Dry ski and snowboard boots

As the holiday season is honing our desires by singing jingle bells, get ready to play, snuggle, and have lots of fun! It's that time of the year wherein you can take all your snowy adventurous accessories at their peak!

Are you a ski and snowboard rookie or have you mastered the art of these beautiful sports? Doesn't matter! Here are some basic etiquettes that if followed can increase the shelf life of your dear boots!

Tips to dry your ski and snowboard boots:

dry ski and snowboard boots


Boot dryers

Being the most convenient method of drying your ski and snowboard boots, the boot dryer sure is a reliable option.

While some boot dryers prove to be kicking off the bacteria to make sure to leave your boots sanitized, some can just waive off the moisture. Pick your choice according to your convenience.

All you need to make sure is you have an electricity supply. Since one assumes that it takes a lot of time to completely dry both boots, the boot dryers work in contradiction to this very assumption. The boot dryer surprises you with its fast, efficient, and quick performance.

You can carry the portable boot dryer along with you and make a quick fix in case you want your boots to be warm enough.

Mid-level balance 

Rack it up

Apart from its umpteen uses, if you find it expensive to invest in a boot dryer, then, hot air racks are your go-to.


While you are at it, here's an important tip! To make the maximum heat coverage, place your boots higher enough with the toe part facing up. As the hot air has now set its direction upwards, your boots will receive complete warmth and gradually dry.

Here's a hush tip to all the beginners: While you placing your snowboard or ski boots for drying, remember that your boots will be tagging along with numerous other boots. So, before hanging your boots, make sure you have completely wiped the snow off the boots.

If you did not pay attention to this step, then, as you are hanging your boots, chances are that the snow will gradually meltdown and flow into the boots of other people! Well, as you know and realize the love for your boots, you would not appreciate someone else's love getting spoilt on their boots!

Low key maintenance


If your boots are still slightly wet and you are sure that it will be dry with a minimum amount of heat, then, try your luck with radiators.

Even though this is not a reliable solution for all-the-way wet boots, radiators, fireplaces, or any other heating devices can suck off the minimum moisture content.

How to?

If you are going with this option, then, make sure to protect your boots from getting damaged. All you need to do is to place the liners of your boots on top, likewise, accompany the radiator's side with the boot shell.

Just so you know

As radiators, fireplaces, and other heating sources are prone to emit excessive heat, placing your boots near them can be hazardous. The excessive heat might damage your boots inviting potential hazards.

Quick fix

Boot bags

As you already know that the boot bags are used for warming your boots, make the most of these by enhancing the usage level.


Many ski riders purchase the heated boot bags to warm up their boots before they jump onto them. The heat released by the heated boot bags can provide comfort and warmth to the riders. So, why not extend its usage by making the heat to kick off the little amount of moisture that resided?

With so many hacks and methods tried on to make your snowboard or ski boots dry, some boots still possess moisture. If you find a little amount of moisture still present, then, you can rely on this quick fix method to dry off the moisture.

Just place the heated boot bag in your boots and let it suck up and dry away from the moisture present. Thus, you can have a safe, warm, and dry snowboard or ski boots again!

Pro tip

Add in small bags filled with activated charcoal into the boots and turn them to be odor-free too!


As we spend maximum time while buying the best snowboard or ski boots, we neglect the "After part" of our responsibility. Having been invested our time and hard-earned money on the boots, it is crucial to take good care of the same.

Thus, we have combed up the easiest, convenient, and hassle-free approach to safeguarding the boots. With proper drying technique, your boots are bound to last for years to rejoice with you in all your adventures. Make sure to take proper steps to dry your boots effortlessly. Happy holidays!

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