ThirtyTwo Lashed Snowboard Boot – Women

Winter it is! Time for the "Explora"preneurs hidden inside us to show up! Well, there are certain activities which can be done right and enjoyed to the peak only during winters. Yes, snowboarding is one of those thrilling activities!

How exciting it is to glide on the snow mountain in freezing weather! Don't you want to experience this extraordinary adventure? Here you go! Get your boots on board! Well, I want to focus on the best snowboard boots which make the adventurous journey safe and comfortable.


Best for beginner to expert

Thirtytwo Lashed Snowboard Boots is one of the trusted brands for delivering the top-notch features under our feet. Here are some:

Boot flex:

As you know that the women's boots are designed with a unique touch as compared to those of men's keeping the heel concern in mind. Here, this snowboard boot is of medium flex, meaning it is forgiving during harsh landings.


Well, if you are looking for the most recommended women's snowboard boots with top-notch features to invest your hard-earned money in, then, here it is!

  • 1:1 flex: The Thirtytwo Lashed Snowboard boots provide the flex with true half sizes making you feel comfortable and secure without any heel lifting hassle.
  • 3D molded tongue: This feature provides an even flex throughout and also helps in easy lacing.
  • Articulated cuff: This feature helps in eliminating the shell distortion. Thus, providing you with a comfortable feel throughout the wear.
  • Performance backstay: If you are "Freak" zoned about your spine related issues, then, it is time for you to relax and smile! How? The Thirtytwo Lashed snowboard boots support your spine the entire rough day.
  • Power cuff: This feature is added so that it can help you adjust the settings of the boot.

Looking for other brands! Check out Vans women's snowboard boots.

Lacing system:

When it comes to the lacing system, most of the riders opt for the traditional lacing system. It is one of the convenient methods to adjust the laces of our boots. The addition of the pressure pad helps you in relieving from the lace bite issue.

The independent Eyestay feature assists and supports you regarding the boot fit. A customer claimed that except for the fact that, it involves tightening the laces through bare hands, sometimes it is difficult to get our hands out in the freezing cold weather!


Another important criterion of the snowboarding boot is the sole. The Thirtytwo boots for women makes use of STI Evolution Foam Outsole to provide a comfortable feel by being much lighter with proper cushioning.


The liner used here is the Team liner which is an intuition foam which is heat moldable with dual density.

Also, a user shared her word of opinion stating that the boots provide a great heel lock as it is of medium support with standard height. And another review was agreeing with the point that it is highly flexible in nature.


Of course, the footbed plays a crucial role in providing the major concerns: Comfort and warmth. Thus, a fantastic feature, i.e., Team footbed which is a molded footbed provides you with the arch support and the heel cradle as well.

Best suitable for:

This good quality snowboard boot is ideal for people with skill level from intermediate to advanced. Now, it is time to get home the Thirtytwo Lashed 2022 and get this game out of your bucket list!

Be it a walk in the park or one rough ride through the mountains, the Thirtytwo Lashed Snowboard boots is here to serve your basic needs with lavish looks.

By bagging all the top quality features, this boot has made an effort to showcase the fact that your choice is worth the money you invested in! Well, I don't mind trying these smart boots this winter which makes me learn something new! How about you?

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