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The snow is falling, and smoke is going up chimneys across the land. Some will use the winter months to stay inside and snuggle with a book.

But the rest of us aren’t the snuggling type. When it was starting to get cold, we got our snowboards out of the attic and looked online for some great snowboarding destinations. We booked our trips, and now we are starting to dream about swooshing down some fresh powder.

But before we get out the door, did you check your snowboard bindings? You are likely scratching your head wondering why even care about bindings. Aren’t all bindings the same?

You need a pair of top snowboard bindings to maintain good posture. Bindings also keep your boots snug on the board so you can make those jaw-dropping turns as you race your friends down the hill.
If you want others to envy how you handle some tough runs, then you need a pair of some of the best snowboard bindings. Below are some top-rated snowboard bindings for both men and women.

SNOWBOARD BINDINGS Reviews for Men & Women


Burton Cartel

If you want one of the best snowboard bindings of 2018, then look no further. According to one of the best snowboard binding reviews, the burton cartel is super comfortable and comes with some amazing features.

For example, the Burton Cartel has one of the best gel cushioning systems, and this is good news for your knees and ankles. There are also some excellent hammock ankle straps enabling you to get in and out with ease.

Burton Cartel is also one of the best bindings for responsiveness, so they are ideal for both the intermediate and advanced riders. A beginner might find the bindings a bit too responsive.

Union Force

If you are looking for one of the best freestyle bindings, then the Union Force is for you. According to one of the many snowboarding bindings reviews, the Union Force has everything you would expect.
For instance, there’s great boot adjustability due to an adjustable heel loop and toe ramp. Having great boot adjustability means virtually any size boot will stay centered on the board.

There’s excellent stance width adjustability. The Union Force has a big disc with a long track, and this allows for great ease when you want to change your stance.The Union Force is a very comfortable boot with great responsiveness, yet the responsiveness isn’t overpowering. The firm yet forgiving responsiveness is great for both beginners who are still learning the sport, yet still useful for experts.

There is also good shock absorption due to a generous amount of EVA foam, and your boots will go in and come off with ease.

One snowboard bindings review boasted that the Union Force was a very durable binding that can withstand a wide range of tricks and yet maintain its form. 

Arbor Hemlock

If you are looking for another freestyle option, then the check-out the Arbor Hemlock. According to one snowboard bindings review, the Arbor Hemlock is one of the best freestyle snowboard bindings.

The Arbor has something called the X-Drive baseplate system that distributes energy from your boot to four contacting points, making for effective control, helping you make those stellar jumps and buttering.

There are also some other features, making the Arbor Hemlock one of the top-rated snowboard bindings. For instance, there’s great shock absorption and great fitting straps. One reviewer raved about the comfort, and another boasted about the great flexibility.

Jones Apollo

If you want one of the best freeride bindings, then book your trip with these bad boys. The Jones Apollo has a stiff feel for the expert and great stance width adjustability.

One snowboard binding review noted the excellent shock absorption with the Jones Apollo, making them one of the best men’s snowboard bindings for those who plan on going on rough terrain.

One reviewer marveled about the feel of the board was like an extension of him. Another commented about the great balance between stiffness, rigidity, comfort, weight, and versatility. 

Flow NX2 Fusion

Are you looking for an all-mountain snowboard binding? The Flow NX2 Fusion not only enables you to tackle a wide range of terrain, but it comes with a flex rating of eight. If you want one of the best stiff snowboard bindings, then the Flow NX2 Fusion was made for you.

The Flow NX2 comes equipped with rear entry bindings, meaning there’s less work for adjusting your boots to the board compared to other snowboard binding brands. One review felt his boots were more secure compared to more traditional bindings.

Another reviewer called the Flow NX2 Fusion one of the best flow bindings. 

GNU Psych

Do you plan on spending hours at a park? The GNU Psych is one of the best park bindings for riding rails and landing death-defying jumps.

The GNU is also one of the lightest snowboard bindings with its simple yet elegant construction of aluminum components such as the baseplate. The baseplate also reduces vibration and help transfer your movements to your board, making for an epic ride.
The GNU is also a rear entry snowboard binding, meaning they are easy for your boots to get in.

The GNU has a flex rating of eight, making it very responsive for those who need an all mountain snowboard binding as you go fast through powder. There is also plenty of EVA foam, producing one of the most comfortable snowboard bindings.

Now x Yes

For those looking for a sleek design and yet having one of the best snowboard bindings, then the Now x Yes is for you.

One bindings review boasted that the Now x Yes has excellent board control, enabling you to handle everything from the park to the hill, making them one of the best bindings for all mountain.
The Now x Yes has a Hanger 1.0 baseplate that reduces vibrations allowing for a smooth ride.

One satisfied customer commented about the great design, and how easy the bindings were to adjust. 

Rome D.O.D.
Men's Snowboard Bindings

Are you looking for one of the best all mountain snowboard bindings? One snowboard bindings review boasted that the Rome bindings are designed to withstand years of snowboarding, no matter where your heart wants to go.

One snowboarder commented that his Rome bindings were easy to adjust. The favorite part was the toe strap because it was able to grip and hold his toes in place.

There’s also great customer service. One wanted to replace his Rome bindings due to some chipped paint.

Unfortunately, the company discontinued the brand. But that wasn’t how the story ended. The company sent him replacements with no questions asked. 


Burton Citizen
women’s snowboard bindings

If you are a beginner and are looking for one of the best burton bindings, then look no further at the other reviews. The Burton Citizen’s soft flex rating makes these bindings one of the best beginner snowboard bindings.

One women’s snowboard bindings review commented on how the Burton Citizen has one the best shock absorption systems compared to other beginner bindings.

Concerned about your budget? There’s no reason for going into debt. The Burton Citizen is one of the best cheap snowboard bindings you can buy.

One satisfied snowboarder mentioned how her Burton bindings were soft and easy to handle. Another liked how her bindings were easy to customize and position just like she wanted.

Union Juliet

Do you want one of the best union bindings? The Union Juliet is one of the best women’s snowboard bindings when it comes to style. The style also makes the Union Juliet one of the lightest snowboard bindings.

The Union Juliet is also one the most comfortable bindings with symmetric 3D straps that distributes pressure evenly across the top of your foot. Also, there is a multi-density EVA form that dampens impact and minimizes vibrations, resulting in a smooth ride down your favorite run.

One snowboarder believed the Union Juliet was one of the best women’s snowboard bindings because there was a good compromise between having a flexible binding that was also firm enough to respond.

GNU B-Real

Are you looking for one of the best women’s bindings? Are you looking for one of the best all mountain bindings?

These rear entry snowboard bindings allow for not only easy entry and exit but are also great on a wide variety of terrain.

The GNU comes with an EVA Foam Footbed, so it does a superb job of shock absorption, and gives the rider amazing comfort. The GNU is ready to face any test you throw at it.

Bent Metal Upshot

Are you ready for one of the best bindings of 2019? Are you a Freestyle snowboarder? If you answer in the affirmative to both of these questions, then the Bent Metal Upshot is the binding for you.

The Bent Metal comes with medium flex, allowing for a wide range of motion and smooth performance. There are bi-axial calcium drive plates, giving the rider some high performance in the park.

The Bent Metal Upshot is astonishing to use on your favorite hill with some sensational features such as great stance adjustability, comfort, great ratchet system, and shock absorption.

Flow Haylo

Are you looking for one of the best powder snowboard bindings? Based on some snowboard bindings rating, the Flow Haylo is one of the top snowboard bindings you can buy.

]The Flow Haylo comes with a Reclining Hiback, making these women’s snowboard bindings one of the easy snowboard bindings for your boots, allowing for less time spent on straps.

The EVA-cushioned footbed gives you unbelievable comfort, so no need to sit in the lodge as your friends bust through some powder.

The Flow Haylo has mild flex, making this binding one of the best for beginners. One of the many snowboard binding reviews commented on how the binding allowed for friendly and forgiving maneuverability.

K2 Cassette

Are you looking for a versatile binding? Are you looking for something with a forgiving flex as you try new things? If you answered “yes” to both, then the K2 Cassette is the binding for you.

The K2 comes equipped with an EVA padded footbed, resulting in fewer vibrations and a more comfortable ride.

Concerned about the price tag? One snowboarding binding review called the K2 one of the best budget snowboard bindings.

Flux GS

Are you looking for one of the best snowboard bindings? The Flux GS is versatile and yet stylish to meet all your snowboard needs.

There’s a great balance between responsiveness and control, making you feel at home in a park or on a mountain. The Flux Pro also has great stance adjustability and comfort. But one reviewer commented about the poor shock absorption.

The great design will sure to give you a few compliments as you cruise down your favorite run. 

Now Select Pro

Are you looking for a women’s snowboard binding for some serious freestyling? The Now Select Pro could be the one for you.

The Now Select Pro has a medium flex rating allowing for great responsiveness as you spend time jibbing on features you see at the park.

What makes the Now Select to stand out is the skate technology. A Hanger transfers energy from your straps and onto the edges of the board, meaning less foot fatigue as you need less work to get your board to respond. 


The goal shouldn’t be to get some good snowboard bindings. You worked hard for your money, and you should get the best bindings of 2018 or even the best snowboard bindings of 2019.

The goal is to figure out what are you looking for in getting some of the best snowboard bindings from some of the best snowboard binding brands.

For instance, if you are looking for one of the best beginner snowboard bindings, then that will look differently from someone who is looking for the best powder snowboard bindings, or someone who wants the assurance they are getting one of the best bindings of 2019.


For men who are looking at buying one of the softer flex bindings, the Arbor Hemlock is the best choice. One reviewer would also include the Burton Cartel, but others would say the Burton choice is too responsive for those who are learning the sport.

For those who are interested in getting some women’s bindings, the Burton Citizen is the best beginner bindings you can buy. Other top-rated snowboard bindings options are the Flow Haylo and the K2 Cassette. 


Maybe you are looking for something beyond the beginner level. You want one of the best stiff snowboard bindings that respond well as you do some tricks or take sharp turns.

All the bindings reviewed in this article would fit the bill. Many of the snowboard binding reviews had great things to say about the response on all the men snowboard bindings.

For women, there are the Union Juliet, GNU B-Real, Bent Metal Upshot, Flux GS and Now Select Pro. 


If you are looking for some top-rated freestyle bindings, then some of the best choices to make are the Union Force and the Arbor Hemlock.

The best bindings of 2019 reviewed here for women would be the Now Select Pro.


If freeride is more of your focus, then the best bindings are the Jones Apollo or the Rome D.O.D.
For women, none of the snowboarding binding reviews I read had much to comment about freeriding.

All mountain

If you want something more versatile, then the top all mountain bindings include the Flow NX2, Now x Yes, and the Rome D.O.D.

For women, the best bindings are GNU B-Real, K2 Cassette, and Flux GS. 


If you want to spend time in a park, then look at the GNU Psych.

According to the snowboarding binding reviews I read, the Now Select Pro is the best choice for women snowboarders.


Nobody wants to end their snowboarding adventure due to sore feet and ankles. If comfort is more of what you are looking for, then look at the Burton Cartel, Union Force, Arbor Hemlock, GNU Psych, and the Rome D.O.D.

Women have many choices when it comes to comfort. Take for instance the Burton Citizen, GNU B-Real, Bent Metal Upshot, Flow Haylo, and the K2 Cassette.

Rear Entry

Maybe you want something that is easy to get on and off. If having a rear entry binding is more your thing, then check out the Flow NX2 or the GNU Psych.

Women who want a rear entry boot should look at the GNU B-Real and the Flow Haylo.

Shock Absorption

Are you planning to make numerous landings or swoosh down rough terrain? Then shock absorption is what you need. There are many options to choose from, such as Burton Cartel, Union Force, Arbor Hemlock and Jones Apollo.

For women, the options are Burton Citizen, Union Juliet, GNU B-Real, and the Bent Metal Upshot.


We all have different interest and skills. Some want to get the best freestyle bindings, while others want to get some good all mountain bindings. The snowboard bindings companies represented here all have different niches, but all have some of the top snowboard bindings you can buy.

Our job is to read snowboard binding reviews and discover the best snowboard bindings for our needs. The goal is to maximize your time on the hill with the assurance you have one of the best snowboard boots and bindings.

Whether you are going to spend serious time in a park, or on a favorite hill, take some time to enjoy the winter months instead of wishing for the summer. Winter is here, so let’s carve up some runs. 


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