Now that you have decided to snowboard for fun and fitness, you must be raring to hit the slopes. It can be daunting and exciting for a first time snowboarder.

Take some time to ready yourselves to get everything right to make your first time snowboarding an exciting and fulfilling experience. The checklist below will help you hit the slopes without too many worries or hiccups.

Important Things to Know When You Are a First-Time Snowboarder

Get fit

Snowboarding is an extreme sport and requires good cardio-vascular fitness and supple limbs. So, prepare beforehand to get fit and strong. A good fitness program would help you strengthen muscles and build stamina to enjoy snowboarding without tiring too much.


Snowboarding is not a casual sport where you can jump in and start gliding the slopes. It requires dedicated effort to become adept. You must commit to learning.

Get into the game with a mindset to learn rather than “try”. With time and dedication, your skills will improve and soon you will be tackling advanced slopes.

Easy does it!

No one can become an expert at snowboarding overnight. Be prepared for lots of spills. Do not try to compete with that little kid who just glided by at a good speed.

Take lessons continuously, work on endurance and strength and soon you will become good enough to tackle challenging slopes. Do not worry about looking like a beginner.

Avoid Weekends

If possible, avoid weekends. Weekends mean crowd! The slopes will be crowded, and you will constantly be looking to avoid crashing on people. Weekdays are best to enjoy snowboarding with less crowded slopes.

Protective Gear

Even the best snowboarder takes spills. Some of which can be nasty and even fatal without proper protective gear. Invest in the best protective gear that you can afford. Read reviews and take suggestions from fellow snowboarders to buy quality protective gear.

Bundle up

Insulate your body fully with breathable fabric. Snowboarding can be strenuous and make you sweat a lot. However, spending time on snow can get pretty cold. So you do need the coolest snowboard jackets to shred without tension.

Lots of technology has gone into designing top-notch breathable fabrics that keep you warm as well as dry (keeping dry is vital!).


Join snowboarding forums or clubs. This will be a great way to make intelligent choices for equipment, techniques, and slopes. It will also help to compare your progress in snowboarding with your peers and introduce an element of competition.

Avoid Renting Equipment

Rental equipment available in most resorts is generally designed for durability and standard fit. It is recommended that you get the best equipment to fit your needs. An ill-fitted binding and boot will be a big handicap. As snowboarding is a long-term commitment, invest on what meets your needs.

Learn a Good Way to Fall

As in any extreme sport (snowboarding is one!), spills are frequent for the novice. While it is natural for us to break the fall using hands, it is not recommended. Many end up with broken wrists. Let the snow and clothing cushion your fall instead.

Stay Hydrated

The slopes are cold, but snowboarding is strenuous. The body tends to lose a lot of water that needs to be replenished regularly. Dehydration can cause a sharp decline in skills and even result in cramps. Replenish the lost fluids regularly.

Each item in the above checklist is as important as the other. For the newbie, it can be frustrating and painful in the beginning. It is essential that you persevere.

Try to keep a positive attitude and remember, the better you get, the more exciting it will be. It is of utmost importance that you have fun while snowboarding. So stick on and enjoy!

Last updated on October 1st, 2022 at 10:31 am

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