Salomon Hi Fi Snowboard Boot

Stack the deck to get your blood pumped in the hopes of an abundant snow year. Gear up for some winter sports and get the real altitude this snow season. 

To get the real feel of snowboarding, a perfect pair of shoes like Salomon Hi Fi is required that may help you stay firm on your snowboard. 


Best for Advanced to Expert 

These Salomon Hi Fi snowboard boots can offer you the right fit, flex, feel, and level of comfort.

The features include

  • Flexibility- This offers a medium flex and a Spring bank style which helps riders to feel good on all terrain types and riding styles.
  • Liner- You can get high performance and high comfort with a Salomon hi fi  snowboard boots. Being versatile and responsive, it offers a full custom fit, heat mouldable, and multi-density foam throughout the liner.
  • Zone lock lacing- You can count on these boots for freestyle fun across the full range of terrain choices. The zone-lock lacing system offers a lower zone locker and supports an outstanding heel hold.
  • Sensible technology- Its sensible and fit technology includes built-in wrapping panel which secures the foot with an exact fit and holds the foot from midsole to the laces.
  • Foot bed- You get a cooler and drier, and better-cushioned environment for your foot with an ortho-lite material. Not breaking down over time and staying cushy is what you will love the most.
  • The sole- Salomon specific premium level EVA foam blend when integrated into the outsole construction, provides light-weight, long lasting and high rebound.


When out for some ride, make sure that you wear a comfortable boot so that you can get a good grip on the snowboard.

Whether backcountry or all mountain Snowboard boots, these are the most important things you should buy which can make or break your day on the mountains. They must fit comfortably, correctly, and work well with your bindings.

Salomon snowboard boots and best all mountain snowboard bindings come with  compatibility and make a big difference in comfort and compatibility.

The thick outer shell and the foam inside provides plenty of insulation and allows the forefoot and ankle leg to tighten independently from each other.

The unique version of EVA foam is applied to the areas where it is most needed. It protects your foot from getting cropped when you click a knuckle.

It mellows out of the usual shred related vibrations and does an excellent job over time to put your feet through the wringer.

Get the Salomon hi fi at a reasonable rate and enjoy the premium construction. It delivers value for money experience that should span multiple seasons.

The mutation technology of this Salomon Hi Fi White Snowboard Boot makes it low profile and cuts down on extra moving parts which makes it much lighter of 10.35 pounds.

What does it do?

It has a softer material which is easier to play with and comes with better construction and flawless support. It holds with no pressure point and ensures enough mobility for you to tweak out your grabs easily.
It progressively adapts to your feet and keeps you in control. It is a boot of choice for all the advanced riders who want a comfortable hold.

The best assets are

  • Proper hold
  • Response feel
  • Cushioning
  • Light-weight

It has comfort, durability, solid construction, and a modern look which won't get old anytime soon. Go with the Salomon hi fi boot and set it up like the boss man himself.

To confirm your boot size, read our guide about: Snowboard Boot Sizes Conversion Chart to Figure Out Your Size.

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