How To Ride An Electric Skateboard

Riding a skateboard is fun. Kids love it and so do the adults. It is a cool way to commute short distances. Some enthusiasts have taken skateboarding to extreme levels by turning it into an adventure sport! Modern skateboards are strong and fast, and can also be ridden off-road.

For a first-timer, however, skateboarding is not easy. You need to learn to balance yourselves while riding one. Many people lose enthusiasm for skateboarding after a few initial tries. This is mostly because of the lack of proper guidance.

Today’s skateboards blindingly fast and you need to master the basics to ride it like a pro. Here are a few tips that will help make your skateboarding experience enjoyable and importantly safe-

Invest in the right kind of skateboard

Invest in the right kind of skateboard

Invest in a good quality skateboard suited to your proficiency level. Anything too fast, in the beginning, is bound to discourage a newbie. Among the many types of skateboards available, a simple and a flat one is best to minimize any falls and ride easily.

The more expensive curved boards are best left to the more experienced. Ensure that your skateboard is light and strong. Some cheap, poorly made ones tend to break easily and ruin your experience. Pay particular attention to wheels and the battery. They are also major factors for consideration.

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Protective gear

We must wear the recommended protective gear for any sport. Even pro skateboarders wear protective gear while on a skateboard. While it may be cool to Falls and collisions can lead to grievous injuries. Protective gear includes- the following

A proper suit

A protective suit minimizes injuries due to falls and collisions.


A flexible pair of shoes with shock-absorbing properties will do much better than any fancy sneaker.


Ones that absorb and wick away perspiration are best.

Knee pads and helmets

These are important to prevent injuries to the knee and the head.

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Finding your feet

There are two types of stance- the goofy stance and the regular stance. Find out which feet you are comfortable with having in the front. The best way to find out is to try out both the stances and practice the one that works for you best.

Usually, if you kick a football with your right leg, you will be most comfortable with the regular stance where the right foot is in the back. The goofy stance is the opposite, where the left foot will be in the back.

Get the stance right

The right stance will help you balance well on a skateboard. The best stance is where your feet are positioned more or less hip-width apart from each other. If your knees are kept bent, you will be able to absorb any concussion and be able to control your turn.

This stance will help you balance easily as well. You should also ensure that you do not lean too much in the front or the back. Doing either will tip your balance and make you fall.

Get to know the remote controller

Most electric skateboards come with a wireless remote controller nowadays. The remote controller contains all the controls that you need to drive your electric skateboard. You need to get familiar with all the controls if you want to ride your skateboard properly.

Two kinds of remote are mostly used. The first one has a trigger on the backside that you can manipulate with your thumb. The second type has a slide-type button in the front that can be pushed up or down.

Accelerating safely

Be aware that some electric skateboards have enormous power and acceleration. Even a small twitch on the controller will propel you forward with a jerk. If you are not ready, the electric skateboard will flip over.

When you accelerate, lean to the front to shift your weight to the front so that your body will not be pushed back. Apart from bracing you to absorb the acceleration, it also helps you to lower your center of gravity giving you a good balance.

Braking correctly

Braking correctly

Braking properly is exactly the opposite of accelerating. When you brake, you must brace for your body being pushed forward. So, you must lean back a bit to compensate for the sudden loss of momentum.

Ensure that your front foot is ready and stable to take the weight of the forward momentum of your body. Both braking and accelerating will become second nature once you get the hang of things. A bit more practice your body will make the necessary adjustments unconsciously.



Turning can easily be done by shifting your body weight to your toes or heels. The frontside turn is where you shift your weight slightly to your toe. If you ride with your left foot in the front, doing so will make the board turn right.

The backside turn is where you shift your body weight slightly to your heel. If your left foot is in front, this action will make you turn to the left. One more important thing to do while turning is to look in the direction you want to go. While turning left, look to the left and vice-versa if you want to turn right.


Practice as much as you can. The more you practice, the better you will get. After some time, riding an electric skateboard will become second nature to you. Importantly, you can enjoy a safe ride without any worry of falling off.

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