Best snowboard jackets

Finding the best snowboard jackets that you need for your ride, can be tricky at times. Wearing the bulky one is not the answer always!

You need something that'll keep you warm, no matter what the weather condition is.

You should get your hands on the most comfortable snowboard jackets.  As these are your best bet to perform all the tricks without thinking of the cold.

The styles vary as per their functionality and security level. But that's not it. For some, it is also about making a statement in the snow while shielding themselves as the temps’ drop. 

We have listed some of the best snow jackets that you can tag along in the mountains.

Dive into the world of some awesome snowboard jackets and get your journey started the right way.

Best Snowboard Jackets for Men

The ideal ski jacket needs to adapt to the two most important things - weather and comfort level. This particular ski jacket does the double duty with its wear-resistant material.

It comes with high-quality polyester fabric and coating that blocks the air intrusion when you are skiing or snowboarding.

We all need the warmest snowboard jackets while riding.

The best part about this winter jacket is not just controlling air's mobility but it also locks the heat inside the jacket quite effectively, keeping you warm at all times.

Plus, the plush and the soft effect with the fabric lining never causes any sort of hindrance and grants insulation for warmth in harsh, cold weather.

Furthermore, this fashionable and relaxed jacket is waterproof, windproof, highly durable and also stain repellent. It's will instantly let you update your winter look.

This is one of the best snow jackets due to its high-quality polyester along with a fiber-like pore structure that helps you perform all the tricks with peace.

Even if your body perspires or heats up, the jacket does its duty and releases all the accumulated moisture!

This winter jacket also includes adjustable cuffs and stretchable glove. The hood can be adjusted as per your requirement.

The coat guarantees heat retention with a relaxed style while you are downhill skiing and snowboarding.

  • Unique design.
  • Retains heat when you start feeling extremely cold.
  • Snugs well on your body.
  • Superficial PU transparent film helps water resistance.
  • As far as the style is concerned, it is not a slim cut.
  • The zipper of the pockets could be better.

To create cool snowboard outfits, one of the most important and key things to remember is to have an outerwear gear that allows you to stay put.

Now, if you are looking for a jacket that's not just packable but also lightweight on the body, you can rely on this water-proof fleece ski jacket.

This top snowboard jacket has a zipper design that helps control water or rain. It also fights bad weather, keeping the body's temperature normal.

Just as the name suggests, this jacket is also windproof. The style has stayed on top of the fashion charts and it can make you look quite suave.

Big pockets with zips of this jacket make it easier for you to stow your basic essentials.

Furthermore, it is an insulated shell jacket that makes it worthy of mountaineering, hiking and rock climbing as well.

  • The fleece lining makes this one a comfortable choice.
  • Waterproof and saves you on rainy days.
  • The hood is detachable.
  • It blocks the wind.
  • The zipper could get stuck.
  • The durability factor is inconsistent.

To make sure not to get caught with cold while riding, you need the best snowboarding jacket.

This coat by Magcomsen with warm fleece is a savior with adjustable cuffs. It has an internal draw cord hem and storm hood.

It keeps the wind out, making sure that you are secure in the cold weather.

It's a great call for skiing, snowboarding, hiking as well as other outdoor activities.

The style is versatile as it also comes with a deep secure zipper pocket that can lock your phone and wallet. Since layering is highly recommendable in such changeable conditions, this jacket will keep up the promise with its weather resistance, breath ability, and intelligent design aesthetics.

  • Keeps you warm in winters.
  • The fleece lining will make your life easy in the mountains.
  • Removable hood.
  • Super lightweight.
  • Sizing could be an issue.

A premium brand that is known to make classic ski jackets and stands for its best snowboard jackets 2019 people's choice award has to be Camel Crown.

This jacket comes in a 3-in-1 design. It is waterproof and windproof that comes with fleece lining.

Furthermore, this jacket also has great heat retention. It guarantees to keep you cozy and warm in the cold weather.

The fleece jacket is layered with a ski coat, which means it can be detached as per the weather conditions.

The fleece tends to connect the shell with the help of zippers on both sides.

It has an ergonomic design as it comes with two zippered pockets with supporting fixture holes that can help you keep your earphones.

There are Bi-directional zippers and buttons for convenience so you can wear the outer and the inner jacket comfortably.

Since it is important to drape yourself, the poly-heat system of this style makes it worthy to wear.

  • The jacket keeps you warm and cozy.
  • Since it is layered, you can enjoy its benefits and adjust it as per the weather conditions.
  • It works the best on rainy days as well.
  • The design is quite stylish.
  • The size could be incorrect.

If you are looking to own cool snowboarding jackets, give this snow jacket a shot. 

It comes with two big zipper pockets along with a chest pocket.

Furthermore, it also has adjustable cuffs with velcro and adjustable storm hood. It helps keep the wind out.

The fleece lining is quite smooth and hence it will let you be at peace in the mountains.

The outer fabric of this snowboarding jacket is waterproof which means it is an effective choice when you are snowboarding. The quick-drying will help you feel relaxed and you would never get wet in the rain.

The full front zipper and double secure button closure will shield you from the hazardous wind and water!

  • Quick-drying quality.
  • Highly durable product.
  • Best snowboard jacket for all the weather conditions.
  • The liner keeps you warm and comfortable.
  • The size could be extremely undersized.
  • The hood string could be weak.

A jacket that’s known for its great fit has to be Burton's Covert jacket. The jacket already includes insulation which means you don't need a lot of layering.

It's a style that will instantly accelerate your journey to the mountains.

The premium feel of this jacket comes with thermolite insulation that makes it a breathable option.

It includes plush-tech lining of taffeta inside the jacket that’s actually make the user feel secure and cozy.

If you are hunting a snowboard jacket brand that can rely on, then Burton is a good call for you!

  • Keeps you quite warm.
  • Burton's jacket is quite affordable.
  • It is water-resistant.
  • The jacket is lightweight.
  • It runs larger than usual.

You should consider this ski jacket if you are looking for an affordable option.

It is known for its superior quality as it is made in water-proof material and insulation that's bound to keep you warm in snowy or cold weather conditions.

The jacket comes with a fleece lining that's padded for ultimate heat retention so you don't feel cold while you are riding.

This jacket also has the windproof feature as it includes adjustable cuffs and also has a stretchable glove designed with a thumb hole.

The hood is also detachable and quite windproof.

What makes this jacket great wear is the fact that it has a great storage space. It has 5 different pockets that can help you carry anything. 

  • The jacket is multi-functional.
  • It is insulated.
  • It will save you from the risky weather as its made with waterproof material.
  • Super soft fabric and fleece lining.
  • This jacket is a bit heavyweight.

Best Snowboard Jacket for Women

Looking for the best snowboard coats that turn heads even when you are in the mountains? Then Wantdo is a great call to make.

The ski jacket has a wind-proof design. Since it has high-density fabric, the composite process makes it easier for air intrusion.

The jacket includes compressed cotton that reduces the airflow and effectively blocks your body's heat, giving you enough warmth that you will need.

The stylish coat further features stretchable gloves on both sides with a thumb hole.

The jacket has a standard fit and makes for an excellent choice.

It raises the stakes even higher with its adjustable storm hood and lightweight construction.

What's more, the cotton padding and fleece lining will keep you toasty and you won’t need a blanket to snug in. This is a great jacket and will be by your side for years to come!

  • Keeps your body dry.
  • Multi-pockets so you can stow your essentials.
  • The jacket has a standard fit.
  • It is quite stylish and fashionable.
  • The sleeve and shoulder-length could vary.
  • The cuffs may not be as comfortable as expected.

Get ready to lay your hands on one of the best snowboard jackets. Moerdeng's ski jacket is the cue to take.

The jacket is windproof as well as waterproof. It can fight all sorts of bad weather and keep you toasty when you are out.

Furthermore, design-wise, the jacket is made in premium quality and is quite lightweight.

It comes with adjustable cuffs and a stretchable glove that can seal the warmth.

It also includes a windproof snap powder skirt along with a soft shell that can block the wind out.

The fluffy lining inside this jacket makes it worthy as it guarantees heat retention. The relaxed fit also promises that you have a quick-drying material, no matter what the weather conditions are.

This is one of the best women's snowboard jackets that you will find in the market and we assure you that this will not disappoint you!

  • It is one of the top-rated snowboard jackets.
  • The quality is incomparable.
  • The sleek design and comfort level is high.
  • It is a great option for downhill skiing as well as snowboarding.
  • Sizing could be an issue.
  • The chest pockets are just a zipper and not a pocket.

A jacket that's quite relaxed with its fit is none other than this one from Gemyse.

This style is for outdoor and traveling and it comes with insulating material that helps when you are in the mountains.

This snowboarding jacket is also useful for skiing, hiking, and mountaineering as well.

The outer shell of the fabric is durable. The inner fabric has a soft lining and is thick enough to upkeep the warmth quotient.

When the weather shoots at an extreme level, you can bank on this jacket and add it to your ski wardrobe.

Having this jacket will make you fee that you've got one of the best women's snowboard jacket. It is like a water repellent coat that has zippers and pockets for your comfort. 

  • A companion for many sports activities.
  • The premium quality makes it a long-lasting.
  • Perfect for all sorts of weather.
  • Offers good breathability.
  • The pocket zipper could be an issue.

We need layers for winters and a women's patterned snowboarding jacket is the best way to take your style a notch higher!

By the nature of this jacket, it is available in an interchanging style. 3-in-1 jackets are an excellent choice for all sorts of activities.

Be it snowboarding or backpacking, this jacket with its water-proof shell and light insulating mid-layer totally makes sense.

Wantdo is a well-renowned snowboard jacket brand.

The style is made of Taslan that has good tear resistance.

The water-proof quality and anti-static functions make it quite durable.

Furthermore, this snow jacket brand is known for its versatility. It features a high stand collar neckline, made in cotton that feels lightweight. The fabric is skin-friendly and soft which makes it an ideal preference for outdoor and indoor activities.

  • The 3-in-1 factor of this jacket makes it a worthy addition.
  • The high neckline blocks the wind from entering the body.
  • The side pockets will keep your hands warm.
  • Easy to use for many activities.
  • Too bulky.

One of the best snowboard clothing brands indubitably is Camel Crown.

To own some good snowboarding jackets, you can instantly bank on this one as it has a plethora of designs.

This jacket has a shell with a detachable and adjustable hood. Furthermore, it is filled with cotton and it helps keep the body temperature normal.

For women, who want something snazzy, this jacket comes in various colors.

It also features the Camel tex windbreak system.

The adjustable cuffs with gloves will make you feel homely as you wear this style.

It also includes several zippered pockets with 14 velcro inner pockets. It has an earphone lining inside the jacket so you don't lose them during your trip.

This jacket for snowboarding will instantly up your sartorial statement.

  • Available in versatile colors.
  • The earphone lining is a great addition.
  • It is water-proof and wind-proof.
  • Comfy option for all sorts of weather.
  • It is a bit short.
  • The colors being light could get dirty soon.

Here's one of the best jacket for snowboarding. Give a nod to Magcomsen's 3-in-1 jacket which comes with a waterproof coat and fleece coat.

The outer fabric of this jacket is made in breathable, quick-drying fabric. It keeps you warm as it has a two-layered lining.

Since the whole jacket is detachable, you can change the style as per your convenience. Be it spring, autumn or snowy season, this jacket is one the best choices you will make.

Furthermore, this jacket features side pockets that can hold small items like your wallet, cellphone, keys or earphones. The versatility of this jacket is definitely unmatched. It also includes a stand collar that revs up your style.

  • 3-in-1 design, which makes it suitable for most of the weather conditions.
  • The pockets make this jacket quite accessible.
  • Comes in versatile colors and is super stylish.
  • It is made with double-shell fabric, which offers great heat retention.
  • The quality is not that durable.

These are some of the best men's snowboard jackets and best women's snowboard jackets that you can bank on your next trip. All of these cool snowboarding jackets will make you look equal parts of stylish and comfortable.

The Ultimate Guide On Best Snowboard Jackets

When it comes to finding the best snowboard jackets, besides just the brand, there are other factors that you need to consider before making the final decision.

These factors are sure to help you make a wise choice so you have a style that stays with you for years to come.

Here's the ultimate guide so you can own the best snowboarding jackets:

Waterproof Rating

No matter what, your jacket needs to be waterproof. This is in arguably the most important aspect that you need to strictly abide by. Getting wet in such weather will make you sick but owning a jacket that designed with this factor will make for a good purchase.

A snow jacket brand that's known for the waterproof rating is the one you should rely!

Breathability Aspect

Another important thing to remember is that it should let you feel comfortable and breathable as well. Breathability in real terms is measured in grams.

The Moisture Vapor Transmission test is what determines this quotient. The moisture from your body needs to escape with the shell lining.

It totally depends on the snowboarder's choice to opt for a style as it ranges from 5000-15,000 grams. 

Special Features In A Jacket

A snowboarding jacket review is incomplete without knowing all the things your jacket must include. These are some special features you cannot do without when you lay your hands on the cool snowboarding jackets.

The key here is to know what you actually require and then go ahead to make a purchase.


There are types available in the case of hoods.

It can be detached from the jacket so you can wear it as per the weather conditions.

Stowaway type is the one that is attached throughout but this one makes sure your hood is never misplaced.

Wrist Closure 

Wrist closures of snowboarding jackets are quite helpful as they fight against wind and water.

The closures are adjustable and are in a variety like velcro, snap or elastic.


Pocket options is quite important as you would want to stow some essentials in a baggy jacket while you are riding.

Make sure that your chosen snow jacket brand has 4-5 pockets so you can keep your things intact.

Final Words

This is a whole list of the best snowboard jackets and how to own the right one, depending upon certain factors. To have some snazzy, cool snowboard outfits, this guide will is a win-win for you.

All these styles are highly recommended and these are the best snowboard jackets in 2020 that you can make a great addition for your next trip.

The styles are durable and apart from that, they are the statement-makers. Look urbane at all times with this guide!

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