Burton Ion Leather Snowboard Boots

Look who's peeping! Oh yeah, winter it is! Of all the seasons, winter is definitely everyone's favorite which lets us enjoy the perks of the freezing weather! Early to bed and "not so early" to rise with all the valid reasons to be lousy in bed for hours - It's freaking cold!

Also, who would not love to enjoy playing in the chilling snow covered all over! Making a snowman, skiing, snowballs, snowboard and what not?


Best for Advanced-Expert level

We all can't wait to hit the slopes and with the best snowboard boot we are good to go! Among the best ion boots in town, I found this Burton ion boot which is more than just stylish and durable. Here you go:


The preliminary criteria while buying a snowboard boot are of course, the comfort. The Burton ion boots promise to offer you the feel of comfort regardless if it is day 1 or day 999!

Stiff flex:

One of the topmost priorities definitely is speed control. The Burton ion snowboard boots are so responsive in recognizing the sharp edges and can quickly control the speed.

Life liner:

Talking about life liners, well, you can be doubly assured of the comfort it offers by making you feel relaxed even during long and lengthy seasons having challenging tasks!

If you are worried about your foot shape fittings, then, I would suggest you throw that worry away.

The construction of the responsive PU tongue assures you to be super fast and moving being resistant to break-down. Thus, the Burton ion leather snowboard boots offer the comfort for all the foot shapes!

Tuff cuff:

While shopping a snowboard boot, another criterion is the ankle support. Considering this, the Burton ion has come up with the idea of the snowboard boots that supports the ankle by providing the required comfort.

Yes, the tuff cuff can be described as the stability offered to the inner cuff. This is designed to further increase the heel hold by wrapping the ankles with lateral and medial support.

Also, you should know that there hasn't been any compromise in the stretchability from toes to ankles.


The Burton ion snowboard boots have made a fantastic attempt to bring the cushion closer to your foot. You can feel the soft and warm cushion right down to your foot which is placed within the shell.

Thus, freezing cold or long, hard day, you do not have to worry about warmth and comfort! The Burton has got it right!

Full grain leather:

Well, the Burton boots are famous for their gussets. Yes, internal gusset which completely seals the lower part of the boot where the primary concern is to keep your foot dry and warm throughout the day.

Thus, the snow-proof internal gusset offers you the kind of warmth and dryness exactly the way you are expecting.

Footprint reduction technology:

Yes, this technology is about shrinking your footprint all the way one size down. For example, if your foot size is 8, then, your foot easily fits into the Burton snowboard boots with a size 8.

But, the only thing it reduces is the footprint of the boots. You can check the footprint measures size 7. Thus, you will no longer worry about the toe drag torture as it is made convenient for you by being sleek and light.


AutoCANT cushioning:

Want your foot to be relaxed, comfortable? By kicking off the pain and offering even more direct board control, the smoothness is amplified.

Say NO to fatigue, say NO to lame excuses. I am sure this Burton Ion Leather Snowboard review will give you some directions this winter! Get on your Burton snowboard boots and board into the land of snow! Happy winters!

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