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The best snowboard bags are obviously an asset for the snowboarders. Regardless you are an avid snowboarding enthusiast or an occasional roller coaster rider, good quality snowboard bags are a must for your rocky adventure.

Choosing a snowboard bag is obviously a tricky buy. Besides portability and strappy convenience of a snowboard travel bag, these bags are expected to be durable enough. There are other features also, which can add better comfort in your snowboarding adventure.

For example, some snowboards bags may have provision for keeping multiple boards in case you want to go for a ride with your buddies. Some bags are built with wheels, and some are not wheeled.

So the best way to select and buy the best snowboard bags is to check the snowboard bag reviews. For your easy and smart shopping, we have reviewed 11 best snowboarding bag models both in wheeled snow bags and un-wheeled snow bags categories after an extensive market strolling.

Our best picks are:

  • Athletico Maverick Padded Snowboard Bag 180cm
  • Burton Space Sack Snowboard Bag           
  • High Sierra Snowboard Sleeve & Boot Bag Combo              
  • Athletico Two-Piece Snowboard and Boot Bag Combo
  • Grayne Premium Padded Snowboard Bag
  • Athalon Fitted Snowboard Bag
  • DAKINE Tour Snowboard Bag
  • Demon Phantom Fully Padded Travel Snowboard Bag with Wheels
  • Burton Wheelie Gig Snowboard Bag, Padded Multiple Board Storage
  • Athletico Conquest Padded Snowboard Bag with Wheels - Travel Bag for Single Snowboard and     Snowboard Boots
  • Burton Wheelie Locker Snowboard Bag, Padded Multiple Board Storage with Removable Gear Bag.

    Snowboard Bag With Non Wheels

    Athletico Maverick Padded Snowboard Bag 180cm is a versatile snowboard bag that will help you in enjoying your snowboard. If you are very particular about your snowboard accessories and love to keep these ice protected, Athletico Maverick Padded Snowboard is a wise choice for you.

    It is made with multiple pockets, and that helps you in keeping all your snowboard accessories prearranged. The polyester covering will offer you solid water ad snow protection. Padded soldier strap is a definite advantage.

    Product features that you must take a look at:

    • Protective for your snowboard equipment: All the sides of this snowboard bag are embellished with 10mm of dense foam padding to keep your favorite board and snowboard gears protected.
    • Accommodates almost all snowboards:  The bag is total 180cm in length and this bag, and it can fit almost all snowboards up to 178cm size. There are internal straps to keep the smaller snowboard fixed, if any, averting its tendency of sliding around in the bag.
    • Double boot storage compartments: The bag is built with two separate storage compartments. These compartments are easy to access, which adds to its convenience.
    • Tough and built to last: Built with of 600D Water-Resistant polyester, this snowboard bag is long-lasting. The inside is stitched with a thermal, waterproof material, which is perfect for keeping your snowboard safe on your transit.
    • Supported by the Athletico 100% satisfaction guarantee: Your purchase is protected by replacement/refurbishment guarantee.
    • Easy to carry
    • Versatile
    • Adaptable and water-resistant.
    • Safety features enabled.
    • Heavy-duty metal hardware.
    • Chains are not that sturdy.
    • Shoulder strap often gets damaged.

    In snowboarding bags category, Burton is a brand. It looks smart, and it holds your snowboard perfectly well.  It can hold multiple snowboards, which is an added advantage of using the bag.

    Made of 100% polyester and removable shoulder strap, the bag comes with a lifetime warranty. You can keep snowboards of bigger and smaller size, and the bag can be used as the storage of your favorite boards in the offseason.

     The snowboarding bag is snow protected, durable, easy to carry, and yes it is backed by lifetime guarantee from Burton. Organizing snowboards and gears will be easier for you with the bag at your ready access.

    Product features that you must take a look at: 

    • Made with durable material: 100% Polyester of imported quality.
    • Convenient sizeThe bag is 2" high and 17" by width, which can accommodate all sizes of snowboards.
    • Safety feature: 600D polyester fabrication with TPE backing stands responsible for its water and snow resistance.
    • Spacious Enough: The snowboard bag from burton is designed to carry multiple boards
    • Enhanced convenience: Removable shoulder strap for convenient carrying
    • Purchase is protected: Lifetime warranty covered.
    • Multiple Board Capacity.
    • Removable Shoulder Strap.
    • Durable.
    • Big enough.
    • Not padded.
    • The stitch quality is compromised.

    Snowboarding becomes more fun if you stay equipped and organized.  Snowboarding gear bags can keep you always ahead of the curve because you can keep all snowboard gears organized. High Sierra Snowboard Sleeve & Boot Bag Combo is one such snowboarding bag you can trust.

    The bag is compact in its design, light in weight, and snow resistant.  It is made with water-resistant coated polyester, which offers excellent carrying comfort.  It is spacious, and it is built with self-repaired nylon coil zippers.

    High Sierra Snowboard Sleeve & Boot Bag is a wise buy. However, its robust construction and good quality stitch is an added advantage of buying the snowboard carry bag.

    Product features that you must take a look at: 

    • Zippered opening and holds a single snowboard up to 165 cm
    • Added Convenience: Boot bag holds a single pair of ski boots up to size 13
    • Water-Resistant Rabric: Added safety features for snow and water resistance.
    • Self-repairing nylon coil zippers: The arrangement offers the facility of smooth operation on transit.
    • Body Dimensions: 15.5" x 15.5" x 10.0", which is perfect for accommodating big and small snowboards.
    • Light in weight:  The bag has Weight of 3.35 lbs. only.
    • Plenty of room.
    • Durability.
    • Water-resistant fabric.
    • Self-repairing nylon coil.
    • Not padded.
    • Fabric quality is thin.

    Snowboarding is a fun and healthy adventure, but you have to keep your self-equipped. A snowboard travel case can make you happy and organized without costing much on your time and hassle.  It is a space saver bag that is easy to carry and low on maintenance.

    If snowboarding is your thing, Athletico is a brand you can rely pretty well upon. In no-wheel and snowboard carry bags category, it is one of the safest baits for your personal purchase.  It is one of the best snowboard bag models that are available in different colors.

    Product features that you must take a look at: 

    • Durable: The bag will last long, and it is a good product to invest.
    • Water-resistant: Rip-resistant and water-resistant 600D High-Density Polyester (Waterproof Backing) will take care of adverse climate.
    • Perfectly convenient: Besides accommodating more than one board, you will get to keep goggles, gloves, sweaters, etc.
    • Easy to carry bags: This Athletico Two-Piece Snowboard and Boot Bag are quite easy to carry for its shoulder strap and lightweight design.
    • Easy loading designs: The bag is user-friendly. Due to wide and easy loading design, packing snowboarding gears is a hassle-free task for you.
    • Compact design.
    • Smart look.
    • Easy to carry and packing accessories.
    • Enough room inside.
    • Zippers of unstable quality.
    • Not enough protective.

    If you love snowboarding, Grayne Premium Padded Snowboard Bag is a safe companion for your roller coaster ride in snowboarding. It is reliable in terms of safety, easy to carry and comfortable due to dense padding.

    Want to keep your snowboard safe and secured? Do you want to carry double boards in your snowboard bag? Grayne Premium Padded Snowboard Bag is one of the best snowboard carry bags in the no-wheel category. It is available in an affordable price range too.

    But these are not all the features we have liked in this snowboard bag for 2 boards. You will get some more advantages while buying for your use.

    Product features that you must take a look at: 

    • Durable enough:  built with Ballistic Nylon Exterior, which is 100% durable and low in its maintenance.
    • Boosted convenience: Removable shoulder strap will keep your carrying experience handy and well manageable.
    • Safety enabled: Premium Padding will take care of your boards and accessories.
    • Protected purchase:  your purchase will be covered by a three-year warranty.
    • Spacious compartment: the bag can accommodate the boards and accessories perfectly well.
    • Smart and good looking
    • Water and snow resistant
    • Versatile
    • Economical
    • Not suitable for big boards (180cm)
    • The handle may act sensitive

    Well, are you looking for a safe but economic snowboard bag for your snowboarding spree? Do you want to purchase a snowboard bag for 170cm boards and alike? If yes, Athalon Fitted Snowboard Bag is a great buying option for you.

    The bag is built in a way that will offer you adequate protection for your snowboard and accessories. Made with 100% water-resistant premium polyester, ultra-strong plated metallic hardware, and robust self-repairing nylon coil zippers, it is a great option for your hilly sports.  

    It’s colorful too. Good quality stitching, ergonomic shape, under friendliness, and drainage capability, are the other features that you will surely like in this snowboard travel bag.

    Product features that you must take a look at: 

    • Premium material stands for durability: 600 denier polyester with PVC lining.
    • Spacious Enough for big boards: It can hold one snowboard up to 170cm with bindings.
    • Protective enough for the contents:  Constructed of heavy gauge water repellent polyester that offers excellent longevity.
    • Robust infrastructure: Super strong plated metal hardware will keep the bag in its best condition.
    • Safe and convenient to use: Ergonomic heavy-duty rubber carry grip handle.
    • Easy to operate: Heavy-duty self-repairing nylon coil zippers with signature locking zipper is smooth to operate.
    • Spacious
    • Sturdy material
    • Budget price
    • Lightweight and folds nicely.
    • No padding
    • Zippers are not very robust.

    DAKINE Tour Snowboard Bag is one of the best bags that will impress you for sure with its simplicity, versatility, and convenience.

    You can easily organize the main snowboard compartment with a board, pair of boots, and extra outerwear id necessary. Further, you may throw vital items like tuning kits within the external zippered pocket.

    360-degree padding keeps goods protected, while the removable padded shoulder strap and dual end handles make for easy transportation.

    The Tour is impressively lightweight, lesser than 4 pounds. So even when carrying a full kit, you won't frame up extra baggage fees. Plus, it packets down tight for easy storage when the bag is not in use.

    Product features that you must take a look at: 

    • Premium material stands for durability: made with 600D Polyester / 600D Polyester Ripstop
    • It is spacious: 157cm: 12 x 6 x 62" [ 30 x 15 x 157cm ]
    • It  is roomy enough:  you can keep  1 board, 1 pair of boots, and outerwear
    • Safety feature enabled: 360 padded board protection is there for taking the best care of your snowboarding accessories.
    • Added convenience: Removable padded shoulder strap
    • Dual end handles are always a plus for the users.
    • Ergonomic
    • Durable and water-resistant
    • Lightweight
    • Good for packing.
    • Padding is not adequately thick
    • Size is slightly small.

    Snowboard bag with wheels

    Demon Phantom fully padded travel snowboard bag with wheels is the right choice for your snowboarding passion. Made of premium material, it is spacious enough for keeping your boards, and sports gears in an organized way. Thick, tough, durable, and safe, it is a good quality wheeled snowboard bag you can trust.

    The bag is easy to carry, and it is roomy too. Along with all your snowboarding accessory, if you are using a big snowboard, the rolling snowboard bag can readily accommodate it too. The shoulder strap is removable a d zipper is a heavy-duty one.

    Product features that you must take a look at: 

    • Quality assured: made of durable 800-D material all through the whole outer body of the bag is an advantage. It offers a tough and wear-resistant shell. Ultra-Thick padding is found all around the bag on all its sides.
    • Big size: This Demon snowboard bag is big enough to fit multiple boards, boots, bindings, and accessories. You may easily fit two boards with bindings, boots, tune kit, gloves, etc. After all, these packed inside will have some room as leftover.
    • Sturdy Wheels: The bag is fitted with durable wheels, and its guards protect the bag as you drag through the airport.
    • Portable Handles: Two robust handles are there on the top and the front of the bag. Also, the bag includes shoulder strap as well as exterior pockets for the accessories.
    • Interior is decorative: The inside of this snowboard bag has a fully waterproof lining, and it is fully padded in its top, bottom, and sides with dense foam.
    • Ergonomic
    • Better portability
    • Safe and waterproof
    • Spacious
    • Don’t have side panels.
    • Not suitable for airline travel.

    The best USP of Burton Wheelie Gig Snowboard Bag is its brand power. It is a Burton product. Moreover, the bag is built with sturdy construction, multiple compartments, and complete guard with pads.  It is adaptable for boards of between 146 cm and 181 cm.

    Because of its wheels, it's fabulously portable. The handles are superbly easy to carry, and that makes it user-friendly. There are internal straps, and that makes it neatly organized by its interior.  None of your board or accessories of snowboarding will be damaged.

    Burton wheelie snowboard bags are the best in their category. Buying this Burton product is a wise investment.

    Product features that you must take a look at: 

    • Multiple boards can be accommodated: Fully padded multiple board storage.
    • It is safe and smooth to operate: Lockable, contoured zipper pulls fit locks.
    • It is hassle-free to use: Ixion skate wheel system provides smooth rolling for you.
    • The bag will offer you additional space: External zippered accessory pocket is definitely a plus for your space arrangement.
    • Safety is well built: Removable, double-Cush shoulder strap is a protection for your items inside.
    •  Wisely balanced: Internal Netting Straps are there to keep the boards in place.
    • Spacious
    • Comfortable
    • Protection enabled
    • Lightweight
    •  Water-resistant
    • Handler strap may act delicately
    • Expensive

    It is more of a snowboard travel case and not some random snowboard bag that you can use only at the time of snowboarding. You may keep all the gears in a way that is most convenient for your easy access. This rolling snowboard bag is a great friend in your rocky adventure.

    Sating safe on the mountain is one of your first priorities. Also, it is vital to keep your accessories dry and protected from foul water or transit jerks. This wheeled snowboard bag will take care of everything inside, and you can enjoy great peace of mind with it.

    Product features that you must take a look at: 

    • Great durability:  the bad is made with 100% water-resistant polyester that is climate-resistant.
    • Padded To protect: All the sides of this snowboard bag is padded with 10mm of dense foam padding to protect your board and other gear from getting damaged.
    • Accommodates almost all snowboards: This snowboard bag can fit almost all snowboards up to 175 cm.  There are internal straps, which can help to keep the snowboard down and prevent it from sliding in the bag.
    • Heavy-duty wheels for easy rolling: Heavy-duty wheels will help you in managing your way around the airport and parking lots – it is enclosed by an all-weather tarpaulin bottom.
    • Tough and built to last: Built with 600-D Water-Resistant polyester, this snowboard bag is quite long-lasting. The inside is lined with a thermal, waterproof material to keep your snowboard safe during transit.
    • Backed by the Athletico 100% satisfaction guarantee: The bag is covered by Athletico 100% satisfaction guarantee.
    • Spacious
    • Safe from sliding inside
    • Versatile and user-friendly
    • Durable
    • Available in two sizes
    • Shoulder buckles may trouble you

    The Burton Wheelie Locker Board Bag is a reliable bag to comfort long trips with all your snowboarding toys. It is a nearly built padded bag, and it can fit many decks. Furthermore, it has a detachable bag that's specially designed for keeping your boots and bindings.

     The IXION skate wheels are there. The bag is built with a comfortable telescoping handle, which will let you securely travel even on the rocky terrain. If you can't wheel via a deep cover of snow,  you can use the side or the end haul handles the jerk for relaxed carry.

    Product features that you must take a look at: 

    • Premium material and durability:  The bag is built with durable 600D x 1200D polyester construction along with TPE backing.
    • Ergonomic design:  The snowboard bag is designed to hold manifold boards with extra lower board deck storing.
    • Compact and handy: Compartmentalized upper deck is capable of holding outwear and accessory items.
    • Safety enabled: Internal netting straps hold the board perfectly in place, and the internal zipper storage can hold your gear safely.
    • Additional storage facility: External zippered accessory pocket is there that offers additional storage.
    • Portability: Side and front tow handles are there for helping you in easy carrying.
    • Travel-Friendly: Comfort telescoping handle is perfect for traveling.
    • Big space
    • Safety enabled
    • Additional storage
    • Robust and durable
    • The lock quality may fluctuate
    • Too heavy to fly with

    Now, these are the eleven (11) best snowboard bags in the wheel and no-wheel category. Out of these, waterproof snowboard bag models are all well-rated by snowboarders, veteran and amateurs.  However, before buying your best pick, you must check a few points to assess the product quality. Check if

    • The snowboard bag is a waterproof type to ensure snow and water protection
    • The large snowboard bag is spacious enough for your board size and other snowboard accessories.
    • If the zippers are sturdy enough.
    • Wheel or un-wheeled, the snowboard bag should be balancing enough so that traveling becomes easy.
    • Check the durability issue because snowboarding is not a cakewalk.
    • Multi compartments is a preferred model; however, ease of handling is also a vital point for buying one such bag.


    Buying the most suitable snowboarding bags is not rocket science. If you check a few points and relate it to your needs, your job will be done in a smooth sailing manner.

    Where there is no specific formula for buying a snowboard bag, every time you have to understand your requirement for buying the same. For example, if you want to use the bag frequently, your need may vary with the rider, who plan to use it in winter only.

    However, some of the handy rules for picking the best snowboard bags are suggested here.

    How to Pick the Best Snowboard Bags?

    • Always look for a waterproof and durable material. Check if the bag is snow-proof also.
    • Durability is one of the buzz words for buying the cheap snowboard bags: unless it is warranty covered and made of premium materials, the bag is not worth buying.
    • Check if the bag can accommodate your board: check it according to a specific size. Don't go for unnecessarily for big babies if you can coordinate in mid-size snowboard bags. So the size matters!
    • Want to carry more than one board? Go for a multiple variety option.  It will be economical for you too. 
    • Check for padding: you may not have any fascination for padding, but it really works. Bags without padding will not help you much in keeping your costly accessories protected.
    • Always take a look at the stitch quality of the bag.  Compromised quality stitching may cause wear and tear faster than usual.
    • If you are a frequent air traveler with your snowboard gears, you should go for wheeled variety. You will get to enjoy better portability in your best snowboard travel bag.
    • Don’t forget checking zipper quality: apparently, it may seem an insignificant point, but for smooth operation, it is a prerequisite.
    • Do not forget to check if the bag has compression straps and internal straps.  These are the safety features, which will help you to keep your belongings in the bag in the proper place.
    • Check for the reinforced base. The base on this snowboard travel bag is better to be sufficiently reinforced: It ensures that it is capable of maintaining structural integrity, and it can withstand the jerk of getting dropped without damaging your gear.

    While buying the snowboarding gear bags, if you get to find these features in it, be rest assured you have hit the bull’s eye. Go for the bag because you have picked one of the best baits available in the market.

    How to Pack Your Snowboard Bag?

    Buying one of the best snowboard travel bags is not all about packing your snowboard and related accessories well. You have to learn the nitty-gritty of packing in a snowboard bag.

    It is rightly said that trial and error makes you the perfect packer.  Here you are at a better place with some selected suggestions from the pro snowboard enthusiasts.

    • Consider placing the board with the bindings up.
    • Roll up your socks, and then you can stuff them inside each boot. You have to angle the snowboard boots with the soles against the bindings and toes facing each end of the board.
    • Now you can fold your pants in half and roll them up, about 2/3rd of the total way. The roll should fit warmly beside one boot. Use the continuing pant flap to shield the top of the boot.
    • You can fold your jacket in half and then roll it up in the middle or like two-thirds of the way. The rolled jacket will fit more snugly beside the other boot.  You may use the remaining jacket flap to concealment the other boot.
    • Now check if you are taking your goggles, spare lens, gloves, mitts, and glove liner.  You may place them inside your helmet; you may place the specs between the gloves and liner.
    • You have to set your helmet at the middle of the board, and you must place your helmet with the posture of face down.
    • You have to gather all extra small accessories, such as your beanie, facemask or headband, and you can place them on the one side of the helmet. It will help you to fill the space between it and bindings of the snowboards.
    • If you’re traveling by air, to be on the safer side of your traveling, you should be aware of the airline’s bag policy and weight limit, you can adjust your packed gear accordingly.
    • You can secure or remove any other long straps, as they create trouble during travel.
    • If you select to place a lock on the bag, be sure that it is always TSA-approved. This will permit TSA officials to unlock and inspect the luggage inside the bag securely.

    Why are padded snowboard bags required? 

    Padded snowboarding bags are the most popular variants in this category. These bags come with padding all over their body; hence, the padding offers extra protection for the products placed inside the bags. These pads work as the defender of the stitched fabrics.

    Yes, the padding in the bag makes it a little heavier, and carrying them by your own can be a hectic issue. But what worth consideration is its enhanced durability. You can use it outdoor as well as you can use in your home for storing snow accessories, when there is an offseason.

    Padded guard of the bag stands responsible for its climate resistance and water or snow protection. Regardless you have taken with a wheel or non-wheeler bag, it is better to be padded. It will add to its service life.

    Final verdict

    These are the nitty-gritties of buying the best snowboard travel bag for your snowboarding enthusiasm. None of the clues of purchase are difficult to follow, rather you can make your shopping a wise and safer one by following the hints and suggestions.

    Final selection of the snowboard bags should be made on your personal discretion. However, with the budget always check the possible accommodation of all your accessories for great fun and complete safety. Being customized is the best way of buying the best snowboard bag for your safe and exotic snowboarding.

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