Best Snowboard Gloves

Undoubtedly, snowboarders are, maybe, one of the very few people who can't wait for winter to have the best fun of the entire year.

Despite the fun, and the breath of fresh air that every winter brings, it is always important to have perfect protective gear. 

In the following snowboarding gloves reviews, we are going to discuss best gloves for snowboarding, and how you can get the best in the market.

Which are the warmest snowboard gloves, and what factors do you need to consider?

The gloves are waterproof, and everything you would expect from suitable quality gloves. That means your hands will be dry throughout the adventure in the mountains.

A water-resistant goat leather palm plays a vital role in keeping the ice and water from your hands.

And to help keep the cold out, the gloves feature 100% polyester EnduraLoft Insulation.

They are windproof as well to keep your hands from the chill, and you can focus on the activity. And the fact that they are moisture-wicking and breathable makes them comfortable.

The high-intensity activity is going to produce body heat, and the moisture-wicking capability will absorb moisture and sweat.

The soft and tactile leather palm is comfortable on the skin of your hands, and your fingers will not feel inhibited. The soft nose wipe allows you to wipe out any sweat on the nose or around your eyes when the activity level goes up.

Other features such as Ladder Lock Wrist Cinch, Pull-On Loop, and Removable Leash make the gloves fitting and convenient. In particular, the removable leash keeps the gloves hanging close by when you need something with your bare hands.

The material is nylon and machine washable. We might as well add that the gloves are durable, and you can expect to use them for a long time to come.

The gloves are quick-drying, and you don't have to wait for long before you can start your next adventure. You can engage in finger snowboarding with your colleague for fun as you wait for the gloves to dry.

This allows you to keep them clean at all times without necessarily having to get another pair to use when the current one is drying.

  • Breathable and moisture-wicking
  • Soft and tactile leather palm
  • Comfortable on the skin
  • Machine washable and easy to maintain. 
  • Not the best for freezing weather

The shell on this pair of waterproof snowboard gloves is a blend of polyester, PVC, and polyurethane.

This feature makes the gloves lightweight and protective against the elements and making them, best snowboarding gloves.

For insulation, the dakine gloves have 100 polyester fiber and 100 polyester insulation to effectively keep your hands warm throughout the adventure deep in the mountains.

A GORE-TEX is a great addition to enhance the insulation and make sure that the biting cold never reaches your hands - probably the warmest snowboard gloves.

The inside of the dakine titan glove is waterproof and breathable for the round the clock comfort. It helps keep your hands dry when your body gets a little heated up because of the snowboarding intensity.

This usually happens with the Professionals that want to exceed the limit and have fun while at it.

And as the best snow gloves, they are easy to maintain and hand wash. A Rubbertec palm gives you a good grip on items regardless of the falling snow or rain. The inserts are appropriate, especially if you have small hands.

It is optional to use them.

The stretch fleece liner, which you may find in most of the warmest gloves, is removable and washable. It is next to the skin, and you can always remove it and wash it when necessary.

An external waterproof zippered pocket is not always standard in snowboarding gloves. The stash pocket is convenient, and you can put a few small items here when snowshoeing in Blizzard conditions.

However, these snow gloves do not work with electronics. But you can always use the glove liners for this purpose.

  • Polyester insulation and fiber
  • GORE-TEX insert that is moisture-wicking and waterproof
  • The gloves are lightweight
  • A zippered stash pocket at the back of the hand
  • They do not work with electronics such as a touch screen phone
  • The drawstrings are not very durable

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Out of the box, the men's gloves may feel a bit stiff and may require break-in time. Nevertheless, it does not take long before they feel comfortable for most people.

Most users are in awe at how much these gloves are fitting, and of course, they are some of the warmest gloves.

The shell is mostly nylon material and a bit of spandex to provide a good fit. On the other hand, the palm is 100% goatskin lining for flexibility and a good grip.

The best snow gloves must have the right level of dexterity, and the lining provides just that.

And despite being the warmest gloves, they are machine washable and easy to maintain. You don't take a lot of time to clean them for the next use in the mountains.

The 100 grams fleece palm lining is sufficient to keep your hands warm when snowboarding.

The men's gloves are not a problem to keep warm when snowshoeing or doing other activities in cold weather - qualities that the best snowboarding gloves should never be without.

For most people, the gloves are fitting and comfortable to complete the task at hand without any issues.

There have been a few issues regarding sizing, but it is not hard to get the right fit. You don't need to treat the gloves before using them. That means you can use them immediately - what do you expect from the best snowboard gloves?

The Nylon shell material is windproof, and you will feel nothing on your fingertips when speeding down the mountains. The gloves are warm and sturdy, and you can be sure to enjoy the outing in the mountains.

Some users complain that they may lose a bit of dexterity, but they are durable and useful for a long time.

  • 100 grams fleece palm lining to provide sufficient insulation
  • Hand washable
  • No need to weather treat the gloves
  • Windproof and waterproof
  • Comfortable for a variety of activities in the cold
  • Breaking in time required
  • The gloves are only for men

The burton gore-tex gloves are for the people that can't stay away from technology even when snowboarding. It is not always that you come across gloves that give you total control over the touch screen operation, like these Gore-Tex gloves.

The leather on every finger gives you this maximum control for convenience.

No more wasting time trying to remove the gloves to operate your iPad or smartphone.

But what makes them the best snowboard gloves is the effective ThermacoreTM insulation to keep away the chill from your fingers and hands.

Together with the fixed Brushed Microfiber lining, your hands can finally be warm as you ski in the mountains or do any other activity in the Blizzard.

You will appreciate the ergonomic pre-curved fit as a snowboarder. The feature makes the burton snowboarding gloves comfortable and consistent. You will also find a removable wrist leash that makes it possible to get a good fit and keep the gloves in place.

The Gore-Tex membrane provides the ruggedness and protection against the rough weather that characterizes the mountains and winter.

It is the best men's snowboard gloves because of the removable stretch fleece liner that dries quickly after washing. The liner gives you various options in different types of weather.

For example, you can wear the liner and nothing else when shoveling and clearing the way. In spring conditions, you can wear the shell alone.

Burton snowboarding gloves have a hidden vent pocket for convenience.

  • Total touch screen operation on any finger
  • Effective ThermacoreTM insulation
  • Fixed lining for consistency and comfort
  • Removable stretch fleece liner
  • One year warranty
  • The gloves may not be very durable
  • Your hands will not keep dry and warm after a period

The skiing gloves are both water-resistant and windproof to give you maximum protection when you most need it.

The fabric is Breathable Hestra Triton 3-Layer polyamide that allows sufficient airflow when snowboarding and doing other activities.

It has a removable polyester lining that you can quickly clean and prepare for the next adventure.

Apart from the lining, the gloves have Fiberfill insulation to provide adequate protection against unfavorable mountain weather. Something that most of the best women's snowboard gloves and women's snow jackets feature..

Other comfort features that you would typically find in the best snowboard gloves include the velcro closure, snow lock, and handcuffs to give you an excellent fit to enjoy the mountain adventure without any distractions.

The cuffs together with the velcro closure lock the gloves in place, and you can focus on the sport.

You also enjoy maximum flexibility with the proofed-army goat leather upper. The gloves are super grippy as well - something that snowboarders and skiers want to see in a pair of gloves. The liner stays in place and fits perfectly inside the gloves.

However, you may need to slide the 3 finger snowboard gloves off to do anything that requires dexterity.

But we are not saying the gloves are inflexible. On the contrary, they are comfortable to use in most of the activities such as shoveling and where you need to use your fingers.

Still in doubt, whether they are the best women's snowboard gloves?

Even better, the removable and replaceable interior lining allows you to customize the gloves according to your needs. For example, you can remove the lining when you feel a bit hot and uncomfortable.

  • Breathable material for Comfort
  • Water-resistant and waterproof
  • Removable and washable polyester lining
  • Sufficient insulation
  • Various comfort features such as a velcro closure for a proper fit
  • Removable and replaceable interior lining
  • The gloves may run a bit small
  • They are a bit rigid for particular activities that require dexterity

Nylon is undoubtedly one of the best materials for snowboarding gloves. It is water-resistant, comfortable on the skin and quite flexible.

Typically, these are the very qualities that you get from these outdoor research men's gloves.

The snowboarding gloves are windproof to keep your hands warm, and moisture-wicking to keep them dry. They are not challenging to wash and maintain as well.

For those who love dexterity on a pair of gloves, these are without a doubt the perfect item.

They are flexible, and you can use your fingers effectively. Sometimes heavy-duty insulation can affect the dexterity of a pair of gloves.

These men's gloves balance between insulation and dexterity to a level that you can describe as perfect.

But that is not all there is regarding the gloves; they are warm as well.

Compared to the other gloves in the market, you will notice that these gloves have a shell with more PrimaLoft hi-loft. The upgraded liner provides better moisture management, and you can be comfortable in whatever activity you are doing.

You may not need the liner to keep warm as in the majority of the cases, the shell is sufficient.

Some users have reported a mismatch between the shell and the liner, but the construction quality covers for such a shortcoming.

The gloves are durable as well to use in such activities as shoveling and carrying heavy equipment. Please note that you may need to give them time to break in.

  • Water-resistant and comfortable on the skin
  • Windproof and moisture wicking
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Upgraded liner for improved moisture management
  • There are reports of mismatch between the shell and the liner
  • They are a bit bulky for some people

The Nylon and spandex insulated gloves are comfortable and protective. You can hand wash the gloves and keep them clean for the next adventure. So are these the best gloves for snowboarding?

What else makes them top snowboard gloves?

Of course, they have such comfort features that include the stick grip fingers, wrap caps, and digital grip palm. The genuine goatskin trim and breathable woven fabric help keep your hands and fingers dry.

For insulation against the chilly weather, the gloves come with Hydrowick microdenier lining and Megaloft insulation.

Furthermore, they have a GORE-TEX insert to make them windproof and waterproof.

The Nylon and spandex gloves are versatile, and you can use them for any activity in cold weather. Some users also find the insulated gloves appropriate for motorcycle or other high-speed activities why you need your hands and fingers protected from the cold.

The micro Denier lining and mega loft insulation create an effective barrier between your skin and the outside environment.

It has always been an issue for most snowboarders to deal with a lining that separates from the shell. However, that is not a thing to worry about as the coating stays in place, regardless of the intensity.

The wrist tethers grab your wrists for stability and comfort so that you can focus on the snowboarding. The waterproof snowboard gloves are designed to accommodate the natural curving in your hand, and you can be as comfortable as possible when snowboarding.

These snowboard gloves with wristguard have a leash to keep them close by when you need your bare hands for particular activities such as operating your mobile phone. The strap is not removable.

Please note that the fingers will not work on touch screen devices, especially for people that are all about technology.

  • You can hand wash them
  • Windproof and waterproof
  • Comfortable on the skin
  • The gloves are versatile
  • They may fade over time
  • The gloves may not be warm enough

The Ultimate Guide on Best Snowboard Gloves

It seems as if the snowboarding bug is spreading like wildfire. More and more people are taking to the mountains for shredding, and the various brands can't waste an opportunity to make a quick killing.

That said, how do you get the best snow gloves on the market?

How to Choose Best Snowboard Gloves

Insulation is an essential factor in winter gear such as Gordini gloves and is measured in grams of insulation.

In the majority of the cases, the gloves do not have weight-listing or insulation listing that you can rely on to determine their warmth.

Ideally, you should not trust this listing implicitly as they are not under any specific regulations between manufacturers.

The units can be subjective depending on the quality of the materials used, among other factors.

Use the measurements as a baseline for determining warmth, but don't rely on it entirely.

Not all gloves are made equal or are Gordini gloves. Determine which weather you'll be using the snowboard gloves, and realize that you cannot always go for the thickest and warmest pair you find.

For example, spring skiing requires a breathable and thin pair of gloves. On the other hand, wetproof snowboard gloves are most appropriate for the areas that experience occasional wet-weather bursts.

But you can always choose multifunctional snowboard gloves that are appropriate for all weather. These gloves will combine a variety of features to prove useful in all conditions.

Breathable and waterproof technology has come a long way, and it would be foolhardy not to take advantage of it in snowboarding. Most brands have cheaper alternatives, and you don't have an excuse not to get good quality breathable and waterproof gloves.

The powder skirts and long cuffs are other great features you have in a pair of gloves. Don't ignore the gloves with extended cuffs that mostly go over the jacket. This feature keeps away the snow, and your hands are warmer for the entire adventure.

Retainer straps are usually underrated but are an essential feature that keeps your gloves attached at all times for convenience.

Your activity level will also determine which gloves are ideal. For those that push their limits hard and fast, thin and protective gloves will do them much good. The last thing that a snowboarder would want is to deal with sweaty hands.

Beginners will do alright with thick gloves. Their measured intensity level means reduced body heat, and the chances of having wet hands are minimal.

Removable liners add some level of versatility to the gloves. You can remove the liner to allow the gloves to dry quickly. It is possible as well to wear only the shell or any other part of the glove, depending on your needs.

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Leather snowboard gloves

Leather snowboard gloves are undoubtedly stylish, but you should go for the most functional. A good pair strikes a balance between dexterity and warmth. It will be a good idea if the snowboard gloves have a removable liner to extend their versatility and comfort.

Leather is not always the most comfortable, and such versatility is always a great addition.

Goatskin palms are always soft and flexible to allow natural movement. The majority of the leather snowboard gloves are not waterproof, but you can always use something like SnoSeal. That said, leather snowboard gloves are ideal for dry weather.

We are not saying that you cannot get waterproof leather snowboard gloves. Certain brands, such as Gore-Tex gloves have leather gloves that are both warm and waterproof.

The only problem with leather gloves is that most of them do not last for long. The leather used is usually thin, and sometimes insufficient to take constant use and abuse associated with the mountain adventure. If the leather is too thick, the gloves become inflexible, and that is not the main idea.

But you can always extend the life of the leather gloves by using leather care products such as Sno Seal or Neat’s Foot Oil.

Waterproof snowboard gloves

We cannot insist enough on how crucial waterproof snowboard gloves are. You cannot avoid touching the ground and having snow on your hands. If the gloves are not waterproof, they become wet, and that is a recipe for freezing hands.

People often think that you can only choose one between waterproof and breathable. Thanks to technology, you now don't have to choose.

It was not too long ago that getting snowboard gloves that blend both breathability and waterproofing was an uphill task. But technology is always changing, and you can now get waterproof and breathable snowboard gloves.

Some of the benefits of waterproof snowboard gloves include the fact that you can wear them in wet weather, even when you are not snowboarding in the mountains.

If you are looking for exceptional waterproof and breathable gloves, Gore-Tex gloves should be your first stop. Of course, there are other brands with cheaper snowboard gloves and can match the efficiency of Gore-Tex gloves.

However, it is always safer to go with reliable brands.

They are the best gloves for snow because they function well with windproofing and warm insulation. Nonetheless, there are different brands you can choose from, each with its features and construction.

That means different brands can blend waterproofing with other features such as insulation or improved breathability.

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How to Wash and Dry Gloves

After a week of riding down the mountains, you will expect your ski gloves to have collected sweat and other forms of dirt. It is therefore vital to give them a bit of TLC before you can prepare for the next adventure.

If your waterproof gloves have a liner, remove and clean it sufficiently. The liner is next to the skin, and an essential feature in the best gloves for snow. Only remove the liner if they are intended to be removed.

Avoid regular detergent on waterproof gloves as and it can peel off the waterproofing layer.

The thumbs, fingers, and leather palms should go into the washing machine. Make sure you have a reproofing spray to restore the water-resistant capability.

Place the ski gloves in a mesh bag to prevent ripping. Run the machine on a warm gentle cycle or as recommended by the manufacturer.

After washing, squeeze the water out, starting with the fingers. Don't wring as doing so can damage the lining. Always hang the gloves from the fingertips in a clothesline.

You can as well hand wash the gloves by using warm water and rubbing gently. Use a gentle cleanser and avoid a standard washing detergent.

If you have leather gloves, don't submerge them in water. Use the appropriate leather cleaner and spray it on the outside. Use a clean cloth to wipe it away.

Concluding Remarks

An adventure snowboarding in the mountains would never be complete without the necessary protective gear. The warmest gloves keep your hands protected as you speed down the hills at neck-breaking speed.

There are different types of gloves, and it is not every one of them that can sufficiently fulfill your needs. At a minimum, the gloves should be breathable and protective.

These should be waterproof, windproof, and of course, warm. We hope the above best snowboarding gloves reviews provide you with a good picture of some of the best available options.

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