What is the Cheapest Boosted Board

Boosted boards are consistently some of the best-selling and most recognizable on the market. As the electric skateboard community and industry continue to grow exponentially, Boosted e-boards remain the standard for performance in many circles.

The company was founded in 2012, and they quickly took control of the growing market following their radically successful Kickstarter campaign.

But Boosted boards come at an elevated price. This should come as no surprise. Like with most new gadgets and devices, you get what you pay for in an electric skateboard. The high consumer demand and impressive technical specs of Boosted skateboards are well-known. You can expect to pay a pretty penny for nearly any Boosted electric skateboard.

How can riders maximize their savings while still getting a solid Boosted board? Are there solid inexpensive alternatives to Boosted? We’ll answer all of your questions about the cheapest Boosted boards in this guide.

What is the Cheapest Boosted Board

The Future of Boosted

It’s important to note that the future of the Boosted company seems to be in jeopardy. Boosted laid off a “significant portion” earlier in April, and rumors have circulated that the company is currently searching for a buyer.

Boosted boards are currently unavailable on the company’s website, so the only way to purchase them is through a used or refurbished distributor. It is also important that riders understand that the Boosted company has reportedly stopped answering repair and customer service calls.

The community surrounding Boosted boards remains steadfast, however. Members of the Boosted subreddit have rallied to help answer user questions and advise them on repairs. It’s fair to say that the future of Boosted is in flux at the moment, but a powerful community of e-skaters continues to help keep riders informed.

Cheapest Boosted Boards

Despite the confusion surrounding the status of Boosted boards, used and refurbished boards are still available. Buying your boards used creates its own set of concerns for consumers. To start, it’s important to purchase only from respected sellers or resellers to avoid getting faulty equipment.

It is also important to note the ‘mileage’ on a given board, as boards with many miles logged might come with unforeseen issues or technical problems.

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Boosted Mini

The Boosted Mini comes with the tagline “where power meets agility.” The board comes with an extended range of 14 miles, along with an impressive top speed of 20 miles per hour. A complete deep dish composite deck gives the board a sleek and versatile design.

The build comes highly recommended by most reviewers, who praise the device for its speed, agility, and maneuverability. Because of the unclear future of the company behind Boosted Mini, the board can be purchased from independent retailers. Prices can range anywhere from $950 to $1,400.

Boosted Plus

The Boosted Plus offers an increased top speed of 22 mph and an identical extended range to its Boosted Mini counterpart. Prices for this model vary greatly, especially since the Boosted site has stopped taking and fulfilling orders in the midst of their layoffs.

A major selling point of this model is the super flex composite deck, which has won ample praise from riders for its maneuverability and stability on various terrains.

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Cheapest Boosted Board Alternatives

Cheapest Boosted Board Alternatives

It might be recommended that riders interested in Boosted boards consider looking for alternatives, especially as we wait to see what the future might hold for the popular e-skateboard company. Luckily, a number of solid boards offer similar performance to the Boosted line, oftentimes at a cheaper price.

If you want to compare these boards side by side the popular Eskate blog “e-skateboarder.com” comes in handy. You find several reviews and a board comparison tool over there.

WowGo 3X

The WowGo 3X board is relatively cheap, selling on the WowGo website for a price of $749.99. This electric skateboard can actually top the maximum speed offered by the Boosted Plus by around 2 mph. The WowGo 3X also matches the Boosted Plus range of 14 miles.

Backfire Zealot

At only $899, the Backfire Zealot is a solid performance alternative with a cheaper price than the boards offered by Boosted. The impressive range of 17.5 - 22 miles exceeds what the Boosted Plus can offer, and a top speed of 28.5 mph makes it one of the quickest boards in the industry.

The Backfire Zealot comes with a flexi bamboo glass fiber deck, giving it a pleasing appearance along with its solid performance.

Exway Flex

The Exway website states that the Flex allows riders to “spend less for all the features you want.” One big draw of this board is the sophisticated phone application, which can implement a custom standby time, turbo function, and more.

You can even use the Exway app to shift gears while in motion. Performance-wise, the board can hit speeds of up to 25 mph in turbo mode while boasting a 20-mile range. At a price of $649, this board packs quite the punch without breaking the bank.

Cheapest Good Electric Skateboards

Boosted offers a standard of performance that’s hard to match without a pretty hefty price tag. If you’re shopping on a smaller budget, several companies manufacture boards with excellent specs and features at affordable prices.

When looking for a cheap board, it’s extremely important to take a deep dive into the reviews of riders who have experienced the board you’re considering.

Meepo V3

A truly affordable board at only $379, the Meepo comes highly recommended by a number of reviewers. Its top speed of 28 mph actually tops a few of the more expensive models above, and the board’s real-world 20-mile range and extended range battery makes it a solid commuter e-skateboard.

It is important to note that the extended range battery may increase the total cost of the Meepo V3.

Backfire G2

Another inexpensive board option is the Backfire G2. This skateboard is currently available for around $409, and some reviewers have called it the best budget board on the market. This should come as no surprise; the device is part of Backfire’s budget line.

Backfire’s reputation in the e-skating community is without question, and they seem to deliver with the G2. It comes with a relatively small range of 8-12 miles, but a respectable top speed of 24 mph.

Ancheer Mini (only $165)

At a price of only $165, the Ancheer Mini is clearly one of the cheapest electric skateboards available in 2020. It functions as an ideal portable and lightweight board, weighing in at a surprisingly low 8.5 pounds.

Riders should note that this board has a low maximum load capacity of 132 pounds, but it provides a respectable top speed (20 km/h) and range (14 km).

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Final Thoughts

Boosted remains the gold standard for many riders in the electric skateboard community. In the wake of Boosted’s shaky future, however, fans of Boosted may be on the lookout for similar (and cheaper) alternatives to the famous e-board line.

Boosted boards are often expensive because of the high quality of parts and specs they offer. For this reason, finding a substantive replacement without breaking the bank can be difficult.

Do your research and read plenty of reviews to stay informed while bargain shopping for Boosted alternatives.

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