How Do Electric Skateboards Work

Day by day there's an increase in the use of the skateboards, especially electric skateboard (also known as E-board, E-skateboard, or Esk8).

Many people are opting for an e-board for commuting or just for riding around, after all, they are eco-friendly which makes them quite desirable.

I like to assume that you already have some knowledge about E-skateboards, however, if you have no inkling of E-boards or their working then don’t worry, we got you covered.

If you own an electric skateboard then understanding the working of your skateboard might help you troubleshoot any issue that might arise.

So in this article, we shall discuss the aspect that separates an electric skateboard from the normal skateboard and the working of an electric skateboard.

Let’s have a look then.

What is an Electric Skateboard?

What is an Electric Skateboard

Unless you understand what an electric skateboard is you can’t grasp the working of the same.

In the simplest terms, an electric skateboard is a skateboard that is powered by an electric motor.

I believe the key difference between the two is that you can accelerate or decelerate (brake) an e-board independently without exerting physically.

So like a commuter you can enjoy the ride on the e-skateboard by keeping both your feet on the board and leaving the job of driving around to the motor.

With the remote control in your hand, you just have to pull the trigger and the board will come to rest. As opposed to using your foot to reduce speed.

Speaking of components, apart from the basic components an electric skateboard includes:

  • A motor (I’ll discuss in detail in the next segment).
  • A battery.
  • Remote control.
  • ESC (electronic speed controller).
  • Bluetooth receiver and transmitter.

Each e-skateboard has a motor that could either be a hub motor or a belt motor.

Hub motor

This motor is positioned directly inside the wheel. It is lightweight and very quiet and doesn’t make any loud noises as the belt motor does.

So if you are planning on venturing into areas with your esk8 where such boards aren’t typically allowed then I suggest you pick the one which has Hub motor installed.

After all, it is the stealthiest looking one.

With that being said there are disadvantages as well.

The location of the motor is such that it is opened to concussions, and since it is a hassle to replace it you will have no choice but to use the available wheel options.

Another issue is the heat management. We are all aware of how the motor produces heat in a significant amount.

Since the motor is confined inside the wheel (the whole design is irrational if you ask me) there’s no option for air to go through the motor.

Now to work around this issue, the motor-casing has tiny holes for air to pass through.

But these same holes make up for another disadvantage, and that is decreased water resistance. So be careful and avoid puddles.

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Belt Motor

The self-explanatory name suggests that this particular motor makes use of a belt to rotate the pulley.

It is the typical old-school motor of the E-skateboard industry which is much easier to maintain and the components can be replaced with ease.

This motor provides you with the liberty to choose whatever wheels you desire for your board.

The electric motor powers the motor pulley, the latter is connected with the wheel pulley with the help of a belt. This construction is similar to that of a motorcycle.

The good thing about this design is that it produces plenty of torque, has more power, and can climb steep paths much better than the contrary. Further, it also has better resistance to wet conditions.

However, the downside is the price (tends to be expensive) and happens to be quite noisy.

With that cleared let’s now discuss the working of the e-board.

Working on an electric skateboard

Working on an electric skateboard

If you wish to work with an e-board then you better understand how they operate first.

Now, almost every electric skateboard comes with remote control.

So when you pull the trigger on the remote control to accelerate, the remote control transfers that data through electromagnetic waves to the Electronic Speed Controller situated on your board.

Consequently, whenever you choose to accelerate by using the controller, the Electric Speed Controller collects that information being transmitted by the Bluetooth receiver and evaluates it.

Then depending on that analysis, ESC derives the required amount of power from the battery to the motor.

Now, the power which came from the battery goes straight to the motor which will put the wheels in motion, and your skateboard starts moving.

And that’s about it.


I expect that after reading this article you now know how the electric skateboard operates.

Every day there are new improvements so it is ill-advised to buy the first one you see. So take your time and then go for the one which appeals to you the most.

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