K2 Maysis Mens Snowboard Boot

So, as winter has already taken up the charge for the next few months, why don't we give a shot to try some of the thrilling adventure games? Skiing, snowboarding, surfing and a lot more! So, what are your winter plans?

Well, I take full advantage of the command "FREEZE" as this is the only time throughout the year where we get to indulge and glide in the snowy mountains! Yes! Snowboarding is fun!

k2 maysis boots MEN'S

Best for Intermediate - Expert level

We are more focused on buying a stylish snowboard that, we often tend to ignore the crucial equipment. The snowboarding boots! Here is one of the top snowboard boots you can grab. And here are the top-notch qualities which you have been looking for:

Boot flex

Well, just so you know, as the boot flex is not standardized, the K2 Maysis boots rate the boot flex from 1 to 5 (1 being the softest and 5 being the stiffest). The flex rating of the K2 Maysis Snowboarding Boots is 4, meaning it has a stiff and responsive flex.


The Maysis snowboarding boots have made an entry with the advanced and key features to support you by comfort and make your boarding even more enthusiastic!

To give a forgiving feel and be quick responsive during jumping and harsh landings, it features articulated cuff. This articulated cuff ensures a firm heel hold. Thus, it supports you to keep moving forward by minimizing the shell distortion.

According to the K2 Maysis Boots review, a user shared his experience saying that the add-on features, i.e., External J bars and internal J bars helps to vanish the heel lift "Phobia"!

Especially, if you are a rider who is looking the best snowboard boots for wide feet and prefer the high-end boots, then, K2 Maysis satisfies the criteria.


Intuition Control Foam 3D: Blending the combination of medium and high-density intuition foam makes the Intuition Control Foam 3D versatile.

Also, the presence of internal J bars and external J bars around the ankle supports you with the proper heel hold.

As per a review of a customer, the EVA insole running through the entire feet in the Maysis boots delivers the most comfortable feel.

Boa Conda

To provide more secure and stable heel hold, the patented K2 liner lacing system makes use of urethane harness to provide the proper grip.

The customer shared his experience stating that the Boa Conda helps you in tightening the heel hold and the liner in a fraction of a second. The best part is, you can easily adjust the settings even with the gloves on!

Lacing system

To provide an even lacing system throughout with evenly distributed tension, the Boa coiler makes use of a reel and a cable thus helps you to adjust the laces without any hassle.

These features also enable proper tightening of the laces and also the Coiler makes sure of the things by retracting to lace slack.


The 3D Formed EVA footbed provides a warm comfort with a secure feel right below your feet.


Summing up the K2's understanding about the customer's needs and the Vibram's durability, the Vibram Pro-Lite is here to offer you a great comfort by providing a lightweight feel.

And more

Rubber toe cap: The rubber toe cap can provide a supreme protection against dangerous external factors. Thus, this thick feature induces more security to your feet which at times can cause the feet to sweat.

Ability level

The K2 Maysis snowboarding boot with these amazing and advanced top quality features is best suitable for the riders with an advanced and expert level skill set.

Well, winter is the only season which permits you to bring out both lazy and crazy moods hidden inside you. Why not occasionally celebrate the winters by learning something new? So, what are your winter plans?

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