EOVAN GTO SILO review best skateboard on budget

The wait is finally over. Eovan GTO Silo is here for the electric skateboard lovers. The founder of EOVAN board Mr. Peter stunned the world back in 2017 with his airless rubber wheels for skateboards. This time is no difference!

Eovan GTO Silo will impress the riders with it's improving speed, sustainability, reliability and higher transmission efficiency. Surprisingly with all the improvements both the models of Eovan GTO Silo come with unbeatable price!

Let's check out the special features that this Best Electric Skateboard On Budget is offering!

Upgraded powerful Battery

There's always been a concern whether the battery of your electric skateboard is powerful enough to discharge capacity in a cold and snow weather. Eovan GTO Silo is a winner in this case!

Using magic cells with stronger discharge capacity battery packs of 21AH, Eovan GTO Silo provides longer-distance battery life for skateboards.

User-friendly deck design

To control high-speed riding, the bottom of board and the foot sockets, are wider this time than the earlier model. The top part design of the deck looks really cool with carbon fiber appearance.

wider bottom of board and the foot sockets

Moreover, the shock absorbing anti-slip sandpaper and high-strength carbon fiber plate make this electric skateboard of a kind.

Eovan GTO Silo comes with two types of wheels

Riders can try Eovan GTO Silo with either AT155 or RS125 wheels. The major difference between these two wheels are size. 

With the AT155 the ground clearance is 10cm, whereas with RS125 wheels the ground clearance is 10cm 8.8cm.

Both the types are waterproof CNC alloy wheels.

Speed, range and hill incline

Eovan GTO Silo has the top speed of 58Km/H with it's 3500W motor. You need to be careful with such speed. Make sure you wear your helmet and other safety gears while riding.

This beautiful electric skateboard can go minimum 50 km with a single charge.

It has amazing 40% hill incline with the help of dual motors. No wonder it's called a all terrain electric skateboard.

Gearbox Transmission System at it's best

It utilizes the gear box transmission system for higher efficiency and minimized belt wear or breakage during riding.

smart ESC control system

Riders expect smart control, smooth acceleration but powerful brakes from their electric skateboard. But immediately after the brake regenerative charging is also required. 

Well, riders are in luck here, because of the smart ESC with more intelligent control the Eovan GTO Silo ensure all of the above. Thanks to the Hobbywing ESC it adopts for it's riders.

Last but no the least: Double deck bridge

The new double kingpin truck design, allow you to switch freely between traditional kingpin trucks and double kingpin truck according to your riding habits.

All in all, this electric skateboard has definitely quite a few winning features that will win the attention of variety of riders. We are recommending to give this small little beast a try!

Both the models come with a promotional price from the EOVAN family. You can check the updated price of Eovan GTO Silo here.

Last updated on November 1st, 2022 at 05:51 am

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