best Ski Helmets With Built In Goggles

While zipping down the slopes is fun, it could also turn out to be dangerous. Head injuries are disabling and often fatal. Hence, quality Ski Helmets With Built In Goggles have become indispensable to skiers today.

They protect your head, keep it warm, and shield your eyes while skiing.

They are lighter and stronger than ever before and have vents for optimal air circulation. It is difficult to choose the Best Ski Helmets With Built In Goggles from the vast array available now.

To help choose your dream ski helmet with goggles attached, we have pulled out 7 of what we think are great. Here is our list-

7 Best Ski Helmets With Built In Goggles

The Atomic Savor AMID Visor HD features AMID (Atomic Multi-Directional Impact Deflector) which is a dual-density foam system that provides 40% higher impact protection than industry safety standards.

It incorporates the perfect balance of safety, comfort, and ease of skiing.

The Atomic Savor AMID Visor HD has goggles that use High-definition contrast lens technology with crystals in the lens for incredible snow visibility in all light conditions.

What’s more, the visor does not fog up. The adjustable visor systems give you room for glasses without affecting the field of vision. The helmet has a good ventilation system to help dissipate excess heat.

The lining in this snowboard helmet with visor is removable and washable. The 360 ° Fit System along with the Magnetic Fitlock Buckle gives you a superb fit.

The audio compatible 3D modeled earpads keep you warm and do not smother outside sounds. This helmet is a great fusion of premium features and safety.

  • Up to 40% higher impact protection than industry safety standards.
  • High-definition contrast lens for excellent visibility in all conditions.
  • The visor does not fog.
  • 360 ° Fit System.
  • Super ventilation.
  • None!

The Bollé Might Visor Ski Helmets offers the same protection as its pricier premium cousin. This unisex ski helmet has injected ABS for high impact resistance and shock absorption.

The integrated ventilation offers good breathability to keep your head cool in those grilling slopes.

The lining in this helmet is detachable and washable. The Bollé Might Visor features the convenientclick-to-fit system for that perfect fit.

The removable ear-pads help you to customize the amount of warmth you need. The light adaptive photochromic flash mirror lensoffers good visibility in any light condition.

The Bollé Might Visoris stylish and comes in two attractive colors- black and white.  It uses anodized aluminum screws that are strong and durable.

This helmet is light, durable, and effective protective headgear. It is one of the Best Ski Helmets with Visors forthe price.

  • Strong and durable.
  • Great breathability.
  • Light adaptive photochromic flash mirror lens.
  • Click-to-fit system.
  • Some users feel that the visor is not suitable for blizzard and fog days.

The SnowJam Five Forty Poseidon Helmet is a half shell freestyle design built to take hard knocks. It absorbs shock with ease and has some cool features for the price.

This helmet has a removable separate liner that can be popped out for washing.

The SnowJam Five Forty Poseidon has good ventilation that can be easily opened or closed with a simple switch.

The earpads are designed in such a way to allow you to hear outside sounds for safety. They can also be removed for springtime skiing.

The shell is made out of CE certified ABS plastic that is light as well as strong. The dial fit system in the SnowJam Five Forty Poseidon can be adjusted for a perfect fit.

The black slider glasses feature a goldlite tint for most snow conditions. They work great in low light too.

The Five Forty Poseidon ski helmet with goggles attached comes in three sizes- small, medium, and large.

The helmet comes with a one-year warranty and is one the best ski helmets with built-in visors for the occasional to the regular skier.

  • Strong, light, and durable.
  • Good and easy to adjust ventilation.
  • One-year warranty.
  • Premium looks and features.
  • None!

The Slokker Raider Ski Helmet comes with an ABS-constructed outer shell that is strong, light, and durable.

It features a Coolmax interior which is great for safety and comfort. Coolmax is a breathable material that wicks out moisture to keep you cool and dry.

TheSlokker Raider Ski Helmet features a size dial to fit you perfectly. It has 12 upper adjustable ventilation openings that are easy to open and close even with gloves or cold hands.

The helmet also has soft ear pads, and a padded, easy toggle chin strap for a comfortable and secure fit.

One of the main features of the Slokker Raider Ski Helmet is its orange-tinted Photochromatic Polarizing Goggles. While giving you 100% UV protection, it ensures enhanced vision on cloudy days and protection from intense glare during sunny days.

The mounted movable visor (goggles) makes this helmet ideal for people who wear spectacles.

At 490 grams, the Slokker Raider Ski Helmet is light and meets EN1077 safety standards.With a stylish design, this helmet is one of the Best Skiing Helmets with Visors with its premium features.

  • Strong, light, and durable.
  • Stylish design.
  • The Coolmax interior.
  • 100% UV protection.
  • Superb ventilation.
  • Some users report that the goggles fog and scratch easily.

The Giro Essence MIPS Women's Snow Helmet is a smart and stylish shield designthat is designed to protect you from the elements without smudging makeup.

It also allows you to wear your eyewear comfortably. This durable and sleek helmet is specially designed for women.

The in-mold construction is a fusion of tough polycarbonate outer shell with the helmet's impact-absorbing foam liner.

The fusion process along with thermostat control adjustable venting allows for efficient ventilation that makes the helmet lighter and cooler.

Besides, the Stack Vent Technology keeps the goggles clear and fog-free.

The Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) in the Giro Essence MIPS Women's Snow Helmet’s design stretches to allow the foam liner to rotate independently around your head.

This reduces the rotational forces. The In Form Fit System makes it easy to customize the fit in seconds even with the gloves on.

The stylized earpads and trim detailingareone of the Best Skiing Helmets with Visors for women.

The Giro Essence MIPS Women's is compatible with aftermarket Giro audio systems by Outdoor Tech. Compliance: CE EN1077.
  • Designed especially for women.
  • Stylish, lightweight, and durable.
  • MIPS.
  • In Form Fit System.
  • Stack Vent Technology.
  • None!

The Kask Class Ski Helmet is a well-designed premium helmet that will bring the wow factor to your skiing.

It incorporates In-Molding technology with polycarbonate that has high mechanical strength and impacts absorbing capabilities.

The shell is durable and fused with lightweight fabrics. It has an Open Venting System for efficient ventilation.

The Kask Class Ski Helmet has an award-winning design that fits excellently. The lightweight inner padding is removable and washable.

It also uses materials that wick away perspiration to keep you comfortable and warm on the slopes.

The lenses used in the goggles give you excellent vision in both sunny and snowy conditions. They Anti-fog / Anti-scratch and give a superb performance in foggy conditions.

The micrometrical buckle in the Kask Class Ski Helmet is durable and keeps the helmet secure on your head.

The Kask Class Ski Helmet is an Italian masterpiece that combines elegance with technology. It brings you superb comfort and safety on the slopes.

If you are an avid skier who skis regularly, go for this helmet. Though a bit pricey, it is one of the best Ski Helmets with Visors.

  • Award-winning design and premium features.
  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Durable, light, and strong.
  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch goggles.
  • Open Venting System.
  • None!

The Giro Vue MIPS Snow Helmet brings to you an integrated shield with an exceptionally wide field of view and impressive optical clarity.

Its shell consists of a tough outer shell with a lower polycarbonate shell that is permanently fused with the lining. It is light and made to withstand hard knocks.

This ski helmet with goggles attached features an N FORM™ FIT SYSTEM that makes it easy to dial in a custom fit in seconds even gloved hands. The dial is conveniently placed on the outside of the helmet.

You can customize the ventilation with the unique Thermostat Control adjustable venting. This can be done with the low-profile control button on the outside of the helmet.

The Giro Vue MIPS Snow Helmet has a unique Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) which provides more protection in certain impacts.

The XT2 anti-odor padding keeps your helmet odor free all the time!

This helmet is Compatible with Aftermarket Giro Audio Systems by Outdoor Tech.

The Giro Vue MIPS is of the Best Skiing Helmets with Visors with some unique features that give you additional comfort with enhanced safety.

  • Tough, light, and durable.
  • Unique Thermostat Control adjustable venting.
  • MIPS.
  • XT2 anti-odor padding.
  • Some users had issues with the straps on the inside of the helmet.

Things to consider before buying the Best Ski Helmets With Built In Goggles

While buying Ski Helmets with Visors, you need to consider the following-

Which helmet size is perfect for you

You must get the size right. Anything too tight will be uncomfortable and anything loose will compromise your safety.

So, measure your head with a measuring tape by wrapping it around your head one inch above your eyebrows and ears.

Most Skiing Helmets with Visors use centimeters for measurements. If your measurement is 57 cm, choose (55-58cm).

Here is a size chart-

Adult Helmet Size




Extra Large

Youth Helmet Size

Extra Small



Head Size (Cm)

52 - 55.5

55.5 - 59

59 - 62.5


Head Size (Cm)

48.5 - 52

52 - 55.5

55.5 - 59

Head Size (In)

20.5" - 21.75"

21.75" - 23"

23" - 24.5"


Head Size (In)

19" - 20.5"

20.5" - 21.75"

21.65" - 23"

Understanding the VLT

VLT (visible light transmission) is the amount of visible light that reaches your eyes. This is important to consider when you buy Ski Helmets with Visors.

The snowboard goggles are tinted to control the VLT.  Darker tints have lower VLT and lighter tints have higher VLT. Choose your goggles based on the conditions you will ski in.

Interchangeable options

Many ski helmets with built-in visors have interchangeable options. The interchangeable option in a ski helmet allows you to change your goggles depending on the conditions.

You can use dark-tinted goggles for bright days or the light tinted goggles for the murky days.

Ventilation options

The best Skiing Helmets with Visors will have vents for good air circulation. Good ventilation will allow air to flow inside the snowboard helmet to keep you cool during rigorous skiing in the slopes.

The vents also help reduce the weight of the helmets.

The perfect strap is important

The perfect strap in a ski helmet is one that can be operated with gloved hands and cold fingers. Anything too complicated will be clumsy and a chore to buckle.

Security Certificates

Safety accessories like ski helmets or are certified by agencies like ASTM F2040 (for the US) and CE EN1077 (for Europe). They stringently test the helmets for shock absorption, penetrating resistance, the retention system, field of vision, materials used, etc.

The security certificates mean that the product conforms to certain standards and norms that ensure safety and performance.

Extra Features

Check for extra features like vents, camera mounts, liners (removable/washable), audio, storage bags/cases, and goggles compatibility in your ski helmet.

They play an important role in your overall skiing experience.

How to best take care of your ski helmets

If well cared for, Ski Helmets With Built In Goggles are designed to last you ages without compromising on safety. It is extremely simple to take care of your ski helmets.

Follow these simple steps -

  • Dry your helmet thoroughly after every skiing session.
  • Avoid impacts to the helmet while not in use.
  • Always store the helmet in its case.
  • Wash the inner lining (30° in a washing machine) at the end of each season and air dry it well.
  • Use a slightly wet sponge to clean the earpads and the external part of the helmet.
  • Replace your ski helmet if it has suffered an impact (even if the damage is not visible).

Ski helmets with built-in goggles are indispensable when it comes to safety while you are skiing or snowboarding.

The stats in the US show that head injuries account for up to 20% of the 600,000 ski and snowboarding-related injuries. Many of these injuries end up fatal or debilitating.

You must get the best protection for your head when you go skiing or snowboarding. The above review and the buying guide will help you choose the most comfortable and safe ski helmet to enjoy your time in the slopes without tension.

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