Safety and Risks of Electric Skateboards

It easy to imagine yourself zipping on an electric skateboard to commute or just for the pleasure of it. It has become immensely possible now because of the many affordable electric Skateboards available in the market. Battery-powered transport is convenient, economical and environment friendly.

For distances up to 4 miles, it is one of the most convenient modes of transport when compared to other modes of travel. With a Commuting Electric Skateboard, you don’t have to worry about parking or traffic. It is light and ultra-portable. Once you reach your destination, all you need to do is dismount and carry it inside.

Riding an e-skateboard is deceptively easy. But riding even the Best Electric Skateboard can get dangerous if you don’t respect the speed and the road you’re riding on. The people you see doing effortless stunts on an electric skateboard have spent hours training on them.

If you are riding an e-skateboard for the first time, you’ll be surprised by the amount of torque and acceleration that a little electric motor generates. Some boards have a max speed of 25 MPH! Due to their immense popularity, the accident rates are also shooting up. Moreover, you mostly ride on hard tarmac. It makes any fall bad.

Whether you are planning to use your e-skateboard for your day-to-day commute or fun, you need to seriously consider the safety aspects and negate any risks. Riding an eboard will be good fun if you keep the following in mind-

Safety accessories

Safety accessories

Before you want to even get on your eboard, wear the safety accessories specially made for skateboarding. Many researches have shown that helmets reduce the risk of serious head injury by up to 70%! Use safety equipment to cushion your knees, shoulders, and elbows. You will prevent road rash and dislocated joints.

Get the stance right

It is a good idea to get the feel of an electric skateboard without powering up the motor. Use your back leg to kick push and then place it on the board when it gains momentum. This will allow you to get your stance and sense of balance right. It will also ensure most of your weight will be in front.

You can even practice turning and braking. The more you do it, the better you’ll become. It will make a world of difference to your confidence when you power on the motor and also get most of the fundamentals right. As a bonus, kick pushing without turning the motor on will extend your battery life!

Be smooth and consistent with the accelerator

Many first-timers will be surprised by the speed of acceleration and torque in an eboard. Handle your accelerator with care, gently raise the speed. Lean forward when you accelerate. It always helps if your bodyweight is mostly on your front leg.

Get to know your board

Get to know your board

Ride slow initially to get a feel of your board. All boards are not the same. Each one has a quirk or two to consider. Find out how it handles, turns, and brakes. Know where its traction points are and how it corners. This will make your riding experience a lot better.

Accelerate and brake for riding confidence

If you have no experience with skateboarding or surfing, this is one of the best ways to learn to ride an electric skateboard quickly. After getting a feel of the board riding it with the motor off, you’ll be ready to ride with the motor on. Braking in most electrical skateboards is regenerative. This means every time you use your brakes; the batteries will charge.

Choose a safe place to practice, an empty parking lot is best. Accelerate and then brake. Use your back leg to brake initially. All you have to do is let the arch of your foot to drag along the tarmac. Gradually increase the pressure until you stop. This pro tip will make electric skateboarding safe as well as fun.

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Look where you want to go

Always look at the direction you are going. It not only keeps you stable but also helps you to avoid collisions. Moreover, looking at where you want to turn will shift your weight slightly in that direction and will help you turn easily.

The above tips will not only help you ride your electrical skateboard safely but also help you a lot when it comes to riding confidence. Riding confidence is extremely important for you to enjoy your new electrical skateboard.

Practice, practice, and more practice will let you get the best out of your electrical skateboard. Do not push your limits. Always ride as fast as you can run initially. It will help prevent major mishaps. Your skateboarding experience will get much better with time. Try group skateboarding with your buddies. You can compare gear and pick up new techniques.

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