All Mountain Snowboard Boots

The snow is falling, and everything looks white outside. Some will spend the cold winter months complaining about the cold and avoiding outdoor activity. But you’re not one of them.

You have adventure oozing out of your veins, and you’re thinking about giving the great sport of snowboarding a try. You pack your bag, take your favorite snowboards, helmets, goggles and bindings. But, ​one piece of equipment that you don’t want to overlook is the boots.

There are many types of snowboarding styles to consider. There’s freestyle, freeriding, powder, and all-mountain. If you are ​a new rider, then all-mountain is the best route. All-mountain gives you the flexibility to try all facets of the sport so you can find your niche.

Snowboarding boots are essential accessories, and you should get the best bang for your buck. ​To get a well-rounded experience, ​we recommend to try the best all mountain snowboard boots.

​Rather trying anything unknown it's always better to check what the best all mountain snowboard boots brands are offering. ​Like what the honest snowboarding boot reviews are saying.

Regardless if you are planning to buy the best men’s or women’s all-mountain snowboard boots, there are several features you should consider.

But, what about some features to look for in an all-mountain snowboard boot? Do some of the best all mountain snowboard boot brands have the features I want? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Before I get into the features, I want to discuss three common factors to consider when buying the best all mountain snowboard boots.

The venue

Before buying a boot, think twice about the venue. Will you snowboard on a mountain or a bunny slope? The mountain terrain will require stiffer boots for precise control.

However, if you are an adventure enthusiast, and you love to take snowboarding challenge everywhere, a versatile snowboard boot will be your right choice.

The size

Here are a few things to consider when buying a boot. For the beginner, it’s best to select a medium to medium-soft flexing boot. For intermediate and expert riders pick a medium to stiff flexing boot.

The Lace

Five lacing systems are available for your purchase. These are traditional laces, quick pull laces, boa system, double boa system, and hybrid lacing.


The traditional lacing system is one of the most reliable lacing systems with ease of replacement, but you may face difficulty in adjusting with gloves on.


Quick-pull laces are harder to adjust, but some of the top-rated snowboarding boots are built with this lacing system for more of a customized fit.


Boa lacing system uses a wheel or a dial to adjust the tightness of the boot. Boa lacing system is easy to modify even with hand gloves on. But if the wheel or dial breaks, you may have difficulties with getting a replacement.

Double boa-

Double boa system has two knobs. One knob regulates the lower boot and the second one knob controls the fittings of the upper boot.


Hybrid lacing systems consist of two types of lacing systems. For example, a hybrid lacing system could consist of traditional laces and a boa system. Another example could be boa lacing with quick pull laces.

Best All Mountain Snowboard Boots Reviews

Here are a few things to consider when buying a boot. For the beginner, it’s best to select a medium to medium-soft flexing boot. For intermediate and expert riders pick a medium to stiff flexing boot.



Burton Moto BOA


If you want to take your snowboarding skill up another level, Burton Moto BOA Snowboard Boots will take you there. The Boa lacing will offer you a customized fit and sensational movement on the slopes. The Moto’s soft flexing gives you the freedom to carve up on all types of terrain.

  • Flex: The Moto has medium-soft flex with a rating between 3 and 4.
  • Grip/Heel hold: A silver fit liner molds to the shape and size of your foot.
  • Comfort & Adjustability: An ortholite footbed and a DynoLITE outsole with sleeping bag reflective foil provide astonishing warmth.
  • Shock Handling: Internal J-bars allows you to land jumps without concern for your joints.
  • Best for: beginner and intermediate
  • Lacing System: Boa lacing system
  • Speed zone lacing system to control upper and lower zones separately.
  • Ropes for speed laces carry a lifetime warranty.
  • Liners covered with a plush material for added comfort.
  • Internal lacing with a locking system allows you to adjust the fit.
  • Internal J-bars provides great ankle support.
  • Heat-moldable foam liners allow you to decrease the break-in period
  • Lack of artificial construction leads to unpredictability.

K2 Maysis 2019


K2 Maysis Men's Snowboard Boot is perfect for advanced snowboarders. It's light and flexible with a comfortable intuition control foam liner, making the K2 versatile for a wide variety of terrains.

  • Flex: The K2 Maysis is built with an Endo 2.0, allowing you to take any turn.
  • Grip/Heel hold: The K2 Maysis has good adjustability.
  • Comfort & Adjustability: Internal and external J bars around the ankle offers extra support in that critical heel hold area. The 3D Formed EVA footbed provides an extra sense of comfort.
  • Shock Handling: An ultra-durable TPU construction absorbs the most brutal of landings.
  • Best for: Advanced and expert snowboarders
  • Lacing System: The double boa lacing gives you the feel of a tailored made fit.
  • Adjustability
  • Easy lacing arrangement
  • Attractive and warm
  • Great traction control power
  • Extremely durable
  • Excessive flex

Burton Ion Leather


Users have fallen in love with one of the comfiest snowboard boots. Reviewers have raved about the comfortable Burton Ion Leather, and you will find them to be a perfect accessory for a wide variety of terrain.

Burton Ion has a leather exterior, and that is why they look so glamorous. The Burton Ion is also built with a waterproof internal gusset to offer warmth from harsh climates, and a DryRide Heat Cycle to keep your feet warm by absorbing sweat.

  • Flex: The Burton Ion is stiff, making them very responsive.
  • Grip/Heel hold: The Burton Ion has tuff cuff surrounding the ankles. 
  • Comfort & Adjustability: Durable and lightweight underfoot technology reflects heat to the feet, giving you both warmth and comfort when faced with an adverse climate outside.
  • Shock Handling: Auto-CANT Cushioning will be good for your joints.
  • Best for: Advanced-expert
  • Lacing System: Quick-Pull
  • Cozy and durable
  • Versatile
  • Looks good
  • Can be too stiff
  • Poor traction

Thirtytwo TM-Three Grenier


Thirty-two TM-Three Grenier snowboard boots are perfect for a wide variety of terrain, and the camo style will make heads turn. The boot has an elite liner and a sturdy harness. The taller cuff design and amazing heel hold are some of the prime advantages of using this Thirtytwo TM-Three Grenier snowboard boot.

Customizable flex inserts will allow you to soften the flex. STI energy foam offers a customized cushioning effect. The boot has durable features like a precast toe cap and an Exo Armor shell support, which make it suitable for the most unpredictable surface. 

  • Flex: Medium customized Flex and Recoil Flex Control are customizable boot flex inserts give the boots a stiff feel. 
  • Grip/Heel hold: The Elite liner and harness give you the responsiveness and precision for steeper terrain thanks to a taller cuff design and supreme heel hold. 
  • Comfort & Adjustability: Performance Rubber Outsole gives an enhanced grip.
  • Shock Handling: An enhanced spine support and rough toe reinforcement eliminate shell distortion, resulting in adjustable support.
  • Best for: Intermediate to advanced
  • Lacing System: Traditional Lacing
  • Adjustability
  • Enhanced comfort level
  • Versatile
  • Easy lacing system
  • Unusually stiff
  • Unnecessarily bulky

Vans Infuse 2019


Vans Infuse Snowboard Boots are durable and versatile for all terrains. It is very user-friendly concerning adjusting lacing, flex, etc. The UltraCush liner and footbed configuration of the boot will keep you completely in control on even the steepest of terrains.

No matter if you are a snowboarder with intermediate or seasoned experience for snowboarding, the Vans Infuse Snowboard Boot will not disappoint. 

  • Flex: Medium
  • Grip/Heel hold: Asymmetrical adaptable and detachable X-cage for accurate and comfortable heel hold.
  • Comfort & Adjustability: The V3 liner represents pinnacle performance, support, and custom comfort.
  • Shock Handling: Dual-density UltraCush Lite construction with heel impact and forefoot relief pads will help you to stay steady.
  • Best for: Advanced and expert snowboarders 
  • Lacing System: Hybrid lacing with a fusion of traditional and boa. 
  • Shockproof
  • Adjustability
  • Versatile use
  • Affordable price
  • Stiff flex
  • Fusion lacing can be a hazard


Burton Mint Boa


​The Burton Mint Boa is a user-friendly, comfortable snowboard boot for women, and some of my lady acquaintances have widely recommended this snowboard boot as a versatile one that one can use on every terrain.

Burton Mint Boa Snowboard Boots for women is built with a Quick-lock design, keeping your heels locked all day long. There is also superior cushioning with an improved board feel, and consistent support in a 20% lighter weight construction. The boot has an internal lacing arrangement, which is an added advantage. 

  • Flex: The soft flex is best for the beginners who love to board with a soft boot.
  • Grip/Heel hold: There is a great grip on the heel, ensuring peace of mind.
  • Comfort & Adjustability: The boa lacing is adjustable giving you a customized feel. Power panels are lightweight, and footbeds are completely heated moldable.
  • Shock Handling: The Burton Mint Boa is made entirely of an exclusive cushioning compound specially formulated to survive against repeated impacts and freezing temps for long-lasting shock absorption.
  • Best for: Beginners to expertLacing 
  • System: Boa
  • ​User-friendly
  • Adjustable
  • Warm and cozy
  • Good traction control
  • ​Soft flex is not a universal favorite.
  • Finding the right fit is tricky.

Thirtytwo Lashed Double Boa


​Thirty-two Lashed Double Boa Snowboard Boots are versatile regarding functionality. The double boa closure system is a champion for offering a perfect fit. The heel hold and grip is good, and that is the reason for the outstanding stability you will enjoy with this snowboarding boot.

Thirty-two company is well known for their superior products, and the Thirty-two Lashed Double Boa Snowboard Boots is no exception to this rule. The boot looks good and is quite durable.

Finding a versatile snowboarding boot for women is an extensive process, but if you include Thirty-two products in your search, it will be like finding a speck of gold on a vast shore.

  • ​Flex: Medium
  • FlexGrip/Heel hold: Molded foot-bed comes with heel cradle as well as special arch support.
  • Comfort & Adjustability: The boot has standard height with medium support, resulting in high flexibility and great heel hold.
  • Shock Handling: The Thirty-two eliminates shell bending and offers improved spine support.
  • Best for: Intermediate to advanced
  • Lacing System: The ​Double boa
  • ​Adjustability
  • Comfortable
  • Easy-Lacing System
  • Good Traction control
  • ​Some users have felt a lack of warmth.

Salomon 2019 Scarlet


​The snowboarding boot Salomon 2019 Scarlet for women looks classy, and it offers premium safety features for its users. The Salomon Scarlet does reasonably well for beginners but is geared more for those with a medium skillset. The comfort features are sturdy, and it’s quite adjustable.

The double boa lacing system is a definite plus. The Salomon is also fitted with multi-layered foam, offering a great cushioning effect.  

Salomon Scarlet has a great look for the fashion conscious rider and is lightweight for those who plan on walking a long distance from the parking lot to the chairlift. 

  • ​Flex: Soft Flex
  • ​Grip/Heel hold: A molded footbed comes with heel cradle as well as special arch support.
  • ​Comfort & Adjustability: The boot has a comfortable foam cushioning, higher flexibility and strong heel hold.
  • ​Shock Handling: There is reduced shell bending, and the structure offers improved spine support.
  • Best for: Intermediate riders 
  • ​Lacing System: Quick pull system
  • ​Sturdy
  • Affordable by price
  • Durable.
  • ​Soft flex can be a problem.
  • Not meant for tough terrains



​DC Women Snow Boots Karma Lace up Snowboard is a great example of versatile snowboard boots for active women. The red liner of the boots will offer you excellent comfort and sturdy performance.

The snowboarding boot is lightweight and provides you with a good grip. This skid-proof footwear will offer you an unforgettable feel on the board.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned player, DC Women Snow Boots Karma Lace up Snowboard will satisfy you with its performance.

  • ​Flex: Medium soft flex
  • ​Grip/Heel hold: The boot offers essential durability, dampening, and cushioning while drastically reducing weight.
  • ​Comfort & Adjustability: The boot has Die-cut EVA that provides comfort and durability. The boot is also covered with a moisture absorbing fabric, furthering enhancing your comfort level.
  • ​Shock Handling: DC's exclusive technology, Unilite, offers essential durability, dampening, and cushioning effect while also drastically reducing the weight. 
  • Best for: Intermediate to advance skilled riders
  • ​Lacing System: Traditional type
  • ​ Adjustable
  • ​User-friendly and smart looking
  • ​Safe and comfortable
  • ​All mountain flex is an advantage.
  • ​High priced
  • Not meant for tough terrain

Vans Ferra Pro


​Vans Ferra Pro Snowboard Boots looks great, and it performs well too. It is a truly versatile snowboard boot that you can use on a variety of terrain.

You can customize your target heel hold through the V2 harness. The V2 harness works in tandem with the V2 liner to offer improved support and a personalized fit.

The hybrid system applies traditional lacing with the controller of the boa closure. The adjustable flex control of the custom slide guides for secure and targeted heel hold, resulting in tailor-made comfort.

  • ​Flex: Medium
  • Grip/Heel hold: Customize your heel hold with the V2 harness, it works in tandem with the V2 liner, to provide enhanced support and a personalized fit.
  • ​Comfort & Adjustability: There’s extra support at the top of the boot for increased stability and response.
  • ​Shock Handling: The V2 liner offers a unique balance of supportive response and satisfying comfort to deliver superior function on all terrain types.
  • Best for: Advanced and expert riders
  • ​Lacing System: Hybrid with a boa and traditional lacing combo
  • ​User-friendly
  • Good looking
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • ​Higher price
  • Medium soft flex can be a problem.


​There you have it — some of the top branded snowboarding boots for your snowboarding pleasure. These boots were categorized for men and women as well as by skill set.

While buying a snowboarding boot, you may get tempted to only purchase the most comfortable snowboard boots or one with a popular brand name. But comfort and a good brand name are not the only points to count on.
There are other factors to consider when getting one of the best all mountain snowboard boots for 20​20. There’s shock absorption, lacing and heel hold to name a few.

No matter what you have planned for your next adventure, you ​need to be sure that you are getting one of the best all mountain snowboard boots. Whether you go in a park or get dropped off on top of a mountain, the end game is to enjoy the winter months and make some long-lasting memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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