boot provides total support to heel making us feel secure and thus, entirely focuses on our enjoyment riding and gliding amidst the snow!


Well, the footbed is the one through which we can feel warm and comfortable. Thus, keeping this crucial point in mind, it has made an effort to design a footbed featuring a comfortable warmth!
The elite footbed is an energy foam which offersn adjustable arch support and a comfortable heel cradle. This lets you feel safe as you will be dropping out one of the major concerns - The heel lift. As it is great at heel holding, you can enjoy your ride worry-free!

Best suitable for:

The Thirtytwo - TM Three Grenier snowboard boot induced with so many top-notch features. These stiffest snowboard boots are best suitable for intermediate to advanced level users.

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And more:

The additional features such as:

Storm shield which makes the boots ready for all weather through proper sealing. Thus, you can totally enjoy the thrilling activity of snowboarding without having to question the ''Weather criteria"!
Exo Armor which plays a vital role in the reinforced shell construction.

Heat vent, on the other hand, is in charge of the breathable shell.

With providing 1 year of warranty, the Thirtytwo - TM Three Grenier snowboard boot is undoubtedly worth an investment which in turn facilitates you with the required comfort, warmth, safety and a lot more.

Maybe it is time to celebrate the "Winter" festival differently! Yes, by learning something new, something adventurous! So, let's begin our adventurous journey by bringing home the best snowboarding boot!

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