Overcome fear while skateboarding

To be honest, skateboarding is fun and definitely an extreme sport that still gives an adrenaline rush. If you are skateboarding after a very long time or you are a beginner, fretting and fearing that you might fall is inevitable.

We've all been there and while the fear of skateboarding is just in your head, tackling it can be a task. But, let us tell you that it is not very difficult to conquer this fear as there are a few tricks that can actually come to your rescue when you need them.

Once learned, there's no going back and without a shadow of doubt, you are going to be more confident while skateboarding. What is important here to play your mind and step out of your comfort zone. Entering the risk zone is completely okay since it is a learning phase and if you really want to get over it, only trying can lead you there.

Banter and psychological talks aside, being straight forward here. Check out these tricks that will help you put your focus on the land while you are on the board and rolling!

The Board Matters

It doesn't matter if you are beginner or master at skateboarding, a thick board or new craze like electric skateboard will come in handy and is actually easier to control. Yes, with time, you can switch up but start slow.

In fact, even the length of the skateboard matters. It is always better to test them out in shops rather than shopping online as it gives you a better idea while you are trying it.

Try Skating On A Grass Patch

Try Skating On A Grass Patch

Before you go all out, skating where you really want to, we would say, begin with basics. This will help you kill the dreadful thoughts in your mind. Do your first boneless with grass.

In case, you fall, the grass will be softer and won't hurt much. It is okay if you slam as it will help you learn and you will know what happens on concrete roads. Also, it is okay if you restart. Just remember to not stand stagnant and keep moving. It takes time but you will certainly get there.

Wearing The Right Outfit

Your safety won't just depend on how you ride your board, but also your outfit. A helmet is undoubtedly your safe bet but there are more elements as well that you need to take care of.

Other things include knee pads, elbow pads, gloves and wrist guards. If you surround your body with this comfortable equipment, you will be safe, guaranteed. As far as the garb is concerned, always step out wearing full-sleeved clothes so the chances of bruises are less.

Missing The Basics

Many skateboarders out of their enthusiastic nature, end up skipping the basic elements and rush to kickflips. Going smooth with the process of learning skateboarding will help you master the tricks one step at a time. Maybe you can join a Skateboard school nearby.

On the other hand, if you jump onto the advanced level, you could end up following a wrong posture and will more likely be even more scared to step on the board next time.

The Shoes You Wear Matters

The Shoes You Wear Matters

If you love skateboarding, you cannot afford to buy the wrong kind of shoes. Your usual sneakers and trainers won't work, rather you would need skateboard shoes that grant optimum support while enhancing your performance.

A good pair of shoes that have a flat outsole will give you a better grip. Add to that, make sure your shoes have reinforced side panels and have extra padding so you can protect your ankles while boarding.

Overcome The Fear

It's easier said than done but you cannot afford to be in your comfort zone. Fear is psychological and it is definitely one of the things we can all overcome. One of the ways to do so is by practicing and the other one is by visualizing that you are acing it.

When you practice this thought, it will become easier for you to get over the fear and you will feel confident to step on the board, without having that fear of falling off.

Make Yourself Comfortable

Make Yourself Comfortable

Once you have placed the board on a non-slippery surface, start with standing on it. Whenever you feel ready and comfortable on it, you will be able to balance and also experiment with putting your feet in various positions.

Once you have done this, you can take a call on applying brakes with either the left or right foot. You can try out both the skating styles and see what suits you better.

Besides that, focus your energy on skating and not the fear of falling. This way you will start feeling comfortable on the deck faster than you can imagine.

Be Careful While Riding

With time, you will learn how to take turns correctly and understand how much pressure to put onto your skateboard heels. But what's also important to learn is a safe way to ride it.

When you want to stop, you have to brake with the help of your foot by placing it onto the ground. Don't try this before you have mastered the basics. Once done and when you feel confident, only then take the turns and twists such as ollies and kickflips.

Bottom Line

These steps will help you when you feel dreadful about skateboarding. But, always remember, the more you skate, the chances of your skills honing are higher. Don’t give up and even if you do fall once in a while, don’t feel discouraged. More power to you!

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