DC Mens Phase Lace Up Snowboard Boots

Snowboarding is one of the most exciting outdoor activities you can involve in. You see, there is a daredevil in each and every one of us and snowboarding takes the adrenaline to its limit.


It is only sensible to invest in the best boots to optimize the fun in snowboarding. Nothing should come between you and your passion.

Typically, the DC snowboard boots are at the top of the pack in the best snowboarding boots list.


Best for beginners on a budget

So the question is, why should you choose these snowboard boots? We tell you in the following DC Phase snowboard boots review.


The brand DC  has been in the snowboarding game like forever. Well, the thing about old boys on the market is that they know something more than the new entrants. They have enough experience to earn trust.

And while this boot may not be what pro snowboarders are looking for, it has the makings of a decent product for beginners.


It is no secret that these boots are quite appealing. Many users point to this fact, highlighting its importance. There are no rules that say you can't look good as you have fun.

Durable and Comfortable Material

More often than not, durability goes hand in hand with ruggedness. You will need sturdy boots to protect your feet when high-intensity snowboarding.

It is not fun to go home with an injury after having a time of your lifetime.

The DC Phase Snowboard Boots 2021 comes with a durable leather upper to withstand stress. The material is sufficiently flexible to ensure sufficient foot movement. It is also breathable to enhance your comfort as you have fun.

Medium Flex and Lace-Up Design

The medium flex perfectly blends control and comfort to accommodate the different terrains that you encounter. You'll not find such a perfect combination in a snowboarding boot.

The traditional lace-up design not only adds appeal to the boots but also makes it possible to dial up the perfect fit. A hugging boot is comfortable and safe, and the laces are a winner in that regard. 

Red Liner

The multilayer build that combines a fleece lining and EVA foam provide adequate shock absorption and comfort to the wearer. The lining is efficient at keeping your feet dry and feeling good.

The EVA insole is another source of comfort and durability. And to ensure optimal comfort, the footbed has a moisture-wicking top fabric. As such, chances of having sweaty feet are minimal.

Of course, the removable insole will not win any awards. However, it gets the job done. And what more could you be looking for?


The kind of outsole that a snowboarding boot has, determines your efficiency and safety. The outsole on this snowboarding boot is 100% Unilite. The material provides cushioning, dampening and durability. It is also lightweight as well as flexible for the smooth movement of the foot.

The outsole is also durable. It easily overcomes ascent and descent as well as one-foot snowboarding.

Final Word

There are many snowboarding boots on the market, and some may seem better than this product. However, DC Phase Snowboard Boots 2021 are among the best in its class.

Why, because it is affordable and comes from a trustworthy brand. DC is not the new boys on the block. They have good experience to show for it, and that highlights reliability.

The durable and flexible leather material together with the EVA foam lining makes the snowboarding boot ideal for the activity. Efficient shock absorption and moisture wicking internal lining is a source of comfort.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro snowboarder, we find this product to be the perfect fit for you. The affordable price point only serves to sweeten the deal.

Last updated on October 18th, 2021 at 02:31 pm

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