Winter is that time of the year when people cooped up in their snug and warm homes in front of a fire. A bear feeds off the stored fat in its body when it hibernates. But not humans though. The cold weather makes us crave energy dense-food and inactivity leads to a few extra pounds in the midriff. So go out there and partake in the delights of the first snowfall with winter sports.

For all the fitness junkies out there, winter provides an avenue for various sports. It is a time to acquire new skills and make new friends. While skiing and ice-skating are popular, snowboarding is catching on fast. It is an amazing and fun way to keep fit during the winter. Some of the fitness benefits of snowboarding are listed below-

Cardio workout

Snowboarding is a high-intensity sport that involves aerobic exercise- good for the heart and losing weight! An hour of this intense activity can burn around 300 to 450 calories depending on the terrain. It also increases lung capacity.

Many people spend hours at a time on the sport. An excellent way to increase endurance and trim the waistline.

Strengthening muscles

Snowboarding involves all the muscle groups in your legs. It strengthens ankles, calves, and hamstrings. It also helps strengthen the upper body as it is actively engaged in keeping balance. As almost all the muscles in our body are actively exercised, more fat will be scorched.

Core muscles

An intense snowboarding session will give a good workout to the core muscles, which efficiently burns calories and strengthens them at the same time. These muscles need to be strong to protect the internal organs.


You constantly need to change direction, frequently and suddenly without falling off. This significantly increases balance and flexibility as you become more proficient. Your reflexes become quicker and decisive.
Keeping balance involves almost all the muscles in our body. Since you will fight to maintain balance throughout the session, you can imagine how effective snowboarding can be for losing that extra flab.

The cold conditions

Experts believe that exposure to cold burns more calories. While being exposed to the elements, it is vital to bundle up appropriately. There are lots of specialized thermal sportswear for the chilly conditions. Every bit of cold air inhaled will cause the core temperature to drop.
The body copes up accordingly by burning calories to heat up. You will also dehydrate quickly and lose weight due to it. Do not take that as a good sign. It is highly essential to keep your body hydrated to stay alert and limber.

The incentive to eat right

The fat burned during a snowboarding session will be negated after a hearty calorie-dense meal. As you progress in the sport, you will find ways to eat healthily.

You will stay motivated to stick to a proper diet regimen. Besides, the endorphins released after an intense snowboarding session will elevate your mood and help stay away from comfort foods that are usually energy rich.

“Peer” pressure

You can meet amazing people while snowboarding, all of whom will have one thing common- keeping fit! It will provide you with an excellent opportunity to compare diets, gears, techniques, and slopes. It will also give you a chance to engage in friendly competitions and continuously challenge yourself to perform better and keep fit.

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A fun way to keep fit

Once you get a little better at snowboarding, it will get to be a fun activity. Imagine yourself gliding down the slope with the scenery zipping by!
Now, think of the little swivel to keep balance or a deft movement required to avoid a rock or a stone to prevent a fall! It is fun! The kids love it. A fun way to spend some quality time with friends and family and importantly, keep fit!

A chance to travel

When you become proficient in a new sport like snowboarding and get fitter, a time will come when you start to look for more challenging slopes and terrains.

New hill slopes may present different challenges that you may be eager to try out. The more challenging and varying a slope gets, the more calories you will burn.

Do not get daunted at the prospect if you are a first timer. Just get out there and take it slow. There will be many falls for even an expert snowboarder. Falling and hauling yourself off the ground is a part of this magnificent sport.

Safety and quality protective gears are paramount. Remember, all those hours spent gliding down slopes, hauling yourself up against the slopes burns calories and makes you fitter than ever.

So get out there, and strap up your board to quash winter boredom and inactivity. You will be amazed at the changes in your body after a short while!

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