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For long humankind depended on furs and natural fibers for clothing. While natural fabrics can be good for keeping us warm and dry in extreme conditions, they are heavy, bulky, and do not last a long time as they are susceptible to the elements.

Moreover, their performance rapidly deteriorates over time.

If you are into extreme sports like snowboarding, you will know that it is next to impossible to enjoy the sport clad in traditional warm clothing.

But today, we have a wide range of high-tech clothing products that are light, less bulky, waterproof, durable, and perform consistently over a long period.

The wide choice of high-tech apparel has made it possible for us to engage in a plethora of outdoor activities and sports. Fabric-making technology has been evolving rapidly over the years.

Today, apparel manufacturers even factor in low environmental impact and sustainability during the production and postproduction process.

The focus on both performance and sustainability has resulted in the discovery of the right materials (GORE-TEX ePE Membrane) and processes to manufacture new-age textiles.

W. L. Gore & Associates (Gore) is one of the leading innovators in this field.

GORE-TEX ePE Membrane claiming that it Reduces Carbon

The threat of global warming is omnipresent and greenhouse gases emission continue to grow.

The textile industry is considered a heavily polluting industry. In this scenario, it is paramount for the textile industry to produce fabrics sustainably with a smaller carbon footprint.

With its commitment to sustainability and innovation, Gore used its decades-old experience and knowledge to manipulate expanded Polyethylene (ePE) into a strong microporous material with a smaller carbon footprint.

The ePE membrane is touted to unlock new levels of performance and sustainability.

Gore-Tex contains extremely lightweight and thin composites that make it extremely robust and last a long time.

As a result, ePE gives superior performance with a reduced environmental footprint. With its new GORE-TEX ePE membrane, Gore’s ongoing sustainability journey has taken big a leap forward.

With such stellar qualities, ePE has a wide variety of uses and can sustainably replace the more polluting materials.

With the extensive use of the ePE membrane, the carbon footprint in the textile manufacturing process can be drastically reduced.

ePE Membrane is much Thinner

The reduced carbon footprint of ePE is because it is thinner, stronger, and lighter than other materials. These qualities make any fabric using ePE last a long time.

 The thinness of ePE helps it combine well with Polyurethane and the resulting laminated fabric is breathable, durable, waterproof, and windproof.

This is a dream come true for all manufacturers that make waterproof breathables.

PFAS-free membrane, but is it still use “forever chemicals”

PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) are of different types, and research indicates that they are all harmful to the environment in the long run. PFAS can leach into the water during the manufacturing process and also from clothes.

Over time, PFAS builds up through the food chain and has been found in Polar ice caps and even the stomachs of polar bears! No wonder PFAS are considered “forever chemicals”.

As a result, PFAS -free fabrics are rapidly becoming the norm globally. Gore-Tex has been manufacturing waterproof membranes with PFAS for decades.

But, their new ePF material is PFAS-free. This will further take Gore-Tex towards a sustainable and environment-friendly enterprise.

Big brands are Buying In

This membrane will be introduced in select general outdoor and lifestyle garments, lifestyle footwear, and snow sports glove manufactured by companies like Adidas, ARC'TERYX, Dakine, Patagonia, Reusch, Salomon, and Ziener.

With such key players keen to adopt this new technology, ePE membrane is bound to take the outdoor apparel sector by storm.

Next time you plan to buy snowboarding gloves, jackets, or pants, look for ePE on the manufacturer's label.     

To wind off

Like Gore-Tex, we need more apparel manufacturers to innovate and sustainably produce new-age textiles with low impact on the environment. Outdoors people will have a great choice of apparel that will last for years while performing optimally.

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