How to Pack a Snowboard Bag

Buying one of the best snowboard travel bags is not all about packing your snowboard and related accessories well. You have to learn the nitty-gritty of packing in a snowboard bag.

It is rightly said that trial and error makes you the perfect packer.  Here you are at a better place with some selected suggestions from the pro snowboard enthusiasts.

  • Consider placing the board with the bindings up.
  • Roll up your socks, and then you can stuff them inside each boot. You have to angle the top snowboard boots with the soles against the best splitboard bindings and toes facing each end of the board.
  • Now you can fold your pants in half and roll them up, about 2/3rd of the total way. The roll should fit warmly beside one boot. Use the continuing pant flap to shield the top of the boot.
  • You can fold your coolest snowboard jackets in half and then roll it up in the middle or like two-thirds of the way. The rolled jacket will fit more snugly beside the other boot. You may use the remaining jacket flap to concealment the other boot.
  • Now check if you are taking your goggles, spare lens, gloves, mitts, and glove liner. You may place them inside your helmet; you may place the specs between the gloves and liner.
  • You have to set your helmet at the middle of the board, and you must place your helmet with the posture of face down.
  • You have to gather all extra small accessories, such as your beanie, facemask or headband, and you can place them on the one side of the helmet. It will help you to fill the space between it and bindings of the snowboards.
  • If you’re traveling by air, to be on the safer side of your traveling, you should be aware of the airline’s bag policy and weight limit, you can adjust your packed gear accordingly.
  • You can secure or remove any other long straps, as they create trouble during travel.
  • If you select to place a lock on the bag, be sure that it is always TSA-approved. This will permit TSA officials to unlock and inspect the luggage inside the bag securely.

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Last updated on October 26th, 2022 at 08:01 pm

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