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Only snowboard riders understand that the best way to connect with nature is by having fun. Of course, you can hike and camp, but nothing best underscores the excitement than snowboarding.

As you snowboard down the mountain, you become one with nature. The feel of the wind and the different ground texture adds to the overall fun. However, it is almost impossible to enjoy snowboarding without the best ride snowboard boots.


Best for intermediate to advanced

Good quality snowboard boots provide the comfort and safety you need as you ride. The more comfortable and safe you feel, the more confident you are. The right gear makes you try out some of the most significant moves that only pros can do.

I especially love the Ride Fuse 2021 as they have all the quality to support both beginners and pros alike.


I can honestly tell you that these are some of the most comfortable snowboarding boots. Over the years, I have come across different types of boots with various features, but nothing comes close.

Typically, the boots have a dual density liner that molds to your feet over time. They adopt the shape of your feet so that you can try your skills easy. You are more effective in your natural posture.

I love the look that the boa closure system, as well as the tongue, provides. But more importantly, it is the comfortable fit the features give the boot that is even more attractive.

The traditional lacing system provides the necessary fit that creates a feeling of comfort. Lose snowboard shoes are a safety risk, as well as, uncomfortable.

The total tongue closure you get from the excellent connection between the bottom and the reels feels so good on the heels. I find this system to be comfortable as it distributes the weight sufficiently.

Well, some of the hybrid snowboard boots cannot match the comfort in Ride Fuse.

Safe and Odor-Free

The boot has an antibacterial lining that keeps your feet dry. The Aegis material absorbs any moisture that penetrates your boot so that you feel comfortable. It is one of the qualities that I am more concerned about in a snowboarding boot.

A moisture free boot is also odor free.

The design of the insole is another feature that is worth the praise. The heel comes with an impact element that ensures added safety to your heel. It is one area that I find most boots do not take seriously. It is, however, one of the most important.

An Appealing Boot

It is without a doubt that these boots have a certain kind of appeal. I like the lace-up design and tongue, as well as, everything on this boot. I can't wait to see and try out the Ride Fuse 2019.

The new versions must be quite desirable.


You will notice that these boots are a bit stiff. But I find that this stiffness is as a result of the strong upper material. Over time, as you grow your skills, you will see that relative stiffness is a blessing in disguise.

It is durable and provides shock absorption to your feet. The boots receive a high amount of stress as you snowboard on different terrains and you need sufficient protection.

The outsole is a blend of phylum and Michelin rubber which is not so bad regarding durability.

Final Word

The best ride snowboard boots are what intermediate and pro snowboard riders deserve. You cannot assume that a particular pair of boots are ideal for you. You need to be sure.

But why should you select Ride Fuse? Well, if it is not for the optimal comfort the boot provides, then it is the durability and sturdy design that protects your feet. The moisture-wicking lining, as well as the inside cushioning and tongue, provide adequate foot comfort that you need.

Of course, there are other boots in the market. However, not most of them match the quality of Ride Fuse. As a snowboarder, this is a boot that I would put money on without a flinch. Why don’t you?

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