Black Friday & Cyber Monday Snowboad Deals

Black Friday snowboard deals and Cyber Monday sale on snowboard gears are something that we wait for the whole year!

Who doesn't want to get the best deals on snowboards, the best women's snowboard boots, bindings, jackets, helmets, and whatnot?

Cyber Monday snowboard deals will be over before we know it and we need to act fast to cash the discounts.

We all are ready to hit the slopes. Wouldn't it be great to start the season with newly bought gears!

We shouldn’t be missing out on the massive discounts that different snowboard brands are offering on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale.

As Black Friday is on November 26, 2023 and Cyber Monday is on November 29, 2023 we are running short of time if we don’t act quick!

This year we can avail discounts from brands like Burton, Lib Tech, Jones, Capita, Never Summer, Salomon, Rome, Arbor, etc.

2023 Black Friday & Cyber Monday snowboard Deals

Are you looking for the best men’s snowboard and the best burton snowboard?

Well, a great hybrid of greatness is found in the Burton Flight Attendant.

The Burton Flight Attendant is an incredible blend of rocker and camber with a tip that floats above the snow while having a camber for the back foot to give you some power when you need it the most.

Black Friday snowboard deals

The Burton Flight Attendant zooms in with a unique shape of that creates a twin freestyle feel with an edge that makes dramatic turns commonly associated from a directional deck.

  • The board performs marvelous over powder.
  • One rider noted the camber was stable between the feet.
  • The board is recommended for all mountain and freeride.
  • The ability level is best for intermediate through advanced.
  • The design is dull.

Just saying you have a snowboard with the word “Whiskey” ought to provide some good conversations in the chalet, but getting some minutes with the pros isn’t all you get.

There are also some fantastic features for one of the top snowboards.

Take, for instance, the hand-built construction with a wood core to keep your board carving up some runs while your friends are getting new boards.

cyber monday snowboard deals

You also get one the best rocker snowboards for those who love the idea of floating on soft snow. There’s also excellent grip technology for making smooth turns.

  • The board has a natural looking finish.
  • Arbor is the best all mountain snowboard.
  • The board has excellent rocker traits for those who enjoy going down fresh powder.
  • The product has great flex.

  • The snowboard is not recommended for park riders.

Ensuring proper balance when it comes to quality and precision, the Lib Tech snowboard is the best of all!

With its wide and spacious surface, it can carry riders from age 12 and above! Constantly supporting on every terrain, this all-mountain snowboard is well-known for its amazing grip!

As the turns are surprisingly quick enough, the right sized foot rider can manage to skid the turns safely!

Being safe, fast, convenient with great stability, this snowboard is doing pretty good for a hybrid rocker board! Also, it is great on holding the edges.

Lib Tech Skunk Ape

Be it an adventurous ride on a huge mountain or a playful time in a park, the snowboard here gives you the right amount of balance, speed, and jumps.

About jibbing, you need not worry unless or until the weight on the snowboard is intolerant!

  • Convenient and comfortable.
  • Wide, spacious, and safe.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Strong grip and forgiving.
  • Not suitable for small feet.
  • The snowboard is quite heavy to carry.

Never Summer Infinity: A high-end snowboards with some unique designs. We leave the gate on women’s snowboards with a board that will help you forget about the heat of summer.

The Never Summer Infinity Snowboard has a Durasurf 4501 sintered base, meaning high-density support for those who feel they need speed.

There’s also a low-profile tip and tail, reducing the plowing effect in the nose for times when you want to get on some fresh powder.

Never Summer 2022 Infinity women's snowboard
  • There are great designs on the board.
  • The product is fast and has excellent carving ability.
  • Some users commented the board has excellent flexibility.
  • One of the best snowboard brands is made in the USA.
  • Some felt the board dings easily.

You are looking to get into a fantastic winter sport, and you need the best budget snowboard, but you are unsure if you want to try freestyle, or perhaps all-mountain?

The Salomon Lotus is the answer to your pocketbook and your adventure needs.

Salomon Lotus: One of the best camber snowboards is stable for the beginner and those who want to take it back a few notches from the regular snowboarding routine.

There’s also a low-profile tip and tail, reducing the plowing effect in the nose for times when you want to get on some fresh powder.


Are you concerned about excellent maneuverability? The Salomon has you covered.

  • The product is sensational for both beginner and intermediate.
  • The board operates best at slow speeds for those new to snowboarding.
  • The product is lightweight.
  • The recommended terrain is freestyle and all-mountain.
  • Some experienced that the board damages easily.

Has Jones made a snowboard that floats on top of the snow?

Well, not exactly, but when you get to the bottom of your run, your friends will want to look and see if there are electromagnets on the bottom of your board.

The floating sensation comes from being on top of one of the best directional snowboards.

The rocker tip floats the nose, while the camber underneath provides incredible edge hold.

But don’t forget the rocker tail where you get power and stability.   


Are you concerned about the environment? The Jones brand is a snowboards company that uses recycled plastic for the sidewalls.

  • The product received “The Good Ride Favorites” snowboard award.
  • There’s a 3-year warranty.
  • Rider proficiency is advanced to expert.
  • Rocker tip keeps the nose above the snow.
  • The board is only suitable for freeride and powder.

When you see the word “awesome” in the name of the board, perhaps you want to raise your eyebrows or roll your eyes.

But when you see the unique snowboard designs and some of the top snowboard technologies, you’ll want to grab this product and head to the nearest chairlift.

Take, for instance, the lightweight core for increased power and durability. There are also carbon fiber beams for increased strength.


You also get one of the best camber snowboards with the benefits of traditional camber, zero camber, and reverse camber. You get the great response of a camber board and easy turn maneuverability of having zero camber.

  • The CAPiTA received the “Transworld Snowboarding Good Wood” award.
  • The board is suitable for both freestyle and all-mountain.
  • The ability level is good for intermediate and advanced.
  • The flex rating is medium.
  • The board is not recommended for freeride and powder.

Your craving for one of the fastest snowboards has some to an end. How fast is fast do you ask? Well, fast enough to get you some serious hang time as you show off a crossrocket air – arms crossed to grab the opposite side of the nose.

Rome Crossrocket (One of the best intermediate snowboards) will give you the control you want at high speeds as you race others in the backcountry or on your favorite run.

You will also get some heads to turn as your fellow riders check out the fantastic colors on the Rome’s snowboarding decks.


The board has both camber and 3D rocker qualities, along with a directional twin shape, meaning you will get one of the best snowboards for your money.

  • The board is for intermediate and advanced riders.
  • There’s a two-year warranty.
  • The shape is directional twin, meaning you get consistency in both the front and rear.
  • There’s incredible control at high speeds.
  • The board is limited to the mountain and freeride venues.

snowboard boots Deals

If you want to take your snowboarding skill up another level, Burton Moto BOA Snowboard Boots will take you there.

The Boa lacing will offer you a customized fit and sensational movement on the slopes.

The Moto’s soft flexing gives you the freedom to carve up on all types of terrain.

  • Flex: The Moto has medium-soft flex with a rating between 3 and 4.
  • Grip/Heel hold: A silver fit liner molds to the shape and size of your foot.
  • Comfort & Adjustability: An ortholite footbed and a DynoLITE outsole with sleeping bag reflective foil provide astonishing warmth.
  • Shock Handling: Internal J-bars allows you to land jumps without concern for your joints.
  • Best for: Beginner and intermediate
  • Lacing System: Boa lacing system
snowboard boots deals
  • Speed zone lacing system to control upper and lower zones separately.
  • Ropes for speed laces carry a lifetime warranty.
  • Liners covered with a plush material for added comfort.
  • Internal lacing with a locking system allows you to adjust the fit.
  • Heat-moldable foam liners allow you to decrease the break-in period
  • Lack of artificial construction leads to unpredictability.

Vans Infuse Snowboard Boots are durable and versatile for all terrains. It is very user-friendly concerning adjusting lacing, flex, etc.

The UltraCush liner and footbed configuration of the boot will keep you completely in control on even the steepest of terrains.

No matter if you are a snowboarder with intermediate or seasoned experience for snowboarding, the Vans Infuse snowboard boots for men will not disappoint.

  • Flex: Medium.
  • Grip/Heel hold: Asymmetrical adaptable and detachable X-cage for accurate and comfortable heel hold.
  • Comfort & Adjustability: The V3 liner represents pinnacle performance, support, and custom comfort.
  • Shock Handling: Dual-density UltraCush Lite construction with heel impact and forefoot relief pads will help you to stay steady.
  • Best for: Advanced and expert snowboarders
  • Lacing System: Hybrid lacing with a fusion of traditional and boa.
Vans Infuse Snowboard Boots
  • Shockproof
  • Adjustability
  • Versatile use
  • Affordable price
  • Stiff flex
  • Fusion lacing can be a hazard

snowboard bindings BLACK FRIDAY Deals

The best freestyle bindings and the Union Force are like synonyms.

When you are looking for the best snowboard bindings, the Union Force has everything you would expect.

For instance, there’s great boot adaptability due to an adjustable heel loop and toe ramp.

Having great boot adaptability means virtually any size boot will stay centered on the board.

There’s excellent stance width adaptability too.


The Union Force is a very comfortable boot with great responsiveness, yet the responsiveness isn’t overpowering. The firm yet forgiving responsiveness is great for both beginners who are still learning the sport, yet still useful for experts.

There is also good shock absorption due to a generous amount of EVA foam, and the best snowboard boots it will go in and come off with ease.

One review boasted that the Union Force was a very durable binding that can withstand a wide range of tricks and yet maintain its form.

We are looking for another freestyle option, and guess what? Arbor Hemlock, is our answer.

According to the snowboard bindings review I got from from my friends, the Arbor Hemlock is one of the best freestyle snowboard bindings.

The Arbor has something called the X-Drive baseplate system.

It distributes energy from your boot to four contacting points, making for effective control, helping you make those stellar jumps and buttering.

Arbor Hemlock

There are also some other features, making the Arbor Hemlock one of the top-rated snowboard bindings.

For instance, there’s great shock absorption and great fitting straps. One of my friend raved about the comfort, and another boasted about the great flexibility.

snowboard gears Deals

black friday snowboard jacket deals

  • Layer: 2 Layers
  • Insulation: Shell
  • Fit: Regular
  • Waterproof Rating (mm): 28000
  • Breathability: 20000
  • Hood Type: Removable hood
  • Best use: Powder

Patagonia keeps getting better like a bottle of aged wine. GoreTex® membrane coupled with the husky construction ensures the viability of the jacket.

Patagonia Powder Bowl Jacket
The fabric is 4.6oz 150D with 100% recycled polyester with DWR finish.

The membrane is basically a thin layer of Polytetrafluoroethylene which helps maintain the optimum environment inside the jacket.

With a regular fit, this jacket has enough pockets to carry all the essentials that you need in the snow. If you are looking for the Black Friday jacket deals, this insulated coveralls is a sure winner!

  • Brushed polyester mesh as a lining material.
  • Bluesign® approved
  • Concealed RECCO® reflector.
  • Perfect for users over 6'.

black friday sale for parka

  • Layer: 2 Layers
  • Insulation: Roxy DryFlight® technology.
  • Fit: Slim
  • Waterproof Rating (mm): 10000
  • Breathability: 5000
  • Hood Type: 3 Way Adjustable Fixed hood

Roxy Meade snow jacket has everything that you would require while on the slopes.

Roxy Meade Jacket - Womens
The face fabric is 100% polyester dobby while the DryFlight® technology is designed to maintain your body heat while keeping you dry and also safeguarding you from overheating.

Speaking about insulation this high-loft synthetic yam insulation combines excellent heat retention with low weight and high breathability.

It also has highly engineered lightweight polyester taffeta lining, along with printed taffeta with brushed tricot.

  • Hip-hitting hem with a feminine waist.
  • Removable faux fur hood trim.
  • Roxy hydro smart technology.
  • Breathability could be better.

snowboard helmet black friday deals

The top snowboard helmets can keep your head warm on the mountain as you battle a freak winter storm.

Check out the Smith Quantum MIPS headgear: a top of the line helmet that meets your expectation.

Let’s start with the warm months when you want to have a cool head. The Smith Quantum has AeroCore Construction, meaning the design increases airflow resulting in sensational temperature regulation.

Are you concerned about the bitter cold of winter? This bad boy has a Dual Regulator system that controls the front and rear sections of the helmet, so you can stay warm when a frigid north wind blows in your face.

But the ear-pads is what seals the deal when you want guaranteed warmth.
Check price

Considered as one of the lightest snowboard helmets, it has a composite shell construction consisting of a sturdy ABS hard shell with an In-Mold inner core.

And if that weren’t enough, there’s also a fantastic MIPS system, allowing the helmet to slide relative to the head, preventing some severe injuries.

Are you concerned about adjustability? The BOA FS360 Fit System uses a full halo design for both forward and lateral adjustment.

  • The AeroCore Construction regulates temperature around your head.
  • Hybrid shell construction provides a tough exterior and comfortable interior.
  • Earpads ensures warmth on the coldest of days.
  • MIPS lessens the impact of a collision.
  • The speaker slot zipper was hard to unzip.

will it help to Buy a snowboard on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Like many others you may have the same question, does it really help to buy your favorite snowboard and other snowboard gear on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

The truth is, as the winter is approaching really fast it may not be wise to wait till then.

The reason behind many is already starting their season in different destinations.

When you have already planned your trip before the snowboard Black Friday sale, you can’t wait till snowboard gear Black Friday discounts!

Moreover, we don’t have a long winter and it will be over before we know it. So, if we get our desired snowboard and necessary gears on our budget, we may take the buying decision now.

On the other hand, there are many who crave specific models for a long. Taking advantage of the big sale on November 26 or November 29, 2023 can let them have their desired models at a discounted price.

As numbers of people buying online are increasing every day, we also may take the chance and stop waiting outside the store in a long queue!

In our experience we have seen, purchasing from November to Thanksgiving weekend does save us money.

Retailers have already started their offers and product mixes for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023. There isn’t much difference between these two days' offers.

For example, you can take the burton snowboard and union binding Black Friday sale or Patagonia snowboarding Jacket and Smith snowboarding helmet for Cyber Monday discounts!

So getting the best deals on snowboards for Christmas 2022 and the coming holiday season we can pick any day that’s best for us.

We may need to act fast to get the best deals on the best snowboards, comfortable snowboard boots, perfect bindings!

These Black Friday snowboard Deals & Cyber Monday Sales Won’t Last!

Like we said earlier, the snowboard deals for Black Friday 2023 and Cyber Monday sale 2023 for snowboard gears won’t last forever.

We need to keep a close eye on the discount offers and act fast when we get the best deals on snowboards and gears.

The Cyber Monday and Black Friday snowboard and snowboard gear models we mentioned here are perfect for beginner to expert level users!

Depending on your skill level, you can pick yours and hit the slopes. The coming powder days will be fun for sure!

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