Coronavirus impact on snow sports

Cough Cough! Who's there? Coronavirus! Shaking the entire world with its mere symptoms which are solely ignored half the time! Those slight colds, some regular coughs, discomfort in breathing, and a mild fever. Well, these didn't really use to bother us until January. Agree?

Only if we knew the dreadful penalty that we will be paying for these symptoms in the earlier weeks. This very virus has shaken the entire world by frightening them to the core even to step outside of their homes!

The pandemic has left its impact by severely pulling down every field of business throughout the planet earth! Be it in the entertainment sector, transportation sector, shopping sector, or any other, the epic pandemic is successful in bringing down the whole world all of a sudden!

It is sad to have to accept the fact that the most amazing season which everyone looks up for is closed down before two weeks. With an unbearable impact on the snow sports, the coronavirus has marked its effect rather harshly.

When did the impact begin?

When did the impact begin

Well, as excited everyone was, the ski resorts welcomed everyone with full energy and jovialness. As skiing has been in most of our bucket lists, it's been on a popular demand over the years.

With everything falling right into its place, one major incident snatched the ground from everyone's feet! Enter: Coronavirus!

Just like every other mountain community, Colorado too was more than excited to entertain every ski lover at its best. This pandemic hit hard on Colorado during early March scaring to the core!

One person outside the states had come to stay in Summit County and enjoy the most of his time. His travel history depicts that he had been to Italy before he ended up coming to Colorado. So, this marks pretty clear how the pandemic made its entry to the beautiful land of serenity,  Colorado!

When did the impact

Within no time, we could witness this dangerous threat running and spreading as fast as Usain Bolt! Meanwhile, while testing people amid Coronavirus, they spotted about 10 more skiers to be tested positive. They all belonged to Australia.

With all the restaurants, movie theatres, shopping malls, eateries, etc. being locked down, the Swiss resorts have been a victim of the financial crisis too.

With a massive financial hit, Alps too is facing the uncalled crisis as of now. With a huge batch of 30,000 skiers from the UK, the Alps, totally unaware of the ongoing situation, had to take some major step. With an initiative to prevent the widespread of this dreadful pandemic, they chose to send the skiers back to their hometown. Thus, choose responsibility for business!

Amidst this horrifying situation spreading across the world, people all withdrawing their holiday plans, canceling their bookings to avoid potential danger. Thus, in a way, they are becoming more and more aware of how sensitive the situation the entire world is facing.

Learning about the scary environment building up, the ski resort workers are facing mental chaos to get back to their hometowns safe and alive!

With most of the countries being locked-down almost like a curfew-like situation, the ski resorts are witnessing major loss financially.

What the world has to say?

What the world has to say

With a huge chunk of people being affected while staying at the various ski resorts, Karen Abrams has something to convey them.

Since the spread of this horrifying virus has begun, the affected skiers who booked their stays shall be apologized by refunding them accordingly.

Having established a renowned set of about 120 resorts in most of the countries (13, keeping the exact count), Crystal ski has been the world's one of the successful ski operators. With being provided assurance of refunds, they have also passed on another option of choosing the holiday destination next year.

As per Lynsey Devon, be it a small ski resort or a big, established ski company, every ski-related businesses are at huge risk. Owning a world-famous company Heaven Publicity, it is a pity to be having to face such a crisis.

With a stern set of rules and strict actions taken against those who walk around, and spreading the virus unaware, the world is coming together to fight the battle.


Having to witness the totally uncalled for the situation which has locked down the entire world, it is a pity to face a crisis. With a constant effort and smart planning of the government to subtle the number of cases every day, we can see a new rise of hope in the coming days.

Although we are facing the biggest challenge worldwide, this will end soon and sooner or later we will be seeing ourselves getting dressed to ski again! Stay home. Stay safe!.

Last updated on December 28th, 2021 at 12:06 pm

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