Can You Bring Electric Skateboards on Planes

Traveling is always a treat because apart from seeing new sights and having multi-cultural experiences, we also get to do the things we love. While others can bring their art and sports equipment with them to different destinations, is it the same for avid skateboarders?

Have you wanted to take your electric skateboard with you to all your international travels but are clueless about its possibility?

Well, we have prepared a couple of useful information for you. The question to your answer would be “yes, you can definitely bring an electric skateboard with you on your plane ride”.

However, there are a couple of guidelines that you should follow.

Guidelines on Bringing Electric Skateboards to Flights

Guidelines on Bringing Electric Skateboards to Flights

Check the Batteries

More than any other feature, the batteries matter the most. This is because there are international guidelines for bringing equipment or devices that have Li-ion batteries.

There are four regulating bodies that set the rules for this and these are the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Transportation Security Administration (TSA), European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), and International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Among the guidelines that these four governing bodies set is that devices have a 100 Watt-hours maximum limit so anything that has a lower wattage will be allowed as carry-on baggage. As for those that exceed 100 Wh but falls below 160 Wh, it can be checked in as luggage.

Another standard to look out for would be that it should have a UL or Underwriters’ Laboratories certification. Most skateboard manufacturers have this certification but take the time to check on it before flying.

Connect with Your Airline

For most airlines, their policies are easily accessible and can be found online. However, it may be quite challenging to understand the policies completely.

So it is recommended to send the airline an email before flying with them. Tell them about your intent and chances are, they will be giving you a set of instructions that you can follow when bringing your electric skateboard with you on board.

Be Aware of the Rules for Connecting Flights

It is recommended to check with the airline that you are to fly with. However, a common mistake for many would-be not checking with the succeeding airline for their connecting flights.

It is possible that your first flight allows electric skateboards on deck but the second one may not. As a rule of thumb, check ahead and read ahead to prevent inconveniences from happening in the middle of your trip.

Airlines That Allow Electric Skateboards

There are a couple of airlines that allow electric skateboards; these are United Continental, Delta, West Jet, American, Air Canada, and Jet Blue Airlines.

There may be other airlines that allow it but you will have to check with them to make sure they have not yet updated their policies regarding it. Some countries also have specific guidelines for it so make it a habit to do your own research and check with them personally through calls or emails.

Safety Tip

If you are thinking of bringing your electric skateboard with you, remember that it is safer to take it as a carry-on item if you do not have a detachable battery. However, for detachable batteries, it is ideal to remove the batteries from the board and take it as carry-on luggage.

As for the board, you can have it checked in as luggage. This is the best option to prevent problems in the checking-in process and hazards so it is wise to invest in a reliable skate backpack for easy and proper storage.

Pack Your Skateboard Properly

You start this by properly disassembling your electric skateboard. There are a couple of backpacks made to carry skateboards so you can easily strap the deck onto it.

Meanwhile, you can put the tracks inside it just make sure to wrap it properly with a plastic wrap to avoid contaminating the other items in your bag. Add additional cushion by placing some garments around it as this helps protect it from possible trauma.

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It is always a good idea to have something that can give you personal mobility when traveling. Electric skateboards are devices that give you that feature while giving you the option to use it when you want to have some fun.

So if you are a first time or frequent traveler, you must know all the important details in bringing it with you especially on planes.

Inconveniences that may cost you your flight can be problematic and costly. To avoid all these from happening, make sure to use the following pointers as a guideline before setting foot in the airport. Airline policies vary and may put out changes from time to time so make sure to get a good grasp of it before booking.

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