How to maintain and ride E-mountain Bike

The world of e-mountain bikes is now massive and more than basic cycles or motorbikes, these ones, in particular, are getting a lot of attention. Riding an electric bike is a lot of fun and if you live in urbane areas, going to work riding on these bikes is a great alternative to other modes of transport.

Unfortunately, for people who live in hilly regions or tourists who like to ride e-mountain bikes in the snow, keeping these bikes safe or even riding them can be a task. With snow, slush and other environmental problems, it's going to take a little more than usual to maintain them.

So before you hang it up, you might still want to consider using it. No need to store it in your garage till summers hit since these handy, maintenance and riding tricks have you covered!


Battery Care

Battery Care

It’s important that your electric mountain bike is warm enough and not freezing to death. This doesn't mean you put it next to the heater. You will see that when the mercury level drops, the range and the power drops, which is usually okay.

Batteries are not a big fan of the extra cold or hot weather. Hence, you should bring them inside the garage or your house once you are done riding. This way the battery will be warm enough and will power up well for your next ride.

Keep It Clean

We are probably stating the obvious but the thing to remember is that even in winters, the bike can get dirty. That's mainly due to the magnesium salt on the roads that can get onto your bike. This can lead to problems in brakes, cables and other moving parts that will make the bike slower.

Therefore you must clean your bike every now and then. Do it with a damp cloth and use a bicycle-specific lubricant. Use it on the chain and clean it well. If it has worn off, replace it!

If you use your bike daily, it is advised that you use a spray-on it like Rust Check. Spray it where the spoke meets the wheel to have a smooth transition. This way the metal will be protected from salt exposure. Keep it away from the LCD screen. Also, make sure that the other connections like chains or brakes are dry.



The rubber tires on the electric bike are an excellent choice for summers. Come winters and these tires won't work for you. Studded tires are your best call here as they can transform the look and feel of your bike and also keep it safe in this season.

The cost might be upfront but the best part is that these last longer.  Check amazon’s collection of winter tires as they have a massive range that will help you find the right tire candidate for your bike.

Always carry a spare inner tube with you, in case of quick changes.

Check Your Brakes

Check Your Brakes

Brake pads wear out when it’s winters so you need to keep checking them regularly. They usually have wear line indicator that shows when it has fallen below its power limit.

In a usual scenario, use an old toothbrush to keep cleaning the brake blocks and remove tiny bits of grime wherever you see them.

Try Not To Go Through Slush

Yes, riding your bike in the snow can prove to be a task but at the same time, it’s super fun as well. But slush is your bike's enemy. The salty snow can get into the gear and seep into the tiniest parts as well. This will further lead to rust.

Be cautious and just in case, your bike is still splashed with it, make sure you clean your bike and lubricate the chain post your ride. Store it in a dry location once you are done.


Now that you've learned the right way to maintain your mountain bike in winters, here's how you can drive it safely and make sure you end up at home and not hospitals.

Lower Your Seat

Before you start riding your bike, make sure the seat is in such a position that your feet touch the ground. This will help you reduce the chances of crashing in the season.

The roads will comparatively be slippery, but these days, the good thing with some bikes is that they already come with a quick-release so you can adjust the seat as per the weather conditions and ride safely.

Dress Appropriately

In winter, riding on your mountain bike will be a task. Your hands and legs will be ultra cold and to have good traction and fun, you will need the following things.


A helmet is a no brainer but when the weather gets really cold, your helmet will not help. In this case, carry a full hood or balaclava that covers your face and wear the helmet on top of it.


Your hands need protection from the wind. Choose gloves that are made with windshield outer layer as they help in cutting the wind. Opt for waterproof options as they are your best call to keep your hands warm and dry during harsh weather conditions.

Waterproof Pants

If you wear a pair of jeans or joggers, they are bound to get ruined in this weather. Instead, a pair of waterproof outer shell pants let will be your best bet.

They are a savior even in the rainy season as they cut the wind and offer protection. Windbreaker pants are super light and can be easily be worn over or carried, wherever you are headed.

Windproof Layering

Windproof clothing is very important in this season and while you are riding your e-mountain bike, your summer, breezy clothes will not be the solution. Layering with the right type of sweaters and jackets is really important.

Lay your hands on a waterproof jacket and layer it over your hoodie. Make sure you don't wear extra layers as it could ruin the fun of riding on your bike.

Other things like anti-fog eyeglasses, splash-proof footwear, and right fabric choices should also be a part of the gear that you shouldn't miss out on.

Have Tissues

Being outside in the cold can sometimes be harmful to you and your bike both. Carry tissues to wipe your face and a rag to wipe down your bike whenever required. It comes handy when you have to dry it in such nasty weather.

Add Anti-Slip Tape On Brakes

Your gloves might slip on the handles and to get a proper grip, you can add anti-slip tape to the levers. It is typically made of sandpaper that you can cut and stick wherever you desire.

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