dirt bikes and electric bikes

This is definitely a question worth pondering on, given the rapid change and development we witnessed in the past few years concerning bikes.

I am sure you must have watched those awe-inspiring videos of e-bikes on social media; needless to say, the rise in their popularity is exponential.

So I say it's high time we talked about dirt bikes and electric bikes, especially about their similarities (if any), and the advantages and disadvantages they have over each.

Most importantly why e-mountain bikes are being preferred over traditional dirt bikes, but first, let's understand some basic aspects of dirt bikes and e-mountain bikes.

Dirt Bikes

Dirt Bikes

Commonly referred to as off-road motorbikes, these motorcycles are designed to withstand the bumps and jumps of the uneven terrain. One such dirt bike is known as Trail bike which is used on a hiking trail.

Contrary to other dirt bikes a trail bike is designed for precision, so the top priority here is lightweight and quick throttle response.

E-mountain Bike

E-mountain Bike

In layman terms, a battery assist (via pedaling) bicycle is considered as an e-bike, in some models you may also have a throttle.

So when you pedal a bike like this the battery powers up the motor. Which springs up in action and provides the necessary boost for you to ride up hills and other challenging terrains with ease.

So why e-mountain bikes?

Most people often ask why should we choose an e-bike over a conventional bike? Well, let’s check out the reasons as to why.

  • First of all, e-bikes are faster, and the best electric mountain bikes can achieve a top speed of 20-25 mph. This gives you more time to ride the trail.
  • Speaking of speed, if you have ridden a motocross bike and want to relive that same dynamic experience, then an e-bike is the way to go.
  • Since it's a lot easier to ride uphill with an e-bike, you are guaranteed to have loads of fun on the downhill segment of your trail.
  • Most importantly an e-bike puts less strain on your knees and hips, so those people who experience trouble in these parts of their body can ride as well.

Let's have a comparison. Shall we? 

Both of them are excellent bikes but there's got to be a winner, so let's analyze them in a few categories.

Riding on trails

The dirt bike has a longstanding history of ruling these terrains, they still do, and the level of excitement they provide is uncanny. Yet they run on fossil fuel which hurts the trail's ecosystem.

E-bike on the other hand also provides the same level of excitement, but they are eco-friendly.


Both of them provide a tremendous workout, no arguments there. However, a dirt bike might strain your knees and back, also people with injuries cannot ride a dirt bike.

On the other hand, an electric mountain bike does the opposite. With this bike, you can get your workout any time you want, and any injuries that you have won't stop you from seeking the thrill.


Dirt bike needs a lot of effort like transportation, for instance, here you have to tow your bike and get it to the location. Not to forget the necessary gear that you need to wear for safety.

Then there's the maintenance hassle since it runs on fuel. Most of the dirt bikes have a smaller tank which means you will run out of gas in no time.

In contrast, an electric bike doesn't need any transportation, meaning you won't have to tow the bike and get it to the location of your desire like you do with a dirt bike.

Here you can get at least an hour's worth of ride before you reach the trail. As you might know, there are some trails which are inaccessible on dirt bike, but those can be accessed easily with an e-bike.

Furthermore, you can also commute with an e-bike.


Dirt bikes are way more powerful and heavier than an e-bike.

This means in an unfortunate situation where you crash, you will end up more injured with a dirt bike than you will with an e-bike, as the latter is much lighter than the former.


An electric bike will cost you around $5000-$5500, this will surely look costly for a bicycle, but when you compare it with a dirt bike you will see the difference.

To put things in perspective, the monthly cost of an e-bike won't be more than a few bucks, while a dirt bike will easily cost you hundreds of dollars.


In my view, the term that defines an e-bike more aptly is 'Versatile', as you can manipulate the way you ride depending upon the need, something which is not possible with a dirt bike.

Safety has always been a top concern and many people who have gotten old and are injured can also experience the thrill with an e-bike.

Coupled with the convenience and the cost-effectiveness, I can see why these e-mountain bikes are replacing traditional dirt bikes at such a rapid pace.

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