There are very few sports in the world that allow you to express your style and personality as skateboarding does. But there is another part of skateboarding that we often forget about is skateboard clothing.

Since the invention of skateboarding, fashion has been an integral part of it, and skateboarders worldwide have been expressing themselves with their unique takes on skate clothes.

Now, if you are someone new dreaming about showcasing your style as you skate and asking what to wear when skateboarding, you have come to the right place.

Moving forward, we'll discuss the complete attire of a skateboarder and recommend what you should wear to rock the whole skater look. So, without further ado, let's begin.

Skateboard Outfit Breakdown

In this part, we'll talk about almost all the available clothing for skateboarding. For a better understanding, I'll be breaking it down into two parts: the upper-body garments and the lower body garments.

Upper Body Clothing Options


The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about skate clothing is a loose-fitting round-neck t-shirt. T-shirt is the most common skatewear used all over the globe.

The main reason why this is so popular is its comfort and the options to customize them freely.

You can grab just about any t-shirt from online or local store and print the graphics as you deem fit, and there you have your personalized skate t-shirt.

For variations, you can also try baseball-style tees or wear the t-short with an open over-shirt.

If you are after comfort and don't want to hurt your wallet, a t-shirt will be the ideal choice for you.

Additionally, you can check out skate banks like Dickie or Carhartt for skate-based t-shirts.


Hoodies are an obvious choice for the list because of the different benefits it provides. The style is definitely there, but additionally, it can keep you warm and offers protection for arms.

Another thing great about hoodies is that they provide excellent versatility.

You can rock pull-over, zip-up, or any other types of hoodies based on your preference, and it blends pretty well with the different skating outfits.

The zip-up hoodies also offer you the chance to pair it with your t-shirt with the zip open.

To get the best out of hoodies, try to find some that have vibrant colors and designs to separate you from the rest of the skaters.

In addition, you can always customize your own hoody too and throw some shades as you like.


Shirts, whether full sleeve or half sleeve, are somewhat uncommon in the skate clothing scene.

However, if you are willing to make a change and have something unique, you are welcome to give shirts a try. You should strictly follow a few things for a shirt, like sticking to casual design and keeping it loose.

Unlike other upper-body garments, shirts are primarily used as a complementary outfit to wear over the t-shirts with buttons open.

For the perfect match, look for oversized shirts with colorful printed and striped designs.

Lower Body Garments

Lower body garments/ pants are equally versatile in skate clothing. There is a wide variety of pants available, and what you'll wear totally depends on your personal preference.

Here is a list of pants that you can wear while skateboarding.

Baggy Pants

This is the most iconic and old-school pant option out there. Whether it's comfort, affordability, the baggy pant has it all.

These pants are made from soft fabrics with not much stretch, but the loose-fitting around the legs make up for it.

 Another key characteristic of baggy pants is that there are many pockets where you can carry other stuff. 

So if a loose and comfortable fit is your top priority, you should definitely give baggy pants a try.

Chinos/ Dickies

At first glance, chinos and dickies might not seem the best choice for skateboarding due to their slim fit.

 But in reality, they are extremely popular among skateboarders due to their modern and simplistic design with a ton of stretch. 

So if you are after a more arranged and fitting attire, chinos and dickies can be a good option.

Jeans Pants

Jeans are another popular pant choice among skaters. The good thing about jeans is that they look super cool and come in different shapes and colors.

But the drawback of jeans is that they are made of denim fabrics. So, they are pretty thick and need a break-in period.

But, if you are prioritizing a stylish look, then definitely jeans pant is the way to go.

Cargo Pants

Lastly, you have cargo pants that bring out the best from every world. They are stretchy, lightweight, have enough legroom, and have pockets like baggy pants.

 If you are after a balanced option, cargo pants are definitely worth checking out.

Skate Girl Clothing Tips

To be honest, there is not much of a gender-based difference for skateboard clothing.

You might have already noticed that everything I have discussed above is unisex, and they'll look equally great and stylish when a skate girl wears them.

Still, if I have to include one thing that's a must for girl skaters, that'll be a beanie, cap, or a hat.

 See, if you are a girl skater with long hair, skateboarding can be a problem. 

The beanie or cap, whatever you use, will not only jeep the hairs off your face but also protect you from the sun.

Skateboard Clothing Tips for Summer

Hot summer days can pose a serious challenge as it makes it hard to wear regular skate clothing.

If you try to do that, you'll be dripping in sweat in no time. However, there are things you can change in your outfit that can help you skate through the heat.

For our upper body, you always have the option of wearing t-shirts to minimize the heat. But things tend to get tricky in the lower section.

So in that regard, my recommendation will be to wear a pair of skate shorts.

Though it's a somewhat unconventional choice, you'll actually notice a lot of skaters wearing shorts.

Shorts always had concerns about protection, but there is no better option in summer than a pair of causal oversized shorts.

What shoes should I wear for skateboarding?

The shoes have been an integral part of skater fashion since the beginning of skateboarding. Without the best skate shoes, your skateboard outfit will remain incomplete.

Skating footwear is a comparatively newer part of the skate fashion industry, and because of its very nature, there is not much of a variety in the footwear segment.

As skateboarding is a sport totally dependent on your foot, skate brands manufacture the shoes accordingly to give you the best foot control possible.

But nowadays, sportswear brands like Vans, Nike and Adidas are also going strong in the skate footwear game with their flat-sole sneakers.

So as long as the shoes are lightweight, feel comfortable, and have a flat bottom, they should be good enough as skateboarding shoes.

Final Verdict

That's a wrap for today. We hope the article is helpful enough to give you an idea about the skateboard clothing trend.

But here is an extra piece of advice: instead of following others, you can create your own style with a different dressing combo.

At the end of the day, “what to wear when skateboarding” comes down to comfortability and personal preference, right? 

So that's another excellent side of this beautiful sport because you are free to wear anything, rock any style as long as you are comfortable as an individual.

As you can see, there are tons of different options available as skate clothing. Just grab one that suits you and hit the road!

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