ThirtyTwo Jones MTB Snowboard Boot womens

Every snowboarder knows how critical the choice of boots is. The selection of freeride snowboarding boots can be the difference between having fun and ending up with a broken foot.

Best women's snowboarding boots will protect your knees from the tension that
characterizes traditional boots. Snowboarding and mountain climbing requires significant use of your knees and ankles. Great boots will provide not only sufficient ankle support but also decent
insulation from freezing.


Best for intermediate to advanced

So what makes ThirtyTwo Jones MTB boots for women one of the best snowboarding and mountain climbing boots? We discuss this claim in the following review.


Snowboarding in the mountains is never fun if the cold can reach your feet. However, that is nothing that you'll need to worry about with these boots. I especially like the sufficient insulation and durability of the materials on this product.

For example, the Boa cuff release is a source of adequate support and comfort to negotiate the mountains effectively. The feature allows for longer strides so that you can achieve better mobility. The lace gaiter is waterproof and does not freeze when you least expect it.

Freezing is quite frequent among most boot, and that makes camping in the mountains, challenging. The lace cover keeps your feet dry and the snow off the shoes.

The deep treads on the Vibram sole give you a sure footing as you wrestle with the snow. Furthermore, you can use the heel welt together with clip crampons and straps. These ensure that you are on your feet for longer.

Another feature that I believe to be one of the most functional includes the Recoil Flex control. Typically, you can determine how comfortable you need your boots to be. The recoil flex control allows you to change the level of flexibility on this boot.

The moldable heat liner shapes according to how your feet look so that you can have a better stance. You are more effective when on your natural posture than when you are not.


Sizing is not an issue with this boot. This boot is as close to size 11 as it can get. Some riders who wear women's snowboard boots size 9 would recommend a bigger size to ensure a better fit. However, this is one area that the brand excels in.

The lace-up design and zipper help achieve a more comfortable fit. It is also easy to put on and off.

To Know More About boot Size Check Out: Snowboard Boot Sizes Conversion Chart to Figure Out Your Size.


I find strong materials on boots to be attractive. That is especially true if you love the mountains and frequently hike and snowboard there.  Rugged materials protect your feet from the stress associated with snowboarding or hiking.

The wrong choice of boots can gift your feet with a long-term injury, and it is not what you want. You will find that the Vibram sole on this footwear is sturdy.  It will easily take any stress and pressure to ensure foot comfort.

A blend of intuition foam and energy foam feel so comfortable that I did not want to remove them. These features provide sufficient shock absorption for perfect snowboarding.

The upper material is Storm Shield. Running your finger on it assures you of strength and protection. You feel that it is strong enough to take any beating and use for a long time.

Typically, hybrid snowboard boots and other types of boots you use in the mountains are not quite cheap. It, therefore, makes every sense that they should also be durable.


Unlike most other snowboarding boots, recoil boa on this product allows optimal flexibility. It is about 35 degrees flexible to change between walking uphill and snowboarding downhill.

You can easily use ThirtyTwo Jones MTB in snowboarding mode or walking mode without the need to have a second pair.

Final Verdict

The ThirtyTwo Jones MTB Snowboard Boots have improved with every new issue. The new features include the lace cover that keeps snow away from the boot. It also keeps them dry.

You will also not need to worry about comfort and shock absorption. The boots are both ragged and comfortable inside. They are the kind of boots you deserve.

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