North America or Europe Where Should you go First for Family Skiing

The snow and temperatures are falling. The nights are longer. The sky is overcast for much of the day. Yes, it’s winter everyone. But winter shouldn’t be analogous to boredom. There are many family-friendly activities in the colder months of the year.

One such family sport is skiing. Some may not see the connection and perhaps cringe at the thought of taking a vacation in the snow. But if you like to ski as a family, doesn’t it make sense to spend time with those you love the most, doing something everyone enjoys doing?

I think many will agree that family skiing has enormous potential for family bonding and making some great memories, but where to go?

North America

For those who already live in either the United States or Canada, then the natural inclination is to take a vacation close to home. For those who don’t want to deal with long flights, then a family skiing vacation in North America has some great benefits.

best place for family skiing

Off-Slope Activities

Let’s face some reality, not everyone in a typical family will have the same enjoyment for skiing. Some are happy with just doing a few runs in the morning and later at night. But in the afternoon, they are looking for something else to do.

The great benefit at any major ski resort in North America will be all the other nearby activities such as spas, shopping, and snowshoeing. The possibilities are endless.

Great Instruction

I realize you have taught your children the fine art of skiing before even considering a vacation. But shouldn’t we all look for ways to get better?

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At major ski resorts in North America, the whole family can receive great instruction from professionally trained staff. Your teenagers could learn with other teenagers. Others could learn how to do some tricks or jumps.


One of the pains of travel is getting to your final destination once you get off your plane. But major ski resorts in North America have made things easier for you. Some airports offer a direct flight to major ski resorts like Jackson Hole.

There are even shuttles from some airports to your ski resort. The ease of travel means you don’t have to deal with an unruly taxi driver who may not be excited about having to take numerous pairs of skis and your belongings.


If you plan on going to a major ski resort in North America, then you will need to consider the cost. The great thing about skiing in North America is the options.

For example, your children may get a discount. There might be affordable places to lodge close to the ski resort. You can get a bundle package. Major ski resorts will usually have options if you are willing to put in the time to look.


For those who want a different experience, there’s Europe to consider. If you don’t mind TSA agents and long flights, then Europe will give your family some great views and cultural experiences you will not soon forget.

family skiing in Europe


There are simply more resorts in Europe. One website commented there are around 100 resorts in the Rockies, compared to 1,100 resorts in the Alps.


In some areas, trails and shuttle services connect different ski resorts. These connections mean that you will have a variety of skiing experiences within easy reach of each other.


Some who experience the Rockies are enthralled by the sheer magnificent view of the Alps. Some even start calling the Rockies “hills” after they see the Alps. You will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience as you ski down steeper, treeless landscapes.

It might sound like skiing the Alps are only for experts, but there are other options for those who are new to skiing and for children who need a safer option.

There are also resorts that are higher in elevation. Take for instance the Zermatt in Switzerland at 12,792 feet, or the Chamonix in France at 12,605 feet.

Cultural Experiences

The other benefit of a European ski adventure is the cultural experience. There are special crafts to buy, a great beer to drink, and techno parties to join.


The other difference is the holiday feel in Europe. If you are from North America, and then you ski in North America, there won’t be a sensation of being in a special place. There will be the typical food you expect to see, and the same type of people you see at your office.

But in Europe, there will be different food, new smells, beautiful crafts, and people who have a history of hospitality.

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Which One?

The answer is not simple. There is a budget to consider. Not everyone can afford a European vacation.

There is also traveling temperament of your children. Some children cannot handle a long flight. Not everyone wants to buy a passport.

Then there’s skiing ability. Some parents don’t want to travel to the other side of the world if their children are learning to ski.

Others will want to stay in North America where things are more predictable in case there’s an emergency.

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No one knows when their last breath will be, so make each moment count, and give your children something to remember. Spending time with family is one of our greatest treasures, so make the most of the time you have. Your children will be eternally grateful.

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