Best Snowboard Goggles

When you are going for snowboarding, the first thing you need to consider is your gear. While you are on it, chances are, you could miss out on small things. Snowboarding goggles are one such item that you might forget to stash.

Goggles are a must-have gear while riding and you need to consider all the details while buying the best snowboard goggles. The top rated snowboard goggles include the right sort of lens, comfort level, and strap design.

The decision-making process doesn't end here and you need to consider more aspects while you are looking for the best snow goggles.

Check out our top 10 snowboarding goggles that are a surefire way to light up your ride!

10 Best Snowboard Goggles of 2023 

For goggles, that have a large fit and are also inexpensive at the same time, give Oakley Flight Deck a good look.

The surprisingly large lens has an aggressive curvature that is an ideal match for medium size faces. Apart from that, these goggles have an anti-fog feature which makes them an absolute must-have.

The strap way is also super easy to put on as it complements the helmet. Furthermore, the HDO lenses fitted in these cool snowboard goggles elevate the overall look.

Apart from such great features, these goggles allow you to switch lenses when the weather changes. It doesn't compromise on quality and lets you settle with its stunning view.

  • Compatible with prescription glasses.
  • The best snow goggles with super comfortable lenses.
  • Best budget buy of the hour.
  • Offers a clear vision.
  • Less durable.

Gear up to have an action-packed season up on the slopes with Smith Optics Snow goggles. These goggles are super affordable and the large fit, with its responsive frame design, adjusts quite well with every face type, letting you have the comfort you need.

These are also the best snowboarding goggles due to the interchangeable system. You can easily swap the lens from bright to low light settings while you are on the go.

Furthermore, these lenses also have a quick strap adjustment system. You can connect them to the helmet to have a safe ride in the mountains.

  • OTG compatible that adds more convenience.
  • Responsive fit that adjusts well with all the face types.
  • The anti-fog lens offers a crystal clear view.
  • Funky design and colors.
  • It can be too big for some.

Leave it to snowboarding goggles brands like Akaso and you will find the best from the lot, at the most inexpensive prices. The extra-large spherical lens is secured with a stable fit that gives a distortion-free view.

Another great feature that this brand has is its high-quality balaclava, a stretchy mask that helps keep the moisture away from the skin. This can be worn with your goggles and the helmet as well.

Additionally, the double layer lens with its high performance and innovative design eliminates all sorts of venting issues and it further ensures a fog-free vision.

  • Anti-scratch quality.
  • Minimizes chances of fogging.
  • Available in a versatile design.
  • Medium to large fit.
  • They don't fit well with prescribed glasses.

Leave your worries behind when you are on the slopes with Anon's best snowboarding goggles. These ones have a stylish frame that sports classic spherical lenses.

The Magna tech quick lens makes the swapping incredibly easy for you.

Additionally, these goggles also have a triple-layer face foam that ensures it stays superbly on your face.

The M2s are also known to be equipped with the spare lens so you can wear them stat during cloudy conditions. No matter what adventurous ride you choose, these goggles guarantee to keep your vision clear.

  • OTG Compatible.
  • It has a triple-layer face foam.
  • The frame is lightweight and sits gently on the face.
  • Includes a spare lens for weather changes.
  • A bit expensive than other brands.

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Designed to optimize the airflow, these goggles never let moisture get accumulated and the functions will help you stay safe in the snow.

The long elastic strap is compatible with the helmet as well and these are perfect for men and women both.

The lens ensures protection from harmful UV & UB rays. Bonus?

These goggles are complemented with impeccable stylish colors that you’ll fall in love with instantly.

  • Available in stylish designs.
  • Adjustable strap with perfect compatibility.
  • Best suited for men and women both.
  • Featured with a double lens.
  • These goggles fog up fast.

Let your eyes relax when you are snowboarding with the best snowboard goggles by Wildhorn. Since they are designed with six rare earth N45 magnets, they have an undeniable performance that you will love.

The modern goggles are semi-frameless which means they can give you a clear view while snowboarding.

The wide panoramic spherical dual lens with anti-fog and anti-scratch coating is bound to shield your eyes from heavy sun rays and glare.

Bonus: these glasses are made with a durable Thermoplastic Urethane Polymer material. The ultra-strong material can hold up in extreme weather conditions as well. It's that good!

  • Easy slide-clip locking system.
  • Easy customization made possible.
  • Shields your eyes from heavy rays.
  • Performance issues faced by a few.

A pair of ski goggles that's not just the perfect one for the slopes but is also stylish has to be Miner XM by Oakley. These best snowboarding goggles that come with revolutionary lenses and are a great fit for both men and women.

The Prizm lens technology of these goggles lets you notice every single detail on the mountain.

Having lenses that help increase or decrease the contrast makes for a safer and the most enjoyable experience. All Miner XM goggles have an anti-fog coating.

If you wear prescribed glasses, this one has prescription inserts to serve you with a clear view.

  • Fits any face shape.
  • The cylindrical lens makes it the top snowboard goggles.
  • The full-rim adds to the stability.
  • It grants the ultimate peripheral vision.
  • Fitting your glasses could be a task.

The Anon goggles have raised the stakes higher being a top pick for many customers. One of the best features of these goggles is that it scores high due to its fit. Not just that, these men's goggles work well in bright and dull light both. It means that you can easily swap them while on the go.

The lenses provide excellent clarity with no distortion at all. The pair also comes with a facemask system that makes it user-friendly and a comfortable option to wear with your ski gear.

Even though these goggles are a tad bit expensive, the M4 is known for its high performance, which makes it a great deal.

  • Fits all face shapes.
  • Attachable with a helmet.
  • Super comfortable on the eyes.
  • The lenses can be swapped easily.
  • The most expensive snowboard goggles compared to the others.

Thanks to the unique design of Giro Facet goggles, skiing will now be easier than ever! The vivid lens is developed in partnership with Zeiss.

These edgy goggles effectively manipulate the lighting and keep your eyes relaxed with lightweight construction.

The EVAK vent of these goggles releases the moisture and eliminates contact with other elements.

The foam is ultra-durable and comes with non-absorbent material. There’s a reason why these goggles are known as the best women's snowboarding goggles. They make one hell of a goggle due to its incredible fit.

Furthermore, the vivid lens delivers apt vision with no over-saturation so you can have a clear sight, wherever you go!

  • Reduced eye strain.
  • Protection from harmful UV rays.
  • Includes two vivid lenses.
  • It has a seamless lens interchange system.
  • Lens change could be a bit faster.

The Drift is a fantastic addition to your collection and it's not just the best men's snowboarding goggles but a unisex style that everyone can enjoy.

These goggles have an innovative cylindrical carbonic X lens with TLT technology that gives one a wide view while on the slopes.

Enjoying skiing also demands a responsive fit. These goggles are the most comfortable snowboard goggles that will let you adjust the frame as you like.

Additionally, these goggles can also wick the moisture away from your face. This is possible due to two layers of FriWix face foam on these goggles.

  • The solid construction can protect you in the mountains.
  • They feel very comfortable on the eyes.
  • Anti-fog inner lens.
  • Perfect definition and clarity.
  • A bit expensive as compared to other brands.

This list includes some of the best men's snowboard goggles and the best women's snowboard goggles as well. Not just that, even your kid can have a great time in the mountains with some impeccable choices mentioned above.

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Snowboard Goggles

When you buy ski goggles, you don't just look at the design but you also need to consider some more features. Our guide is a problem solver that lets you make a wise choice while shopping for goggles.

Lens Types

The lens matter when you are looking at goggles. You need to check for lens color and its type that has glare protection. There are two types available in the market; cylindrical lenses and spherical lenses.

When we speak of cylindrical ones, they are a bit flat and have a good performance while the spherical ones, will give your face a bubbled look. Both of these goggles, give a great view. If there’s distortion, chuck that brand and try another one.

VLT (Visible Light Transmission)

When the light passes through the lens, it's called VLT. Some lenses offer better performance in low light. These ones are available in hues like yellow or blue and are the best snowboard goggles, that have good VLT.

Others function better on sunny days and have high visibility in darker hues like black, grey or golden. They look like reflectors. While buying ski goggles, make sure your lens is apt for all sorts of weather conditions.

Ventilation & Anti-fogging coating

The more ventilation, the lesser are the chances of fogging. You need to check the venting system and make sure it is compatible with your helmet.

Venting should not be blocked as it can lead to fogging. In some brands, there are mini fans that clear the air and defog your goggles, stat.

Interchangeable lenses

Good snowboard goggles have some ingenious ways to offer you maximized visibility. The time you spend in the mountains, the weather conditions will change.

Hence you need interchangeable lenses that you can swap with another one. It lets you pack light since you won't have to carry another pair of goggles.


Usually, the strap needs to be adjustable so that you can adjust it. It should also be compatible with your helmet or beanie and the strap should be wide so it stays put for a longer duration.

For your kids, go for adjustable straps only as it can be utilized even when he/she is a grown-up.


The best snowboard goggles have a scratch-resistant coating to keep your eyes protected. Additionally, they shouldn’t fog up.

The goggles you buy should also include a great 180-degree view so you can avoid any chance of accidents in the mountains.


When you are looking at fit, make sure you look for compatibility factors as well. It means that your goggles should fit with your helmet or beanie smoothly, without the strap interrupting your ski session.

The frame is in a better position and many ski goggle brands do have this feature where you can easily put them together. It doesn't feel bulky at all.

Only larger spherical goggles may leave small gaps but check for the size beforehand.


Over the glasses for ski goggles sallows ou to wear your prescribed glasses underneath. With OTG goggles, there's no discomfort or pressure on your temples or nose.

When you wear them together, it lines up perfectly and gives you a clear vision. OTG glasses are inexpensive and the built helps keep your eyeglasses intact.

Final Words on Snowboarding Goggles

Sure, this list is a lot to take in but we hope it gives you clarity in buying the best snowboard goggles. They have come straight from experts and these being the top 10 snowboarding goggles of 2023, they are a great addition to your adventure gear. Perfect fit for what you need!

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