Thirty two STW boa womens

Assembling a board-boots binding set-up? Have snowboard boots as your first acquisition and get in and out of your boot in a jiffy without losing much of your time.

The thirty-two boa snowboard boot fits your foot like a glove. Select a boot which should match your riding style and the snow conditions you most frequently encounter.


Best for intermediate to advanced

Snowboard boot flex

Boot flex is as important as the comfort which the boot provides. Finding a flex which matches your riding style is a gift in itself. A flex is mainly categorized as soft, medium, and stiff.

The soft flex snowboard boots are comfortable and easy on your feet if you have to spend long days on mountains.

The medium flex boot provides balance and mobility, performance and comfort.

The stiff flex boots provide edge power and control when you are in high speed or tough condition.

So, with this soft flexing thirty two boots for women, you can have a comfortable ride down the mountain.

Riding style

Boot flex compliments different types of snowboarding with different riding styles. It can be an all-mountain ride, freeride, or freestyle.

With the soft flexing in your snowboard boots, you can enjoy freestyle and an all-mountain ride. So, keep your preferences high and enjoy your comfort zone.

Snowboard boot lacing system

Lacing is important when it comes to snowboard boots. The top rated snowboard boots should be tightly laced and yet make you feel comfortable.

Keep it tight to a point until it is free from blister-causing pressure points. This tends to keep your ankles and heels securely at a place. If possible, make sure that it should have minimal heel lift, i.e., no foot shimmying at all.

The Boa closure system of this boot is dial precision. Also, the internal lacing system has a superior heel hold. It has a supportive fit with an independent eye stay.

The Boa lacing system makes it fast, easy, convenient and can be easily modified during a pause in any activity.

Snowboard boot liners

The liner is the entire inner part of a snowboard boot. They are commonly made from ethylene vinyl acetate. It provides cushioning stability and insulation for a snowboarder's feet.

The three basic categories of a liner are-

  • Non-moldable (stock)- It is less pliable and provides generic lining.
  • Thermoformable liner- It uses your foot's heat to achieve a custom fit.
  • Custom-moldable liner- It uses artificial heat to achieve a custom fit.

With the heat moldable comfort liner experiences a dual density intuition foam and integrated lacing. You will feel a plush pillow around your feet. The integrated internal lacing delivers an excellent heel lock.

Snowboard boot fit

The correct size of the boot brings in a good fit. The sizes are the same as the standard footwear sizing. Ensure that the fit in the rear of the boot is snug.

This boot has 1:1 last true half sizes and 3-D molded tongue for easier lacing and an even flex throughout.


The original price of these women's size 7 snowboard boots is $191. But, you can buy it for less in the coming cyber week sale.


These boots are incredibly comfortable whether you're riding at night or a bright sunny day. The reason that your boots should be snug, but not tight to the point of restriction is exactly why you need to buy these amazing snowboard boots.

Although snowboarding is harder to learn, it is easier to master. So pick up your essentials and get ready for another amazing year.

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